How Long Does Redness Last After Using Derma Rollers?

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Microneedling can be a very beneficial beauty treatment, which is why many people use derma rollers, microneedling pens, and other microneedling tools at home. The process can be slightly uncomfortable and you’ll need to avoid some habits while you heal, but if done correctly, the result is soft and naturally radiant skin.

So how long does redness last after using derma rollers? It should go back to normal within 24 to 48 hours – or even longer, depending on the needle length you’ve used. Below are what you should know about post-treatment redness and how to properly treat it while your skin recovers.  


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How Long Does It Take for Redness to Reduce After Using Derma Rollers?

For DIY microneedling, expect the redness to fade after one or two days. This can depend on a lot of factors, including the needle length of your derma rollers (or any microneedling tool like microneedling pen, hydra pen, hydra roller, etc.), your skin type, skin color, and more.

At-home microneedling tools should ideally be shorter than 2 millimeters, so redness is less severe compared to microneedling done by aestheticians with professional-grade microneedling devices with longer needles. For these professional microneedling treatments, redness may persist beyond two days but should be back to normal within a week.  

Skin type and skin tone can also affect your visible redness. Those with sensitive skin may experience more irritation after your treatment, which can result in red skin as a symptom of irritation. Red skin is more noticeable with people with lighter skin, while redness in darker skin may not be as noticeable after some time.  

Why Your Skin is Red

Skin redness generally occurs on microneedling users because of two reasons: skin irritation and inflammation.

Skin irritation is common after microneedling because this is your body’s response to your microchannels. Aside from redness, your skin may also feel sore and sting to the touch. This should go away within three days, though it might take your skin several more days to fully heal.

Inflammation, on the other hand, is your body’s natural response that makes microneedling effective. When you puncture your skin through microneedling, you’re creating controlled skin injury that triggers your body’s inflammation and response to skin trauma. This includes the production of collagen, elastin, and new skin cells to heal the injury and replace older skin cells. Redness is also a symptom of your body’s inflammation.  

What to Do Immediately After a Microneedling Session

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Although it’s impossible to avoid redness, you can try to minimize the redness caused by irritation and inflammation. This can include:

  • Apply moisturizer or hyaluronic acid, then pause your skincare routine. After microneedling, you may have to pause your everyday skincare routine for around five days to a week, especially if you’re using skin care products with active ingredients like AHA (such as glycolic acid) and BHA (such as salicylic acid). Immediately after using your derma roller, apply an unscented moisturizer, hyaluronic acid, or any serum (except AHA, BHA, vitamin C serum, and anything with harsh ingredients). The microchannels allow the product to penetrate and nourish your skin more deeply.
  • Don’t cover up your redness with makeup. If you’re planning to go out after microneedling or just want to hide the redness in general, covering your facial skin with any type of makeup is a bad idea. Not only does the application irritate your skin, but the makeup can clog your pores and microchannels. On top of making the redness worse, this can lead to worse acne breakouts and acne scars.
  • Combine PRP injections. If you’re having your microneedling done professionally, consider getting platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections after your microneedling session. PRP is made from processed blood extracted from you prior to your microneedling that’s injected back into your face. PRP can make collagen production faster and shorten your recovery time, which can help reduce the time it takes for your face’s redness to fade.
  • Avoid sun exposure. After microneedling, your skin will be more vulnerable to sun damage, discomfort, and skin irritation, so it’s best to stay indoors after your session.
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages. Ideally, you should have avoided alcohol at least one week before using derma rollers or any other microneedling device. Alcohol is a blood-thinner, which can make your skin’s redness even more noticeable. There’s also a chance for bruising, especially if you’re using longer needles.


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After 24 Hours: What to Expect

Depending on many factors, expect the redness to gradually fade away after 24 hours. Your redness will look similar to the effects of a moderate sunburn. Aside from this, you can also expect the following:

  • Other signs of inflammation. This can include the feeling of your skin itching and stinging, warm spots, and swelling in treated areas.
  • Bruising. Bruising is also common if you’re not practicing the right aftercare, which can take up to two weeks to fade away.
  • Rough skin. This can either come from skin rashes caused by skin irritation, inflammation, or from swelling. This may disappear once your old skin starts to peel away.
  • Minor scarring. Visible microneedling marks may remain visible on your skin, but this will fade eventually once the skin rejuvenation process begins to show visible signs. Be sure to use your dermaroller or other microneedling tool properly and with the right needle length, as improper use can lead to scarring that can remain even after your skin has healed.  
  • Breakouts. You may experience acne breakouts, but these are mild and will clear up within a few days. Just make sure to avoid picking or popping your acne as this can lead to acne scars and even a skin infection.  
  • Dry skin and peeling. You’ll notice your skin begin to dry out and eventually lead to peeling. This is the effect of microneedling as your old skin cells are making way for newer skin cells to shine. Avoid picking or scratching these early on, as this can be painful and can cause an infection. Instead, use an unscented moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated.  

Keep in mind that you may not experience all of these after microneedling. Rest assured, these effects are only temporary and should disappear after a few days.

Aftercare Tips

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As mentioned earlier, skin redness should fade within 48 hours for DIY microneedling and between five to seven days after professional microneedling. To help reduce the effects of skin redness and provide the best results from your microneedling sessions, here are some aftercare tips you should practice on your skin after treatment.

  • Stay hydrated. Drinking water helps your skin heal faster and keep your skin healthy. This can help shed old skin cells faster and keep your new skin looking healthier for longer.
  • Sleep on your back. Sleeping on your side or on your tummy can press your face down and cause swelling, especially during the first few weeks after microneedling.
  • Avoid touching your face with unwashed hands. Your hands may contain bacteria and dirt that can stick to your skin after touching your face. While your skin isn’t fully healed, this can result in acne and other skin infections.
  • Wait for your skin to heal before resuming skincare. This can take around five to seven days. You’ll know it’s safe to resume your regular skincare routine when your skin no longer stings to the touch. However, the area underneath your outer layer of skin can take up to 2 months to heal, depending on your needle size.

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Redness is a common effect on your facial skin after your derma roller treatment. Although you can wait a few days for the redness to subside, there are steps you can take to minimize it, along with the swelling, skin irritation, and other side effects that can make you feel uncomfortable before the benefits of microneedling kick in.

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