Why Should You Have PRP Therapy for Hair Loss?

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Patients suffering from hair thinning and balding have been looking for a better solution for hair loss. While some have finally found the treatment suitable for them, many are still on a quest to choose a better procedure. Platelet-rich plasma treatment for hair loss is one of the most recommended options because of its promising results without surgery. With only injections of growth factors into the scalp, you can expect natural hair growth.

So what are the advantages of PRP injections for hair growth? PRP therapy for hair loss is a safe and effective treatment option as it promotes natural hair growth, leaving your hair with better volume and health. It shows promising results with minimal risks and downtime as a non-surgical procedure. This is because of the healing factors that speed up your hair follicles’ rejuvenation to stimulate hair growth.


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Advantages of PRP Therapy for Hair Regrowth

Receiving platelet-rich plasma injections as a hair loss treatment offers a wealth of advantages. PRP is a form of regenerative medicine used not only for cosmetic purposes but also for other medical conditions. 

Some of the advantages of PRP as a hair loss treatment involve stimulating the natural hair growth even without surgery, giving minimal risks of major side effects, downtime, and short procedure times. You grow thicker hair because of more nourished hair follicles. This improves the volume and gives you healthy hair.

1) Non-Surgical Option

Unlike other treatments for hair loss, like hair transplant surgery, platelet-rich plasma therapy is non-surgical. You don’t need to receive incisions and be under general anesthesia, as this minimally invasive treatment only involves PRP injections for hair loss into the scalp. 

The procedure starts with a blood draw to gather a blood sample. Practitioners will then process your blood sample in a centrifuge to separate other blood cells like the red and white blood cells from the plasma and concentrated platelets.

2) Minimal Risks

PRP therapy for hair loss offers minimal risks being a non-surgical treatment – you wouldn’t receive that many negative side effects from the general anesthesia and incisions you’d usually get from hair replacement surgery.

PRP hair treatment uses autologous growth factors, which means your dermatology specialists harvest this from your own blood. This process gives you little to no risks of allergic reactions.

3) Short Time of Procedure

Because you don’t need surgery, the procedure for platelet-rich plasma therapy for hair regrowth doesn’t last that long – it usually lasts for around 1 hour. It might be a short treatment process, but you’d still need to return for your other initial shots and maintenance shots. You’d need 3 initial injections administered every 4 to 6 weeks. After this, you’d only need touch-up sessions every 4 to 6 months.

4) Promotes Natural Hair Growth

PRP is one of the effective hair loss treatments because it uses your concentration of growth factors to speed up the healing process of your hair follicles. Your PRP treatment consists of the plasma, the liquid portion of the blood, and the platelets, the blood cell with wound healing and tissue repair abilities.

You experience hair loss because your hair follicles receive fewer nutrients or are mistakenly attacked by other cells. Platelet-rich plasma injections for hair growth rejuvenate your hair follicles by promoting the growth of stem cells and collagen.

Your PRP hair treatment also broadens the blood vessels around the hair follicles. This improves the blood supply to your scalp, which allows more nutrients and oxygen to reach every hair follicle.

5) Promotes Better Volume and Hair Health

Clinical studies have revealed the effectiveness of PRP treatment for treating androgenic alopecia and other types of hair loss. It has shown positive results in increasing terminal hair density in 10 out of 12 clinical trials. 

These clinical trials have revealed that there are improvements in hair quality, terminal hair density, blood vessel density, keratinocyte proliferation, and telogen/anagen hair ratio.

6) Minimal Downtime

As platelet-rich plasma therapy also requires minimal downtime. Patients who are apprehensive about the lengthy downtime from surgical options for hair loss now have an option that doesn’t greatly affect their daily routine.

Patients with PRP for hair loss can resume their daily activities with a few restrictions. The common side effects will subside around 3 to 4 weeks and will be completely gone within 3 to 6 months.


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Effectiveness of PRP Treatment for Hair Loss

Aside from its safe and minimally invasive procedure, PRP is an effective hair loss treatment that many patients rely on. As mentioned, it has produced positive results for stimulating hair regrowth.

A study in 2014 revealed that PRP increased the hair count of patients from 71 units to 93. Another clinical trial discovered that PRP grows more hair strands that are stronger and thicker. It’s also more effective than minoxidil, according to another research.

PEP Factor: An Effective Treatment Option for Hair Growth

Another effective hair loss treatment you can check out is the PEP factor, which is a reliable alternative to PRP treatment. It contains proteins that stimulate hair growth and can even treat severe hair loss. It’s made with a mixture of copper peptide and Fibroblast Growth Factor (bFGF).

If you’re squeamish about injections into your scalp, you may consider having PEP factor treatment – your practitioner can apply it topically. The results from this treatment option are also faster than PRP.

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Platelet-rich plasma for hair loss is an effective minimally invasive treatment that requires short downtime. Because this option is a non-surgical procedure, it doesn’t have that many risks. It’s also pretty effective, as it nourishes and heals your hair follicles to support hair growth.

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