What Is Included In A PRP Kit?

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The blood tube is removed from the medical centrifuge for plasma lifting

Getting the concentrated platelet count necessary for platelet activation is the cornerstone of successful PRP treatments. Any platelet poor plasma or a PRP sample with a high enough red blood cell count will make for less effective treatments, which is why getting the best PRP kit is necessary to isolate the blood cells and stem cells from the final PRP solution.

But what exactly is included in a PRP Kit? A PRP Kit should contain the PRP tube, different types of needles, disposable syringes, gel separator (or anticoagulant), activator (like calcium chloride), and other devices needed to get a pure PRP sample. Because the PRP procedure requires careful filtering of blood plasma for viable platelets, making sure that all these components are present in a PRP kit will ensure the purity of the resulting PRP sample.

Essentials Of A PRP Kit

The exact number and type of tools and accessories present in a PRP kit will differ from brand to brand, but here is a rundown of the three specifics that should always be present in every kit:

1. Blood collection tubes

After the blood is extracted from the patient (either via the bone marrow or through the veins), it’s crucial to have the right BCT tubes and PRP tubes required to hold the sample in a sterile environment. This is particularly important for different types of PRP preparation, especially ones that involve a buffy coat layer.

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2. Needles

Transfer needles, injection needles, mesotherapy, and butterfly needles are all essentials in getting the right amount of blood necessary for PRP treatment. However, other needle types like the ones needed for the transfer of the sample between different tubes or to the PRP device are just as important to keep the PRP preparation free from contamination.

3. Syringes

The syringes primarily hold the blood inside them while they’re transferred from the patient to the PRP device, but they’re also essential to the PRP system for their role in the eventual PRP injection. For leukocyte poor PRP applications (especially those specifically targeted for wound healing) having the proper syringes can help improve the injection of the PRP solution to the treatment area.

Other accessories like anticoagulants such as sodium citrate may not be necessary depending on the PRP system used for the treatment, though practices should always have them on-hand in case the procedure calls for the changes. Other supplies may also be acquired if the injector feels like the patient needs it, like topical anesthesia. 

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What About The Centrifuge?

Medical tube with blood plasma in hand for PRP extracted from medical centrifuge for plasma lifting

By default, a centrifugation device may not always be included in a PRP kit. While it’s technically possible to obtain a PRP-ready solution from any laboratory centrifuge, it takes more than simple centrifugation to obtain the necessary PRP solution that’s ideal for PRP therapy.

The type of centrifuge used to separate the platelet concentration from the rest of the blood cell and stem cell components is critical with PRP treatments, but it also plays a key role in plasma-rich fibrin matrix (PRFM) treatments. Most PRP and PRP-like therapies need a specific platelet concentration – and the presence of leukocyte cells and other blood compounds.

For these situations, making sure that a viable PRP kit is paired with the centrifuge can drastically cut down on any potential complications occurring during the PRP procedure, in addition to providing a safety net for injectors in case the patient requests some change in the procedure.

The crucial thing to keep in mind is that practices should always have a reputable provider who can easily guarantee them access to these accessories and kits when needed. Due to the nature of the PRP treatment, there’s only a limited window of time that the blood sample can be used and converted into a PRP solution for PRP therapy. Ensuring the proper supply of the needed medical-grade tools and accessories for PRP preparation can help providers make the most out of this window without worrying about any contamination or complications with the procedure.

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PEP Growth Factor Products: Another Alternative For PRP Therapy

While PRP therapy works great for wound healing, osteoarthritis treatment, and other serious conditions, it can also work well for more manageable issues like hair loss and skin rejuvenation. But for these cases, getting autologous platelet rich plasma may not always be an option – or a PRP system isn’t accessible.

In these cases, PEP Growth Factor products are an excellent alternative to the PRP procedure without the hassle of PRP preparation. Made of fibroblast growth factor and copper peptides, it provides many of the similar benefits of PRP treatment like skin rejuvenation, but without the need to isolate an autologous PRP sample. It pairs extremely well with hyaluronic acid products like dermal filler and doesn’t require injections or incisions.

One of the primary benefits that patients may get from this treatment is that it can improve the appearance of hair and skin, and may even complement other skin rejuvenation treatments or a PRP injection itself. It’s an excellent product to use for patients to add to any beauty or skin revitalization routine, without the hassle of going through platelet rich plasma therapy or any blood extraction.

PRP Product And Other Medical Supplies From FACE Medical Supply

PRP therapy can technically be done with any sort of centrifugation, but clinics need the right kind of PRP kit to make sure that their platelet count and platelet concentration are at the levels that they need for your PRP treatment. Making sure that they have the right parts in their PRP kit and getting them from a certified retail provider is the best way to minimize worries about quality.

With years of experience in providing medical-grade tools and supplies to practices, FACE Medical Supply has become a trusted partner in providing cosmetic and medical practices with the tools they need to cater to their patients. From PRP treatment accessories to PEP products, we provide solutions to the demands of our clients without them worrying about their bottom line.

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