PRP vs. PRFM: What’s the Difference?

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Hair loss and other issues with hair growth like androgenetic alopecia are common concerns with patients as they age. Because the hair follicle gets weaker as the body gets older, a patient will find that hair density becomes more difficult to maintain and hair thinning becomes more of an issue. Luckily, some methods can aid hair regrowth, like PRP therapy and PRFM treatment.

But what exactly is the merit of PRP vs. PRFM treatment, and which one should be recommended to a patient? While each procedure relies on platelet-rich plasma therapy for hair restoration, PRFM therapy is more advanced than PRP therapy. A patient can choose between either treatment for hair growth.


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How Do PRP Therapy and PRFM Treatment Work?

Both the PRP system and PRFM injection work the same way: By extracting the platelet concentration found in the bloodstream, a doctor can blend them into a platelet concentrate that functions similarly to stem cells. By introducing these platelet growth factors into the scalp and other areas of the body, the solution can treat hair loss, improve skin rejuvenation, and can even boost wound healing to treat an acne scar.

Platelet growth factors are both used by the PRP system and PRFM therapy, but a PRFM injection is slightly more advanced because it adds a fibrin matrix to the platelet concentrate, which has more long-term benefits for the hair follicle and growth cells in the area.

Both treatments leverage the use of platelet-rich plasma to essentially help the body restore itself and improve cell regrowth and cell regeneration. With the right kind of application, these treatments can improve skin texture on the scalp, revive dormant hair follicles, and even help fill in fine lines and other wrinkles adjacent to the injection area — though dermal filler is still the best solution to manage those conditions.

How the PRP Treatment and PRFM Process Help With Hair Loss and Hair Follicle Regrowth

Because platelet concentrate contains the growth factor needed to replace and repair a damaged cell, it’s one of the most effective ways to replace any hair loss caused by age or conditions like androgenetic alopecia.

PRFM and PRP preparations are similar: A patient gets their red blood cells extracted in an injection a few weeks before their treatment. This is necessary to get a high enough platelet concentration to isolate the growth factor required to start the hair regrowth process.

A PRP injection will usually remove all the other compounds in the blood sample like white blood cells and stem cells in favor of using just the plasma and other platelets. PRP treatment uses just the right amount of platelet concentration to bring back dormant hair follicles and encourage hair regrowth while also improving the skin texture of the scalp.

PRFM therapy differs with the introduction of other compounds to the platelet-rich plasma solution like thickening agents while also keeping some compounds that PRP preparation removes like white blood cells and stem cells.

The resulting platelet-rich fibrin matrix has a better platelet-derived growth factor compared to the results of normal PRP preparation, which allows for a much longer platelet release into the scalp. This helps improve blood flow to the treated area, which offers a whole host of other benefits like improving skin texture, vastly increasing wound healing, and managing conditions like androgenetic alopecia.

Which One Should Be Recommended to a Patient?

Deciding between a PRP injection and PRFM treatment should only be done on a case-by-case basis and careful consultation between dermatologists and their patients. However, if a patient hasn’t experienced a lot of hair loss, PRP treatment can be an acceptable solution to manage their conditions.

If a patient has other skin and scalp conditions to deal with aside from hair loss, then using a platelet-rich fibrin matrix may yield better results. Since both treatments can be combined with other skin rejuvenation therapies and products like dermal filler or microneedling, a patient will always have a variety of ways to improve and build upon their results.


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PEP Factor Products: A Middle Ground for the Patient

While both PRP treatment and PRFM therapy are effective choices for hair regrowth, it can be difficult to justify to the patient the average cost or difficulty associated with getting either injection. That’s where PEP Growth Factor products can help bridge the gap between treatment and patient, allowing them to solve hair thinning without spending too much time and effort on the procedure.

PEP Factor products offer the same hair restoration properties from PRP therapy and PRFM treatment, but it does this by using a blend of Fibroblast Growth Factor and copper peptides to boost collagen production on the scalp. It can visibly reduce the appearance of hair thinning and restore the look of dormant hair follicles, and can potentially improve hair density in the long run.

There’s no injection required with this type of treatment either. All the patient has to do is to apply the treatment directly on their scalp alongside a regenerative laser to speed up collagen production, and the product does the rest. With consistent use, it can have comparable results to PRFM therapy and may have the same effects as the PRP system.

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Getting a PRP therapy or a PRFM treatment is an excellent option to treat hair loss, but it may be a little too difficult for people who don’t need such intensive treatment to restore hair density. PEP Factor products are a good middle ground to get platelet growth factors without needing a PRP injection, with comparable results when it comes to hair regrowth.

FACE Medical Supply has extensive experience with supplying hair regrowth products and skin rejuvenation treatments to cosmetic practices around the country. Whether it’s by using collagen production products or increasing blood flow to the scalp, we have all the necessary tools and treatments that you need to provide an effective hair growth procedure to any of your patients.

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