Do Plastic Surgeons Do PRP For Hair Loss?

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treatment of hair loss, PRP injection for hair growth.

Hair restoration has long challenged experts worldwide. To address this issue, many treatments have been developed; however, choosing the right person to perform these procedures can be challenging.

So do plastic surgeons do PRP for hair loss? Yes, plastic surgeons perform platelet-rich plasma therapy as a hair loss treatment. With their expertise in face and scalp care, they’re the ideal doctors for it, given that they’re trained in doing PRP injections, use imaging techniques for injections, and have plenty of experience in handling PRP patients.


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Plastic Surgeons and PRP For Hair Loss: How To Choose The Ideal Doctor

Various specialists are also beginning to use platelet-rich plasma treatment in their practices. You may see dermatologists and family practice doctors offering platelet-rich plasma treatment for hair loss. Similarly, you may also see orthopedic surgeons and internal medicine doctors offering PRP for joint disorders.

When considering PRP therapy, it’s essential that patients choose a doctor who is skilled in their particular area of concern when choosing who to go to. This is to ensure that these doctors have specialized knowledge and expertise in the disorder combined with experience in doing PRP.

Going to a plastic surgeon is the best choice if you want to undergo platelet-rich plasma treatment for hair loss, as these doctors are skilled in dealing with scalp and face concerns, even to the extent of manipulating these areas under the knife. Other questions you might ask in choosing your ideal doctor include:

  • Is The Doctor Trained In Doing PRP Injections?
  • What Imaging Technique Does The Doctor Use As A Guide For The Injections?
  • How Experienced Is The Doctor In Doing PRP?

PRP And Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine entails research on the body’s natural healing process, and is encouraged to discover therapeutic applications which may be done in a minimally-invasive way. Procedures under this branch of medicine include stem cell therapy, tissue engineering, the use of artificial organs, and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection. 

A number of disorders such as sports injuries and osteoarthritis, and cosmetic indications such as hair loss and skin rejuvenation, are potentially addressed by procedures under regenerative medicine. 

Other Hair Treatments Done By Plastic Surgeons

FUT and FUE hair transplantation process

Aside from performing PRP injections, a board-certified plastic surgeon can also recommend other approaches to hair loss that are within the scope of their expertise. The variety of hair loss treatment offered by these physicians includes hair grafts or hair transplant and scalp reduction.

1) Hair Grafting

Hair grafting or hair transplant is a kind of surgical procedure that entails harvesting hair, growing this hair, and implanting it to areas with progressive thinning hair. A candidate for hair replacement therapy may also choose their preferred hair transplantation method. Types of hair replacement surgeries include:

  • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) – Follicular unit transplantation entails cutting a small portion of the scalp from the back of the head then placing these sections of the scalp in the areas with hair loss issues.
  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) – Follicular unit extraction entails making tiny holes in areas of the scalp that needed hair transplantation then placing pieces of hair in these holes.

2) Scalp Reduction

Scalp reduction is one of the alternatives to hair transplant that entail surgical procedures and doesn’t encourage the body’s natural regenerative process. Scalp reduction changes the direction of hair growth by making incisions in the balding area then covering it using the area with hair growth. Flaps of the scalp will then be stitched together afterward.


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Safety Of PRP For Hair Loss 

A platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection offers the benefits of hair loss treatments without the complications from hair replacement surgeries. Because the formulation injected comes exactly from the patient’s own blood components (i.e., the formulation is derived via a blood draw from the patient’s blood vessels), allergic reactions and communicable diseases are avoided. 

PRP treatments also have minimal side effects which typically depend on the skills of the healthcare professional handling the procedure, thus, the importance of choosing your doctor well. These injection site-related side effects include pain, swelling, bruising, redness, nerve damage, and tissue damage.

With these in mind, PRP then may be used as an alternative to a hair transplant through the concentration of healing compounds for a platelet-rich plasma treatment . They may even serve as an adjunct to this advanced hair growth technique because of their safety profile.

What You Can Do: Expert PRP And PRFM Treatment Training Videos

It’s important for patients with hair loss to have access to the most advanced hair replacement techniques provided by competent physicians. This competence may be built up through training and video courses that must be made accessible to healthcare professionals.

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These video courses can help educate physicians on the proper diagnosis, evaluation, and handling of patients undergoing platelet-rich plasma therapy.

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Plastic surgeons are the most qualified medical professionals to administer platelet-rich plasma injections especially as hair restoration therapy. This is because of their expertise in procedures involving the scalp and skin such as hair transplants and facelifts.

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