Can There Be Disastrous Results From PRP Hair Treatment?

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While platelet-rich plasma treatments have become one of the preferred alternatives for patients who want hair growth and restoration, it could still seem like it has several caveats and considerations to keep in mind before going through with it. As an exploratory treatment option for hair growth and even skin rejuvenation, it’s easy to think that even a single application can cause some sort of disease or serious response from your immune system.

So how high is the risk that your PRP hair treatment will fail? An application of PRP treatment for hair loss is unlikely to result in severe or even moderate side effects because its main ingredient is biocompatible with your system. This isn’t to say that you should never expect any side effects from platelet-rich plasma therapy as a whole – it’s just that most clinical studies and applications of PRP treatment rarely have bad results.

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Why Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatments Avoid Serious Side Effects

Patients will always have to balance the results that they want with any possible side effects and risks of the treatment. For platelet-rich plasma treatment, one of the first things that patients will often run into is the unknown: how exactly can this treatment guarantee that I still get the skin and hair that I want without any serious complications?

Fortunately, studies and results from other patients have shown that you can get the outcome that you want from a PRP injection without having to worry about any serious side effects. Platelet-rich plasma injections have high biocompatibility with your body since the main ingredient in their serum is your body’s own blood cells.

By using your body’s own platelet concentration (and the accompanying platelet-derived growth factor), any application of PRP treatment can avoid any serious adverse events. Providers will almost always use autologous platelet-rich plasma – or blood plasma directly from your own body – when applying PRP injections to patients. 

This ensures that even a single injection of PRP won’t be rejected by your body, and the effects of your treatment can start taking effect even earlier compared to other hair loss treatments.

What Are the Benefits of Using PRP Injections Overall?

Platelet-rich plasma injections have traditionally been used for applications on degenerative hip disease or other medical conditions. Clinical application has also included sports medicine and other lifestyle and wellness treatments. While its role in cosmetic concerns like hair loss still needs plenty of comparative studies, most results of PRP injection treatment for hair loss have been positive reviews.

Here’s why you should consider PRP injections for your next hair loss treatment.

It’s A Non-Surgical Option

There are plenty of other methods out there you can use to treat hair loss, with surgical options like hair transplantation providing long-term benefits. However, this does require your hair follicles to grow into a strong hair shaft to get past transplantation – and it doesn’t really help if you already don’t have a full head of hair to source the grafts from.

This isn’t even getting into how much stress you’ll be putting your skin under with surgical options – long recovery times, intense after-treatment care, and limited mobility are some of the many things that you’ll need to contend with after your treatment. 

However, PRP injection neatly avoids all of these by being a non-invasive procedure. No cuts, no incisions, no grafting, and nothing more than injections are required.

To administer your PRP treatment, all your provider needs to do is to get a blood sample from you, process it until it’s free of extraneous compounds like red blood cells, and re-inject it into the area where you’re experiencing clumps of hair fall or hair loss. 

You don’t need to worry about anything aside from going back to your provider for your follow-up treatments, and you can resume your normal activities soon after you’re done.

It Can Be Used With Other Treatments

Unlike other hair loss treatments that might require chemicals or hormonal changes to get the outcome that you want, PRP treatments rely on your body’s own wound healing and tissue repair response to work. 

Aside from a few medications, PRP is perfectly safe to use with other hair loss treatments and maintenance medication, as long as you’ve been cleared by your doctor.

However, keep in mind that this can also lock you out of PRP treatments entirely if you have a pre-existing condition that affects your platelet count or immune system overall. Your PRP injection will only be as effective depending on the health of your blood – the less healthy you are, the likelier your results will be subpar.

But if you’ve cleared that hurdle and have proven yourself to be a good candidate for PRP injections, you’re able to use hair care products and other similar treatments to help boost the effects of your PRP therapy. Just make sure to consult with your provider about the safe ones that you can use to boost your results.

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It Improves Your Skin And Hair

If there’s one thing that hair care products can focus on, it’s hair growth – getting you better hair strands and thicker hair overall. However, your hair is actually not the only avenue of concern for hair growth: your scalp and the skin around your head also play a crucial role in hair health. By treating the scalp, you also improve the health of your hair.

PRP injections can help with this by improving blood circulation to the scalp after treatments. With increased blood flow, your hair follicles have better access to nutrients and other essential compounds that are crucial for growing healthy and resilient hair. By improving your skin’s access to nutrients, you’re also more likely to experience better skin and hair long-term.

This makes PRP injection a great way to combine both skin and hair rejuvenation in a single treatment, which maximizes the benefits you’ll get from the procedure without exchanging too much time and effort. Even if it’s not the main goal of your PRP injections, you may also enjoy the benefits of better skin with consistent PRP treatment.

Considerations With PRP Injections

No medical or cosmetic procedure is 100% safe from any risk of side effects – and PRP injections are no exception. While you can rest easy that you aren’t going to encounter life-threatening complications after your PRP treatment (especially with an experienced provider), you should note that there are some considerations and side effects that may come with your PRP injection.

Some of these include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Swelling: needle injections like PRP treatment penetrate the skin, causing it to swell as it heals
  • Tenderness: patients with sensitive skin may also experience tender sensations in the injected area
  • Bruising: on rare occasions, PRP injections may accidentally puncture a blood vessel
  • Skin discoloration: another rare side-effect from sensitive skin reacting to the needle injection
  • Headaches: may sometimes be triggered by scalp injections

Fortunately, these side effects are mild and often resolve on their own, or with over-the-counter medication. Given that your PRP treatments are drawn from your own blood, there’s very little risk that you’ll develop any severe reactions like allergies after your treatment.

An experienced provider will also be hands-on with your treatment, explaining and addressing any concerns that you may have about your PRP injections when you need clarification.

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For patients who may be concerned about any adverse effects of platelet-rich plasma treatments on their skin and hair, there’s no need to worry – PRP injections are absolutely safe. Unless something is wrong with your own cells or your provider isn’t experienced with the treatment, you’re unlikely to suffer any lasting side effects from your PRP injection. As long as you work with an experienced provider, you’ll be well on your way to getting better hair from PRP treatments.

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