Can I Get PRP Hair Treatment While On Prednisone?

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For many people, prednisone is a life-saving medication that’s essential to help them live normal and healthy lives. However, the conditions that prednisone can treat (like lupus) can often have side effects like patches of hair loss – which patients may also want to be treated. With these types of cosmetic concerns, one particular procedure that has gotten a lot of interest is platelet-rich plasma therapy or PRP injections.

But can you use PRP treatments for hair growth if you’re on prednisone? Unfortunately, experts would say no. People on prednisone have a different immune response compared to people who don’t – and the effects of PRP treatments are highly dependent on your body’s immune system. Most providers would recommend finding another solution to get healthy hair follicles, as prednisone and PRP treatments can never work in the same treatment plan.

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Why Prednisone and PRP Treatment Don’t Mix

Prednisone is a medication that’s part of the corticosteroid category, which aims to lower the activity of your immune system. They’re especially useful for autoimmune disorders since they can effectively “calm” down an overactive immune system and stop your body from attacking itself. They’re a versatile type of treatment, as they can be taken in a variety of ways from injections to oral medications.

While useful, prednisone, just like other steroids/corticosteroid drugs) interact poorly with platelet-rich plasma therapy. PRP injections work by taking a pure platelet concentration from your blood. This platelet concentration can help repair damaged tissue, speed up tissue regeneration, and overall boost the healing properties of your body without the need for an external injury. However, this relies on the patient’s own body and blood to work properly.

Because prednisone has an effect on your immune system, that means that any platelets that are also extracted from you during PRP treatment will be compromised. The immediate result will be a platelet-poor plasma solution that doesn’t have the concentration to treat patients with hair loss. Overall, this can result in subpar results even if you insist on going through with PRP treatment.

What Other Options Do Patients Have?

With a compromised or low platelet count because of your steroid use, you’re likely to be ineligible for PRP treatments. Fortunately, you have other options for hair regrowth.

Topical Medications and Products

Some over-the-counter medications have shown a lot of success in treating hair loss, even more so if they’re prescribed by your doctor/dermatologist. Most of these products usually contain some form of minoxidil, a compound that can help encourage hair growth and improve hair thickness and density.

What’s advantageous about using these topical medications is that they’re extremely accessible – a trip to your nearest pharmacy may be enough to get the product that you need. Of course, stronger formulations will need a prescription to get, since these products can often affect other parts of your body like your hormone levels.

Using hair growth shampoos, foams, creams, or lotions should be perfectly fine without medical oversight as long as you don’t experience any side effects from their use. But keep in mind that these treatments will usually only show minor improvements compared to other procedures, so they’re best used for cases of mild to moderate hair loss.

Hair Transplantation Surgery

For some patients who want results much earlier, methods like hair transplantation surgery can be a relatively faster way to experience hair regrowth without too many complications about waiting time. Keep in mind that this is a surgical procedure that will demand time, resources, and recovery from you – so make sure that this is your preferred option before proceeding.

Hair transplants can be done by grafting hair follicles from one area of your body to your head, or by implanting hair follicles individually as spot treatments. This method is exceptionally effective at managing any type of hair loss since it does rely on “patching” the existing bald area with hair that you’ve already grown.

Patients who are thinking of going through hair transplantation surgery need to make sure that their provider is skilled enough to administer the treatment without developing serious adverse effects as soon as it’s over. Since this method is far more invasive and requires a lot more work, any misstep in this treatment can have potentially life-threatening complications.


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PEP Factor Products

One particular product that may help patients with hair loss is PEP Factor products, which is a proprietary solution that uses peptides and nutrients to hydrate and revitalize the scalp. Repeated applications may help improve the appearance of your hair, increase hair density, and rejuvenate your skin.

By using fibroblast growth factor, PEP Factor products may help revitalize skin cells while also making them more resilient against further damage. For hair growth, PEP Factor products can work well with other hair regrowth products without interfering with their effects, which can give patients better outcomes without putting in too much effort on their part.

One crucial thing to keep in mind when using PEP Factor products is that you should always make sure your provider is carrying genuine and legitimate products that contain the PEP Growth Factor. While there are some formulations that you can use on yourself at home, the best results from this type of treatment will always come from the professional application of the product.

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Prednisone has proven to be useful in treating many conditions, but studies have shown that its effects can’t work with a procedure like PRP injection. If you’re thinking of using PRP injections for hair loss and you’re one of the people that need to take prednisone, you should look for another treatment option to regrow your hair. If you’re not sure about which procedure may work best for you, consult your provider for more details.

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