What To Expect In Exosome Treatment For Hair Loss

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Progressive hair loss is one of the cosmetic problems that researchers are still looking for solutions to. Options for hair restoration include surgical and non-surgical treatments. One of the newest regenerative therapies undergoing clinical trials is exosomes for hair restoration.  

So what can you expect in exosome treatment for hair loss? Exosome treatment shows promising efficacy on these disorders with minimal side effects because it has no cells that may trigger the body’s inflammatory reaction. Meanwhile, people who are excellent candidates for exosome therapy include those who exhibit hair loss and other chronic disorders such as cancers and autoimmune diseases. This is because exosome treatments are believed to have health benefits for such individuals.

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How Exosomes Work

Exosomes are tiny particles of invaginations in the plasma membrane (the covering that encloses cells) found in different types of body fluids such as blood and saliva. They play a major role in cell-to-cell interaction by transporting compounds that regulate biological activities and responses. The therapeutic application of exosome products comes from their ability to target organs, such as that exhibited in targeted drug delivery systems.

How Exosome Treatment Is Performed 

Commercialized exosome formulations typically extract exosomes from mesenchymal stem cells such as that of the bone marrow, the umbilical cord blood, and the amniotic fluid. They’re then isolated through methods such as differential centrifugation and precipitation. Exosomes are then placed in vials and may be reconstituted for use by placing a diluent then shaking it for around 20 seconds.

Exosome therapy may be injected intravenously or intradermally and may be complemented with other methods such as microneedling. As a hair restoration treatment, scalp injections are injected intradermally with equal spacing to optimize the application of the treatment.

Who Exosome Treatment Is For 

Exosome products have a wide range of applications in regenerative medicine, including being one of the promising treatments for hair loss. This treatment also has promising additional benefits for patients with chronic diseases such as cancers and autoimmune diseases.

Safety Of Exosome Treatment 

Exosomes don’t stimulate anti-inflammatory responses and can cross the blood-brain barrier, making them safe, especially if done by trained professionals. It generally doesn’t have so much downtime, making it an effective outpatient hair follicle regeneration treatment. Some side effects include injection site-related pain and infection, and contamination of the formulation when it’s not properly harvested.

Other Hair Restoration Treatments 

Aside from exosome treatments, there are other hair restoration treatments with already established safety and effectiveness. If you’re one of the patients who are still skeptical of the safety and effectiveness of exosome treatment for hair restoration, they can still achieve the benefits that this treatment offers through these other options which include hair transplant surgery, stem cell therapy, platelet-rich plasma therapy, laser combs, and medications. 

  • Hair Transplant Surgery – In hair transplant surgery, a small skin sample is harvested with hair follicles then are transferred back to where hair loss is observed. It’s an invasive procedure and complications include infections, loss of sensation, and the grafted tissue not matching the site it was transferred in.
  • Stem Cell Therapy – In stem cell therapy for hair loss, a punch biopsy is done to harvest stem cells from the patient. These harvested stem cells are then concentrated and injected back to the patient in areas of concern. Side effects include bleeding and graft failure.
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy – Platelet-rich plasma therapy is an autologous technology in which blood drawn from blood vessels is processed such that platelets and growth factors are concentrated. Since it’s from your own body, minimal side effects are observed, which are also associated with injections.
  • Laser Combs – Clinical studies have shown that laser combs or low-level laser therapy are effective treatment modalities for the improvement of hair loss. It was observed that there’s a significant increase in hair density with minimal side effects that include itching and tingling of the area where the procedure was done.
  • Medications – Medications such as the topically-applied minoxidil and finasteride are commonly used by those with androgenic alopecia as they’re shown to be effective in causing an increase in hair density. Side effects include pain and acne at the site of application.

PEP Factor: A High-Quality Treatment For Hair Loss 

Exosome products are a form of regenerative treatment that’s a promising therapy for hair loss and also has potential benefits on other clinical applications. However, most of them are still undergoing clinical studies. So although they’re seen as mostly effective and safe as of now, these treatments need more gauging and trials in laboratories. As such, better alternatives must be introduced to patients to address their need for available hair loss solutions.

FACE Med Store’s PEP Factor is one of such better alternatives. It’s a ready-made product made of natural ingredients and has basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) and copper peptide as its active ingredients. These ingredients provide good therapeutic potential as they’re known to cause cellular growth and have antioxidant properties. They can also be added to other treatment modalities for better results.

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Exosome products are acellular products with a wide variety of applications in regenerative medicine. It’s an advanced technology that may be used as a hair loss therapy due to its promising effects on stimulating the body’s regenerative potential. 

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