Post-PRP Hair Treatment Instructions

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Many patients prefer receiving platelet-rich plasma therapy to other hair loss treatments because it involves minimal risks and little to no healing time, unlike any solutions needing invasive cosmetic surgery. Patients can return to their normal activities right after the procedure with only a few restrictions. But there are still aftercare instructions they need to follow to ensure that the healing process goes by smoothly without complications.

So how should you care for yourself after your PRP hair restoration treatment? Take acetaminophen medicines for your side effects, use pH-balanced shampoo, keep yourself hydrated, and take the at-home supplements prescribed by your doctor. Be mindful of the things you need to avoid for a few hours or days while you’re healing, like blood thinners, warm temperatures, exercise, wetting your hair, using harsh hair products, alcohol, and smoking.

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PRP Hair Treatment Aftercare

Observing the right aftercare is also important for ensuring the best results from your PRP injections for hair loss. Follow the appropriate steps for taking care of your scalp post-treatment to avoid skin irritations, inflammation, and other problems. Take Tylenol or any type of acetaminophen for the pain and use only pH-balanced shampoo. Keep yourself hydrated and take the supplements your doctor has prescribed.

1) Take Tylenol for the Pain

You may experience discomfort, scalp pain, swelling, and bruising after your PRP treatment for hair loss. Some patients take random over-the-counter pain relievers, but it’s important to note that not all pain medications are recommended. NSAIDs, such as Advil or ibuprofen, aren’t recommended because they may exacerbate your pain. Take acetaminophen or Tylenol, instead.

2) Use pH-Balanced Shampoo

Your scalp may be tender from the procedure. This is because of the punctures from injections of healing factors. Another reason is the acute inflammation that the treatment has triggered. Because of this, doctors recommend using pH-balanced shampoo, instead of regular shampoo, for the first 3 days after your treatment. This cleans your hair and scalp without causing too much dryness and risking irritation or inflammation.

3) Keep Yourself Hydrated

Drinking lots of water will help speed up your natural healing process, so you can recuperate from your PRP hair treatment better. This will also support the growth factors injected into your scalp to stimulate the production of stem cells.

4) Take Prescribed Aftercare Supplements

Your doctor may prescribe at-home treatments and supplements to boost the effects of your PRP treatment for hair growth. These prescriptions may include:

  • topical minoxidil
  • oral finasteride
  • vitamins and minerals
  • amino acids

Take these medications only upon the doctor’s advice, especially with topical minoxidil and oral finasteride. While these two medications have already shown positive results as treatments for different types of hair loss, they’re not without adverse effects.

What You Should Avoid After PRP Treatment

Doctors will advise patients on what to avoid to ensure a speedy recovery from their platelet-rich plasma therapy for hair loss. This treatment only has minimal downtime, so patients can resume daily activities, but there will be restrictions. Avoid blood thinners, warm temperatures, applying pressure, and harsh hair products. Smoking and alcohol consumption are also discouraged.

1) Blood-Thinning Medications

Avoid blood-thinning medications, like anti-inflammatory medications, aspirin, and more, at least 2 weeks post-treatment. These types of medicine will worsen scalp pain and bruising. PRP injections to remedy hair loss create tiny punctures in your skin, the reason you experience those adverse side effects.

Your platelets, the blood cells responsible for wound healing and tissue repair, will patch up these tiny wounds. Blood thinners slow down the coagulation factors of your platelets, causing the small wounds to continue bleeding, causing bruising and pain.

2) Warm Temperatures

Avoid getting into contact with warm temperatures, like saunas, hot showers, steam, and more, at least 2 days after your treatment. This also includes direct sunlight. A spike in temperature will also cause your blood pressure to rise, which may also cause pressure to the tiny punctures on your scalp from the injections. 

You may also experience worsened pain and bruises, and have a risk of having skin irritations due to sweat, steam, and other foreign contaminants.

3) Wetting Your Hair

Avoid wetting your hair 3 hours after your PRP treatment for hair loss to avoid skin irritations and other problems. Your scalp may be too tender during this time, and you would need time for the wounds to close up before wetting them.


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4) Vigorous Exercise

Do your workout routine in advance if you’re going to have PRP injections anytime soon because your doctors will advise you to avoid strenuous exercise 2 days after your treatment. These types of exercises will also heighten your blood pressure, worsening the pain and bruising at the treatment site.

5) Harsh Hair Products

We’ve established that your scalp is still sore from the injections. Because of this, your doctor will also discourage you from using hair products with harsh chemicals, like hair coloring solutions, perming, relaxing, and other styling products for at least 3 days after your procedure. Applying this to your PRP-treated scalp may risk skin irritations and inflammation.

6) Alcohol and Smoking

Alcohol and cigarettes are discouraged after your PRP treatment for hair loss for at least 3 days after your procedure. Alcohol also acts as a blood thinner that affects the coagulation factors of your blood. Nicotine consumption is discouraged because it affects the healing process of the body, hampering not only your recovery from PRP injections but also your results.

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Here are just some of the aftercare instructions to follow, so you can ensure the positive results of your platelet-rich plasma injections for hair loss. Ensure a follow-up appointment for your doctors to check your condition post-treatment.

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