Does PRP Make Hair Thicker?

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Platelet-rich plasma treatments have proven to be a welcome alternative to harsh chemicals and other invasive methods for hair regrowth. However, injections for hair loss won’t make much difference if the outcome is fragile hair, which can make you experience hair loss even after your treatments are over. The key to resolving hair thinning is in the hair root: with healthier hair follicles, you’ll get a better head of hair overall.

Can PRP treatments make hair thicker? The evidence we have from studies and treatments suggests that it can. Aside from revitalizing dormant hair follicles, the concentrated platelet solution also makes your blood vessels more efficient at bringing nutrients to the scalp. This results in improved skin texture, thicker hair, and overall better results from your PRP therapy.

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How Does PRP Make Hair Thicker?

While platelets are usually known for their ability to stop blood loss by clotting, they’re actually one of the main controllers of your body’s repair and regrowth response. A high concentration of platelets can help an area heal faster by repairing tissue and improving blood supply and blood flow – and it’s this particular characteristic that makes PRP treatments for hair thickening effective.

By using a concentrated serum of platelets directly on your scalp, any active hair follicles will soon receive more nutrients from improved blood circulation. With multiple injection sites over a long-term treatment plan, patients can see increased production of hair, with hair growth being thicker and more resilient than the growths before.

Platelet-rich plasma injections also contain essential compounds that can help speed your cell growth and tissue regeneration, like growth factors. These growth factors amplify the skin rejuvenation from your initial treatment, possibly giving you even better results as your maintenance sessions go on.

Considerations With Using PRP Treatments

While PRP injections may seem like the perfect hair restoration treatment for getting healthy hair follicles, it’s not a one-all solution to any type of hair loss. There are several considerations that patients need to consider before using it as their treatment for hair restoration, including but not limited to:

Difference in Preparation

While PRP treatment has seen some success as a treatment for hair loss, it’s not at a stage where a standard way of preparation and administration can be agreed upon by providers. Since it’s considered an exploratory treatment that needs further study, there can be differences in preparation with your PRP treatment depending on your provider.

The core of PRP preparation is drawing a blood sample from your body, processing it until only a pure platelet concentrate remains, then injecting this serum back into your body. However, there can be different options that a provider may choose from during preparation:

  • Leaving behind certain compounds during processing, like your white blood cells
  • Adding compounds to the final PRP solution, like fibrin
  • Not using autologous (or processed from your own blood) PRP injections

Since there’s no standard way of preparing PRP for hair treatment, you should find a provider that’s experienced and certified in PRP injections before you proceed with your treatment. This ensures that you get a treatment that’s relatively safe from any adverse complications, and may even help improve your results.

Difference in Results

Because the serum used in your PRP injection is usually processed from your own body, PRP injections have a high degree of biocompatibility during treatment. This means that there’s less risk of side effects, treatment rejection, or adverse complications when using PRP therapy, unlike other methods for hair growth.

However, this also means that your results will be dependent on the state of your own blood/immune system. If you have a medical condition that affects your platelet count or other similar ailments, it could affect the results of your own treatment. PRP results differ between patients since:

  • Each person has a unique response to the sudden increase of platelets in their system
  • Differences in the severity of their hair loss or how brittle their hair is
  • Other factors like treatment schedule and consistency with their PRP injections

If you’re getting PRP therapy for hair growth and thicker hair, manage your expectations accordingly and work closely with your PRP provider. You’ll usually experience some improvement after your injections – but how much can be very different if you compare yourself to other patients.


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Difference in Short and Long-Term Treatments

Finally, one particular area that PRP treatments are still a bit unclear about is their effects long-term on hair regrowth. Since the majority of the real-life applications and studies about PRP treatments are for medical conditions or sports medicine, the cosmetic applications for PRP injections are less understood.

Most of the studies on the subject have usually been done on male patients, with observational periods for up to a few months. While these have provided some evidence that PRP treatments over time can offer consistent improvements in hair quality, the exact effects these injections have long-term is currently unknown. This may be because:

  • PRP treatments are classified as exploratory treatments and don’t have too much interest yet
  • There’s a limited number of participants who can undergo PRP testing
  • The lack of information about how PRP works for hair loss can still be a roadblock to further study

If you’re thinking of getting PRP treatments long-term, you should be aware that your results may be somewhat different from what you’d expect from PRP treatment. Conversely, if you are getting PRP treatments short-term, your results may be less than you’d expect. Working closely with your provider about your expectations and your treatment can help mitigate this concern somewhat.

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Patients who are looking to use platelet-rich plasma treatments for hair growth may also benefit from additional hair thickness after injections, especially if growth factors are added to their PRP serums. By improving blood circulation and blood flow to the scalp, your hair follicles can grow back with thicker hair that’s more resilient to damage. Combined with other hair loss treatment options, you’ll be able to enjoy healthy hair growth long term.

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