Is Platelet-Rich Plasma Effective in Restoring Your Hair?

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Seeing a noticeable hair loss over time brings worry and loss of confidence to those who experience them. With that, science is continuously looking for a cure for baldness to help these individuals. One of the formulations that can be used with potential therapeutic benefits is platelet-rich plasma. 

So can platelet-rich plasma be used to restore your hair? Platelet-rich plasma can be used to restore the hair, according to some clinical studies. However, it must not be considered a miracle cure because research is still ongoing regarding its clinical efficacy and safety profile, and its process is yet to be standardized.

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Platelet-Rich Plasma on Hair: What Science Says

In a study that has shown platelet-rich plasma to be an effective treatment against hair thinning, certain parameters were observed to have improved. These include the following:

Macroscopic Improvements in Hair Growth(seen with the naked eye)Microscopic Improvements in Hair Growth(seen with the use of a microscope)
increase in the average number of hairs in an areaincrease in hair densityincrease in epidermis thicknessincrease in the number of hair follicles

In contrast to this finding, another study on the use of platelet-rich plasma injections on hair loss showed no benefits in encouraging natural hair growth in patients with pattern baldness that are included in the study.

It must be noted then that the results of clinical studies regarding the benefit of platelet-rich plasma treatment on different types of hair loss are inconsistent, owing to its lack of standardization, from its processing up to its administration.

How Platelet-Rich Plasma Works in Restoring Your Hair

Platelet-rich plasma works in restoring your hair through the following mechanisms:

  • Mediating and prolonging the anagen phase of the hair growth cycle;
  • Providing beneficial blood flow through encouraging angiogenesis or production of new blood vessels;
  • Working on the anti-apoptotic (anti-programmed cell death) regulators to prolong the life of the hair shaft.

These mechanisms are made possible mainly through the release of growth factors like platelet-derived growth factor and epidermal growth factor by the platelets found in high concentrations in the formulation. 

How Platelet-Rich Plasma is Obtained and Administered

Draw off blood

Platelet-rich plasma treatment is a non-surgical procedure that may be divided into three stages, namely the following:

  • Autologous blood draw – The first step in doing the procedure is an autologous blood draw, meaning blood will be taken from the own blood vessels of the patient undergoing the procedure. This is through the use of medical devices like a syringe with anticoagulants.
  • Processing of blood – The next step in the procedure is the processing of the collected blood to separate the blood platelets from other blood components and increase their concentration. 
  • Administration of the formulation – Finally, the processed formulation will then be injected with even spacing to the scalp of the patient.

Similarly, minimal discomfort may be expected in the procedure because of the techniques that providers employ to minimize the pain associated with the injections, such as the following:

  • Use of topical or injected anesthesia – Topical or injected anesthesia such as lidocaine may be used to numb the area to be injected with platelet-rich plasma.
  • Use of vibrational devices – The use of vibrational devices is slowly becoming popular because of their potential to massage the area and distribute the fluid while injecting the platelet-rich plasma.
  • Use of very fine needles – To make sure that less pain may be felt by the patient, very small needles are used in performing platelet-rich plasma injections, with recommendations of 27- or 30-gauge needles.
  • Use of ice packs – The use of ice packs before the procedure is a cost-effective way to numb the pain of the injections. It may also be used to minimize the swelling after the treatment.


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Safety of Platelet-Rich Plasma

Platelet-rich plasma treatments are safe because it’s taken from the own blood of the patient undergoing this procedure. This reduces the risk of contracting communicable diseases and showing allergic reactions to the formulation.

The currently recorded side effects of platelet-rich plasma injections are mild, which include slight redness, temporary swelling, and a little bruising. Nerve and tissue injuries may also occur, although it’s dependent on the skills of the one doing the procedure. Similarly, infections may also occur but these cases are very rare and dependent on how well the processing of the formulation is.

However, platelet-rich plasma injections must be avoided by patients with conditions that may make these mild side effects worse or may decrease the efficacy of the procedure. These include the use of blood thinners, having autoimmune diseases like systemic lupus erythematosus, and other conditions like low platelet count.

PEP Factor: A High-Quality Treatment for Hair Restoration


To improve the clinical efficacy of platelet-rich plasma injection on pattern hair loss, it’s a good idea to complement this procedure with another formulation that can also help with thinning hair. This formulation is PEP Factor, a high-quality treatment free of harsh chemicals and with natural, nourishing ingredients.

PEP Factor can help in improving the appearance of patients with hair loss through its active ingredients which are the basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) and copper peptide. This is because bFGF has cell growth and proliferating properties while copper peptide has antioxidant properties, both of which have benefits for hair thickening.

PEP Factor is safe to be added to procedures like platelet-rich plasma treatment and microneedling because of its natural ingredients and topical application. It also has minimal side effects.

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While research on platelet-rich plasma gives decent results, the standardization of the PRP process is still in the works.Regardless, platelet-rich plasma injections are still worth trying, as  there are studies that can attest to its usefulness as one of the alternatives for hair loss treatment over topical minoxidil and other medications or cosmetic procedures with many unwanted side effects.

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