3 Treatments for Scalp Rejuvenation

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Hair has always been a sign of beauty and health in society, and there are few things more damaging to your self-confidence than seeing your hair slowly disappear.  Because of how we see our own hair, having a scalp full of healthy hair plays a significant role in our general self-confidence. This is why patients who experience alopecia (or baldness) are always looking for medical ways to rejuvenate their scalp and regrow their hair. 

So what are the cosmetic procedures for scalp rejuvenation available on the market today? Microneedling, microchanneling, and PepFactor are three ways to treat the scalp and potentially stimulate hair growth. 

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Treatments for Scalp Rejuvenation and Hair Regrowth 

Each hair follicle undergoes a regenerating cycle where they move from phases of growth, regression, resting, shedding, then growth again. For patients who experience long-term hair loss, it’s important to address the scalp where these follicles are located to effectively treat the condition. The following treatments are designed to repair damaged skin cells for scalp rejuvenation: 


Microneedling is a procedure where tiny needles puncture your skin to trigger the production of collagen. The idea is that microneedling can help improve the wellness of your scalp by stimulating the stem cells in the hair follicles, which may lead to hair growth. One study observed that the micro-injuries caused by microneedling activated the stem cells which promote hair growth and scalp rejuvenation. 

Other medical studies found that the benefits of microneedling were boosted when products like topical steroids or platelet rich plasma were applied on the scalp prior to the procedure, as the scalp was able to absorb the nutrients through the punctures on its surface. 


Microchanneling is a non-surgical treatment similar to microneedling. Instead of simple punctures, a microchanneling device will create a channel to a deeper dermal layer of the skin for increased collagen production and deeper penetration of scalp rejuvenating products. In some medical spas and clinics, they may also utilize a red light laser to speed up the skin’s natural repair process. 

Another difference between microneedling and microchanneling is the type of product they use to rejuvenate the scalp. Many microchanneling providers offer a stem cell serum with over 350 growth factors to treat hair loss caused by genetics. 


PepFactor is a unique product made of protein, formulated to stimulate the scalp’s fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are cells found in connective tissues that secrete collagen, which means they play a key role in the body’s healing response. Research has shown that triggering fibroblast activity can improve hair growth significantly. 

With its proprietary bio-identical protein formulation and 146-amino acid polypeptide chain, PepFactor encourages fibroblast and tissue cell growth in the hair follicles. The PepFactor solution can also induce scalp rejuvenation by repairing the damaged cells affected by a problem with genetics, stress, smoking, poor diet, pollution, or other environmental factors. 

A PepFactor scalp procedure usually begins with microneedling, followed by a LED or laser light beam for a faster hair follicle response. 

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