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A proper PRP kit is essential for many cosmetic practices and clinics offering platelet-rich plasma or PRP therapy. While PRP preparation can be accomplished by using any device that has centrifugation to separate platelet concentration from other blood cells, the only way to get pure PRP that’s suitable for PRP treatment is through a PRP medical device.

So what exactly should buyers look for in PRP kits for sale? Since the essential function of any PRP centrifuge is to get a PRP sample with a considerable platelet count and platelet concentration, getting a PRP kit that can get a high ratio of deliverable platelets is crucial. For a patient that requires autologous platelet-rich plasma, a PRP medical device that can efficiently get rid of blood components should always be the first option.


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Why Getting the Proper PRP Kit Is Important

While any centrifugation machine can get enough platelet concentrate to qualify for platelet-rich plasma treatment, only a proper PRP centrifuge can perform the extraction necessary to get the growth factor for a PRP injection. Because PRP therapy requires drawing a considerable amount of the patient’s blood, getting a PRP medical device that can make this process easier for the patient can make PRP preparation much easier.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy requires an almost pure PRP product to use for effective results. Aside from having a high platelet count, the PRP centrifuge should also have excellent centrifugation to remove blood components like red blood cells, white blood cells, and stem cells from the final PRP injection.

A PRP system that results in high deliverable platelets can easily create the ideal platelet concentrate for any PRP treatment while avoiding having any platelet-poor plasma. Blood components like cytokines and neutrophils need to be extracted from the pure PRP sample or the resulting PRP injection will give substandard results.

What Makes an Ideal PRP Extraction Machine?

Any PRP procedure requires an effective PRP system to get a usable platelet concentrate for the injection. A proper PRP kit will usually have the following features:

1. Effective separation of blood components from the platelets

The crux of platelet-rich plasma therapy relies on the platelets being able to accelerate the body’s own natural recovery processes, so the more autologous platelets in the PRP injection, the more efficient this process will be. Autologous platelet-rich plasma can accomplish a variety of effects in the body including accelerated wound healing, the release of cytokines for anti-inflammation, and increased cell regrowth and repair.

One thing that makes this possible is the anticoagulant buffy coat layer that gathers most of the platelets and neutrophils following centrifugation. If the PRP centrifuge can’t gather blood components in the buffy coat layer, the overall platelet count will be lower than desired for the ensuing PRP treatment.

This can lead to an issue where platelet-poor plasma a PRP product with a high leukocyte count, significant stem cell deposits, and a lower platelet concentrate is used in the PRP treatment. Platelet-poor plasma can lower the overall deliverable platelets that can be used for PRP therapy, which can diminish the effects of platelet-rich plasma therapy.

2. Proper harvesting of autologous platelets

Even if the blood components like red blood cells and white blood cells are removed from the final PRP sample, PRP treatment still requires plenty of autologous platelets to ensure that the regrowth and healing process of the cells activate properly. Proper PRP extraction from the patient can accomplish this, but only if the autologous platelet-rich plasma has a high enough platelet count.

Autologous blood transfusion is usually easier on the patient since there’s little chance of their body rejecting the treatment, but since the goal of PRP therapy is to introduce enough platelets to induce the healing process, a certain threshold of growth factor is required for successful treatment.

3. A PRP system that’s closed off from outside contamination

Another way a patient can end up having a substandard PRP treatment is if the PRP product used in their therapy was contaminated by exposure to contaminants. Even if a clinic maintains a sterile environment, simple air exposure of the autologous PRP compound can contaminate the entire thing.

One way to avoid this is by looking for a PRP kit that works well with a venting hood when the buffy coat is drawn, so there’s less likelihood of any bacteria or other contaminants entering the container. Making sure that the PRP tube is properly sealed and protected against outside contaminants and shocks can also go a long way to making sure the sample remains pure.

The best way to ensure that the PRP kit is suitable for the clinic’s purposes is to become familiar with the process required for PRP extraction and PRP injection and update the tools and the environment accordingly depending on the patient’s needs.

Get High-Quality PRP Treatment and Other PRP Preparation Tools at FACE Medical Supply

Getting the right PRP kits for sale can make PRP therapy go much easier, especially if a high platelet concentration or a platelet count is necessary for the exact type of PRP treatment. With the growing popularity of platelet-rich plasma therapies, cosmetic practices offering this treatment need to have the best equipment for a PRP procedure.

FACE Medical Supply has extensive experience with providing medical tools and supplies for PRP treatment. In particular, we have PRFM and PRP extraction training videos that any practice can use to improve their PRP procedure. It covers everything necessary to understand the PRP system and PRP therapy, with different applications for any kind of patient.

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