EmCyte vs. Eclipse: Which Is the “Better” PRP Kit?

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Platelet-rich plasma treatment has become one of the preferred ways of treating chronic skin and hair conditions like acute hair loss and androgenic alopecia. This treatment is made possible by the proper use of a PRP kit to attain a pure PRP sample with the highest platelet concentration required, which is necessary to get a PRP injection with a high enough platelet count for the best results.

So which is better for getting a high platelet concentrate: the EmCyte PRP kit or the Eclipse PRP kit? This will primarily depend on what exactly the PRP sample will be used for, and how much stem cells are required in the platelet concentration factor.


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Which One Is the Best for Getting a High Platelet Concentration?

Both the EmCyte and Eclipse PRP preparation kits excel at avoiding platelet-poor plasma, but the Eclipse PRP kit is much better at separating blood elements from the PRP sample for a platelet concentrate with significantly low hematocrit levels and a small leukocyte count. This is particularly useful in procedures like a PRP facelift, which requires a pure PRP sample for the best results.

However, the EmCyte PRP kit allows blood elements in the PRP product for more flexible treatments, like platelet-rich fibrin matrix therapy. This can be a better option for a patient who’s looking for a long-term solution to boost the growth of hair follicles. Despite allowing these other blood elements in the final PRP product, the platelet yield from EmCyte also has considerable levels of growth factor in the final injection.

The Eclipse PRP Kit

The Eclipse PRP Kit uses a single-spin system for centrifugation, which can get rid of most of the red blood cells, white blood cells, and stem cells for an almost pure PRP sample. This is particularly useful for PRP preparation and PRP therapy since it avoids getting a platelet-poor plasma sample, which requires low hematocrit levels for greater platelet yield.

The Eclipse kit is particularly useful with PRP therapy since it can remove all the different blood elements from the PRP sample, especially white blood cells. This lowers the leukocyte levels in the final sample, which contributes to better platelet concentrate. As it operates on a single centrifugation system, this type of PRP centrifuge simplifies PRP preparation, especially combined with the separator gel.

One thing to note about using the Eclipse PRP Kit for PRP treatment is that since there aren’t a lot of red blood cells in the PRP sample, an anticoagulant may be required to keep the platelet-rich plasma usable for PRP injection. Failure to add any anticoagulant can cause the platelet count in the sample to drop, which can lead to diminished levels of growth factor and overall less platelet concentrate.

The Eclipse PRP Kit

The Eclipse PRP kit uses a double centrifugation system to lower hematocrit levels, which can allow for a higher platelet concentration factor in the PRP injection. However, it’s also a PRP centrifuge that can output autologous platelet-rich plasma or a sample with other blood elements depending on the patient’s needs.

This is particularly useful for PRFM therapy, which requires a considerable leukocyte count and the inclusion of stem cells to create the fibrin matrix. As a result, while it may be less effective on procedures like PRP facelift, it can have remarkable success with treating hair loss and conditions like androgenic alopecia.

It’s particularly effective at isolating progenitor cells and cell mediators that can boost the final results of the treatment without affecting the overall platelet count. There’s also the bonus of being able to support wound healing and other regenerative properties in the skin and hair.

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PEP Factor Products as an Alternative to PRP Treatment

One of the most difficult things to manage about using a PRP product is the prep work required to make sure the final solution is as close to a pure PRP product as possible. Practices that are unfamiliar with ways of increasing platelet yield or using a PRP kit can choose another alternative like PEP Factor products.

PEP Factor products replicate the effects of PRP therapy by using Fibroblast Growth Factor and copper peptides to induce hair growth. The effects of the growth factor release can potentially help improve conditions like hair thinning, heighten the appearance of hair density, and encourage increased growth in hair follicles.

It’s an excellent alternative to platelet-rich plasma since it doesn’t require supplies like a gel separator or PRP kits, and there are no invasive procedures like extracting red blood cells and white blood cells required for a PRP sample. All the patient needs to do is to apply the product regularly to their scalp, and improvements can be seen in a few weeks. With prolonged treatment, PEP Factor products can also help manage long-term conditions like androgenic alopecia.

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Regardless of whether a practice decides to use the EmCyte PRP Kit or the Eclipse PRP Kit to extract platelets for PRP treatment, the important thing to keep in mind is that the PRP centrifuge used is from a reliable source. Because of the variety of things that can go wrong with improper centrifugation, any product and tool used in PRP preparation must conform to the highest standards of medical quality.

With years of experience in providing cosmetic practices with medical tools and supplies, FACE Medical Supply prides itself on delivering the essentials needed for smooth PRP preparation and other skin rejuvenation treatments. All our products have gone through rigorous testing after manufacture and are delivered to our clients promptly whenever they need them.

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