Can You Use a Crystal Roller After a Microneedling Derma Roller?

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Facial rollers are the latest skincare trend that everyone uses to improve skin texture. Since they’re safe and effective for different skin types, they’ve become a staple part of the skincare routine for most people. Some of them also use a jade or rose quartz roller as an aftercare practice for their microneedling and derma rolling treatments.

So is it safe to use a crystal roller on the skin after a microneedling derma roller? Yes, jade crystal rollers have plenty of skincare benefits if it’s used after a microneedling or derma rolling treatment. It cools and soothes the skin, improves blood circulation, de-puffs the face, tightens the skin, and boosts product absorption.


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Adding Crystal Jade Rollers to Your Microneedling and Derma Roller Routine

Facial rollers like crystal rollers and ice rollers are a great way to soothe the skin after a microneedling treatment at home, which are typically done through derma rolling. After the collagen induction therapy, the skin feels hot and inflamed which is why applying a cold jade roller against the skin helps patients minimize the discomfort they feel. 

When using a crystal roller after a microneedling or derma rolling session, make sure to use a high-quality crystal roller head made of jade, amethyst, or rose quartz. But like anything else applied on the skin after a derma roller treatment, make sure that the crystal roller hasn’t been shared with others to prevent the risk of skin infection. 

Benefits of Using Jade Rollers After Microneedling or Derma Roller

Crystal rollers have tons of health benefits for the skin alone, but using them after a derma rolling or microneedling treatment enhances the effects of these cosmetic procedures. Here’s how utilizing jade rollers after a microneedling or derma roller treatment helps patients achieve better skin rejuvenation results:

1. Soothe and Cool the Skin

Since derma rolling and microneedling tighten the skin and treat issues like acne scars and dark marks by puncturing the outer layers of skin, many people feel slight discomfort during and after the treatment. Their skin often feels hot and inflamed, but crystal rollers help soothe the treated areas and minimize the discomfort after using a derma roller at home.

Jade rollers and other types of crystal rollers are typically stored in the fridge first before use. The crystals used in these devices stay cool to the touch for longer, which makes them a great option to soothe the inflamed skin after a derma rolling or microneedling treatment. Just make sure to avoid dipping them into ice water because it might cause the jade or another crystal to mold. 

2. Improve Lymphatic Drainage and Blood Circulation

One of the best health benefits of regular massages is that it helps the body improve lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. Crystal rollers also do this whenever the face, neck, and decolletage are massaged with the stone after a microneedling or derma rolling treatment.

Massaging the face and neck stimulates the lymph nodes in the area. This allows the body to transport fluid better and filter the toxins from the bloodstream. Massage therapy using crystal rollers also improves blood flow in the face, allowing the skin to look firmer, brighter, and healthier. 

3. De-Puff the Face

Most people use crystal rollers to reduce the puffiness of their faces, especially around the eye areas. The face becomes puffy when fluid accumulates in certain areas of the face. Massaging the face with a jade or rose quartz crystal roller after a derma rolling treatment helps disperse the fluid and de-puff it for a slimmer, more normal-looking face. Patients may also notice a reduction in the appearance of pores after using crystal rollers. 

4. Tighten Loose Skin

When facial massage therapy is paired with microneedling or derma rolling treatments, patients experience skin tightening in some of the mildly sagging parts of their face. According to a 2017 study, using a massage device helps the body produce more proteins in the treated skin tissues – resulting in tighter skin and reduced wrinkles and fine lines.

5. Better Absorption of Products

Dermatologists often recommend slathering hydrating serums before, during, and after derma rolling treatments. Aside from letting the derma roller glide smoothly across the skin, these skin products are also better absorbed by the skin.

Using a crystal roller helps these products penetrate the skin through the microchannels even better. With this beauty tool, there’s no need to use the fingers when touching the face and applying the product. These rollers distribute the product on the surface of the skin evenly, which reduces the amount of skincare products that should be applied to the skin. 

How to Apply Jade Rollers After Microneedling or Derma Rolling at Home

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Jade rollers and other crystal rollers are non-invasive and easy-to-use, which is why they’re safe to incorporate into a regular skincare routine. If you plan to use them after a derma rolling treatment at home, make sure to store the crystal roller in the fridge first to keep it cool. Always clean the treated areas with a gentle cleanser to avoid irritating the skin after the procedure.

Once you’re ready to proceed with crystal rolling, here’s what you should do:

  1. Apply a hydrating serum or moisturizer first to soothe the clean skin and help it absorb the product into the microchannels better.
  2. Decide on which side of the crystal roller should be used. The small roller head works great around narrow areas like the bridge of the nose and the eye area, while the larger side is for the cheeks, jawline, and forehead.
  3. Roll gently from the center of the face. The lymphatic drainage flows on the sides of the face, so make sure to roll the fluid toward the lymph nodes to drain them.
  4. Follow the natural contours of the face. Slightly roll upwards when you get to the jaw and cheek area.
  5. Avoid tugging on the skin to prevent irritating it. Just roll over each section about 10 to 20 times.
  6. Wipe off any excess product using a soft and clean washcloth. Do this after every use. 


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Safety Crystal Roller Tips to Remember

Crystal rollers are generally safe as long as you use the right roller and know how to do it. Otherwise, it might only cause acne breakouts, pain, or skin irritation. Here are some of the most important crystal roller safety tips to remember:

  • Choose authentic crystal rollers made with the right materials. If the roller used porous materials, it easily traps bacteria that causes breakouts or allergic reactions.
  • Be gentle when rolling over the derma rolling treated areas. Rolling aggressively only irritates and damages the beautiful skin, especially when it’s extra sensitive after a derma rolling treatment.
  • Wash the roller with warm water and soap. Cleanse it after every use and wipe off excess products that could irritate the skin and lead to acne breakouts. 

Other Products to Use After Derma Roller Treatments

A derma roller, microneedling tool, or crystal roller won’t be as effective as it is without skincare products that improve the skin condition. However, some products might only cause more harm than good so it’s crucial to pick one with the right ingredients. This helps you achieve the skin rejuvenation results you desire.

Here are some of the best skincare products to use after a derma roller treatment: 

1. Sheet Masks

It’s highly recommended to use sheet masks after a derma rolling treatment. These products help hydrate the delicate skin and increase collagen production. They also speed up the healing process of the skin for quick and long-lasting results. 

2. Hyaluronic Acid Serums

There’s nothing better than hyaluronic acid serums when it comes to hydrating the skin after a microneedling or derma rolling treatment. Pairing this product with anti-aging and hydrating treatments amplifies the effects of the skin rejuvenation routine. The best part about these products is that they won’t feel greasy – all the hydration occurs at the cellular level of the skin. 

3. Soothing Serums

People with sensitive skin that irritates quickly should keep a soothing serum close after their derma rolling treatment. Aside from moisturizing the dry skin, these products also calm the skin and reduce redness. Soothing serums often use a blend of plant-based oils and extracts like chamomile and camelia to reduce redness and itchiness in the treated sites.

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