When to Use a Facial Brush After Using a Derma Roller?

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A facial cleansing brush is an excellent way to prep the skin for further skincare products or to help with moisturizing and cleansing skin. While they can’t work well for all skin types (especially acne-prone or oily skin), they’re still an effective and consistent skincare device that many people use. However, regular use of a facial brush can be in a bit of a difficult spot after a derma roller session: is it too harsh, or is it fine to use anyway?

So how long should someone wait to use a facial brush on an area that’s been treated by a derma roller? The safest estimate according to skincare experts is around a week after the derma roller, and only with gentle cleansers. While the micro-injuries sustained from derma roller treatment don’t last for long, most professional advice would recommend giving the skin time to heal before using a facial brush.


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Why It’s Important to Wait After Derma Roller Treatments

Derma roller treatments use an array of tiny needle heads to make pinpricks and micro-injuries in the skin. These trigger the body’s wound healing response, which helps increase collagen production, promote cellular repair and regrowth, and can even improve conditions like uneven skin tone and scarring.

Depending on the derma roller, a user can adjust the depth, frequency, and even areas treated during their rolling sessions. Advanced derma rolling procedures (usually done in a medical spa or cosmetic clinic) have access to even more specialized tools like microneedling pens and microneedling devices for even better results. However, the vast majority of dermal rolling procedures are still done at home, with a simple roller.

The reason why most skincare experts recommend waiting for a few days to a week before using a facial brush is that the skin left behind by derma roller treatments is incredibly sensitive. It’s not as sensitive compared to laser treatments or dermabrasion sessions, but the surface layer of the skin is still healing from the micro-injuries from dermal roller use.

Facial brushes work by reaching deep into the skin either to apply skincare products or exfoliate dead surface skin cells. This can cause adverse effects on the skin like itching, redness, or even an increased likelihood of skin infection. The skin needs enough time to seal itself after the micro-injuries have healed, and it’s only then that a facial brush (and the products used with the brush) can be applied safely.

How to Best Use a Facial Brush After Derma Roller Sessions

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If the patient has given enough time for their skin to heal after derma roller sessions, facial brushes can actually be an effective method to boost the effects of their microneedling procedure. By getting a brush with specific features and being consistent with their brushing schedule, users can get radiant and smoother skin with relatively little time and effort.

1. Brush-Specific Features

One of the advantages of integrating a facial brush into a beauty routine is the range of different facial brushes available for purchase. Many of these brushes have specific functions, speeds, brush heads, and other attachments that can make facial brushing easier for the user, or have other benefits aside from skincare product application.

A good function to look out for is a facial brush that has a massager function. Massaging a derma-rolled area can help improve blood flow to the site, which improves the rate of collagen production. It also increases the rate the skin heals from micro-injuries and can manage side effects like swelling.

Attachments that can work well after derma rolling treatments are silicone brushes for a gentler cleanse, and water-resistant brush heads that can be used in the bath. Since harsh chemicals like soaps aren’t a good option after dermal roller treatments, the patient can expect to use a lot of water instead of with their facial brushing sessions.


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2. Consistent Brushing Schedule

Once the skin has healed enough that regular facial brushing can resume, keeping a consistent brushing schedule can help boost collagen production and improve blood circulation in the treated area. Because the skin can’t take frequent dermal roller treatments, facial brushes are an excellent compromise with helping the skin reinvigorate and reconstruct itself.

Adding the variety of products that someone can use with a facial brush makes it even more effective support with regular dermal roller treatments. From moisturizing products to cleansers, facial brushes can apply products efficiently to derma rolled skin, which takes full advantage of the increased absorption rate it has after derma roller treatments.

Consistent brushing schedules also help keep the skin plump and full of volume between derma roller treatments. Derma roller treatments are less traumatic on the skin if it’s hydrated during treatment, since it’s more resilient to the wear and tear from the needles during the procedure.

If a person does have doubts on how to use their facial brush effectively after derma rolling treatments, they can always consult a medical or aesthetic professional. In many cases, the staff at a medical spa or cosmetic clinic will have all the information they need, and the specific product or brush recommendations.

Why Facial Brushing + Dermarolling Improves Overall Skin Health

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The most significant reason why facial brushing and derma rolling are a potent combination is that their effects perfectly complement the other, aside from bypassing one of the drawbacks of skincare products. Since both of them have physical effects on the skin, the chances of allergic reaction from the procedures alone are minimal. This can be further decreased by the products used immediately after or during both treatments, which can boost their effects even more.

However, it also helps with how the skin can absorb topical treatments and skincare products. Since the vast majority of skincare and cosmetic products are applied on the skin, having dermal rollers and facial brushes can drastically improve the rate these products are absorbed. This can mean more effective treatments, more efficient use of the product, and better results overall.

Patients should always be careful to space apart from the use of facial brushes and dermal rollers, while also getting the right skincare products and cosmetic treatments to ensure their desired outcomes. By investing the right time and patience with both procedures, people can enjoy smoother and healthier skin.

What Products and Treatments Work Best on the Skin After Derma Rolling?

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Using a dermal roller or a microneedling tool on the skin isn’t traumatic enough to provoke a wound response, but it’s still healing skin that needs to be handled carefully to avoid the risk of skin infections. The micro-tears on the skin surface need time to heal, not only to reduce infection risk but also to start the collagen production process. Most skin experts also recommend applying certain products and treatments soon after derma rolling, since the product absorption of the skin increases after the procedure.

Skincare devices that can be used a couple of hours after microneedling treatment include non-invasive cosmetic procedures like LED light therapy. However, laser treatments and other similar procedures should be avoided since the skin surface is still incredibly sensitive, and stripping away the top layers of the skin after treatment can increase the risk of skin infection.

Products like a hyaluronic acid serum can also be applied soon after the dermal roller treatment since it hydrates the skin and helps in wound healing. However, vitamin C serums, glycolic acid, exfoliants like retinol, and other harsh chemicals should be avoided since they can easily damage the sensitive skin left behind after derma roller treatment. Cream and lotion should only be applied with the advice of an aesthetic professional, and never with aggressive motions that can aggravate the treatment area.

For an easy and relatively harmless product to apply to the face after dermal roller treatment, water is always an excellent choice. Rinsing with water is the best way to remove the bacteria and other possible contaminants from the surface layer of the skin, though patients should always be careful to avoid scars and other bumps on the surface that can be scratched while rinsing.

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Using a facial brush, a cleanser, or other products like hyaluronic acid serums after derma roller treatments are fine, but it’s important to give the skin adequate enough time to heal before application. For facial brushes, this means around a week after the derma rolling session – and only with the use of other skincare products like a gentle cleanser. This is the best time and combination of ingredients to work on issues like dry skin without the risk of aggravating the treated area.

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