Using A Microneedling Pen For Hair Loss

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Around 1 in 5 Americans experience high rates of hair loss, and this number is expected to increase the older a population gets. So it’s no surprise that a vast selection of market products has arisen with a focus on treating hair loss. One solution that’s gaining a lot of traction is using microneedling machines like Microneedling Pens – that while usually done in-clinic, is seeing a rapid surge of home treatment options instead. 

But what are the benefits of using a Microneedling Pen for hair loss? As a microneedling product, it’s an effective way to address common signs and symptoms of hair loss. Aside from a convenient way to continue hair rejuvenation treatments at home, Microneedling Pens are relatively inexpensive solutions that can amplify the benefits of other hair care treatments.

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What Is A Microneedling Pen?

A Microneedling Pen (also known as a microneedling pen) is a small handheld device that is a significant improvement compared to the usual derma roller. It aims to bridge the gap between the results with a microneedling session in-clinic to the ones patients get when they use microneedling machines at home.

While an effective tool used for collagen induction therapy, there are some considerations for using one. First, Microneedling Pens are still relatively inaccessible to most of the public, and the models that are rated for home use cost higher than a derma roller. Patients will also have to learn how to operate the machine, which can intimidate first-time users and make them more prone to suffering side effects.

Microneedling Pens can also cause some damage to the skin when used improperly. Since they can be configured to change their needle depth and speed, it may take some trial and error before a patient finds the ideal setting for their use. Between that point and the first use, it’s possible that they can experience damage to their skin like scarring, swelling, bleeding, or irritation.

The Benefits Of Microneedling For Treating Hair Loss

However, there are tangible benefits to using a Microneedling Pen, especially when contrasted with the usual effects of the more common derma roller.

A more comfortable method of microneedling

While microneedling is a minimally invasive and relatively painless procedure, it can still be quite traumatic for the skin of the patient. This can be managed somewhat with topical anesthesia/numbing creams and professional operation of the microneedle machine, but patients who use derma rollers don’t benefit from this.

Derma rollers work by using their needles to roll over the skin, pricking the upper dermis and encouraging blood flow. However, the rolling action means that the needles enter the dermis at an angle which makes it more prone to scarring.

Microneedling pens work by using oscillating vibrations to move the needles up and down, which allows for a more efficient method of penetrating the skin and minimizing any surface trauma to the tissue. This is important for sensitive or bald patches of skin, since the tissue is more sensitive in these areas.

Adjustable puncture depth

One drawback of using a derma roller for hair growth is that the needles are blunt and often shorter compared to their in-clinic counterparts. This can encourage the user to press harder than necessary or use the device more than it was intended, which can end up causing wounds on the scalp.

These wounds are more likely to be infected because of the amount of oils and debris that the head gets exposed to every day. If the patient does not sterilize their derma roller before using it, this risk only increases.

Microneedling Pens can be customized to puncture at specific depths for versatile treatment options. Dermatologists and patients can consider pain tolerance when using a Microneedling Pen. This lessens the likelihood of wounds forming during the procedure.

More precise needle treatment

Finally, the smaller needle tip can access hard to reach areas like the dip at the back of the neck, and is more maneuverable compared to a derma roller. Because of the vertical angle of entry of the needles, it’s also easier to apply hair growth products directly into the scalp.

One product that patients and dermatologists can consider is PEP Factor. As a mixture of peptides and proteins, it may increase the hair regrowth of the scalp, and has the potential to improve the appearance of hair follicles. Other products to consider include hair regrowth formulas such as Rogaine, or other medications for hair-related medical conditions.

These benefits can be gained regardless of whether the Microneedling Pen is used in home or professional settings, but users should be made aware the best results will always come from a cosmetic practice.

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Microneedling Pens are a simple tool that patients can use to encourage natural hair growth, but it’s important that they be aware of the proper way to use and maintain their devices. For the best results, it’s ideal to go for consultations with a dermatologist or a cosmetic practice – though home treatments can be considered if the patient shows enough aptitude with the use of the Microneedling Pen.

At FACE Medical Supply, we pride ourselves on combining top-notch customer service with medical-grade and high-quality tools and products. We offer competitive prices that can help cosmetic practices and surgeons keep operating costs low while expanding the range of services they can offer, as a reliable source and partner for medical supplies.

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