Will Collagen Supplements Make My Hair Grow?

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When it comes to skincare and beauty products, collagen is the most popular ingredient that one always looks for. This essential protein is packed with many benefits that provide amazing anti-aging and skin rejuvenating effects. But in addition to its ability to restore good skin health and appearance, collagen supplementation is also being promoted for healthier hair growth. 

So how can you benefit from taking collagen supplements for hair loss and hair thinning? Taking a collagen-rich hair supplement provides essential amino acids such as keratin which are needed to grow strong hair and maintain a healthy scalp. Collagen also has protective effects against free radicals that may damage hair follicles. Supplementing collagen protein may also delay age-related hair thinning and hair graying, and encourage regeneration to prevent bald spots and hair fall.

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Collagen and How It Supports Healthy Hair Growth 

Most of the skin and body problems that people experience can be attributed to the decrease of collagen in their bodies. Collagen is the most abundant protein that’s found in the connective tissue in the skin, blood vessels, bones, joints, and ligaments. The body’s natural collagen levels peak in your 20s but it starts to decline in the early 30s. This decrease in collagen production leads to different concerns such as: 

  • Loss of skin elasticity and plumpness
  • Presence of facial wrinkles 
  • Joint pain and aches in bone and ligament
  • Muscle weakness 
  • Delayed healing and recovery from wounds and skin injury 
  • Dehydrated, dry skin

When it comes to hair health, collagen has an important role in promoting luscious-looking and thicker hair. Hair grows in a continuous cycle and it is believed that collagen may have some effects during these important phases. Here’s a look at the stages of hair growth and the possible role of collagen: 

Phase What It Is Collagen Role 
Anagen or growing phase This is the active phase where hair growth begins and it often lasts for 2 to 5 years.  In the anagen phase, collagen levels are increased and abundant in the outermost layers of the hair follicle. This provides protection and strengthens the hair that grows out of the roots. 
Catagen or transition phase Marking the end of the anagen phase, the catagen stage is when hair follicles start to shrink and hair separates from the follicle. It’s theorized that collagen is produced in the fibroblasts that support the hair that’s pushed from the follicle. 
Telogen or resting phase In this phase, the hair follicle rests and completely stops growth of new hair. At least 10% of hair in the scalp remains in this stage for several months. Collagen remains in the follicle and helps prepare for the new hair growth for the anagen phase. 

Advantages of Collagen for Hair Growth 

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The signs of aging do not only manifest on the skin but it also affects one’s hair growth and hair health. Hair aging is also a common phenomenon and it’s described by frequent hair shedding, thinning hair, and greying hair color changes. The natural aging process also shortens the hair growth cycle and affects the quality of hair that grows from the follicles. 

Here are some of the hair growth benefits of collagen supplements: 

1. Collagen peptide help sustain amino acids needed for keratin production 

The hair is made up primarily of keratin, which is the most essential amino acid that protects the strands of your hair. Keratin adds elasticity to the hair to lessen the possibility of hair strands falling out or breaking. In essence, keratin is produced by different amino acids and proteins and one of them is collagen. 

Collagen-rich hair care supplements contain three nonessential amino acids, namely proline, glycine, and hydroxyproline. Its difference from the common essential amino acids is that the body already produces them and you don’t need to get them from dietary supplements and food. Taking collagen for hair increases proline levels which in turn increases the production of keratin to support strong and elastic hair. 

2. Collagen products promote hydration and moisture of hair 

Similar to how collagen supplements work for skin rejuvenation, collagen hair care products can restore hair hydration and prevent dryness. The collagen peptides can work together with hyaluronic acid to restructure and re-moisturize the skin dermis to improve the scalp and keep the area surrounding the hair follicle healthy. Collagen supplements can also healthy flow in the blood vessels which supports the supply of essential hair vitamins to the follicle for good hair growth. 

3. Collagen protects hair follicles and supports healthy hair regeneration 

Collagen also has natural antioxidant properties to protect against hair damage from free radicals. Free radicals are harmful compounds that come from air pollutants, poor nutrients and dietary choices, lifestyle habits, and other environmental factors. They can attack your skin cells and affect the proteins that keep the hair strong and healthy. 

Replenishing collagen builds your hair’s protection from harmful free radicals. It also promotes hair regeneration by making sure the body produces enough amino acids and hair-building proteins for thicker and healthier hair growth. It also delays hair thinning and loss of hair color or greying that can be brought about by absorption of the free radicals in the environment. 

4. Collagen supplements increase the activity of the fibroblasts

Fibroblasts are the most common cells found in the connective tissues of the skin and they’re the primary producers of collagen. Collagen products have direct benefits of boosting your natural collagen production which not only addresses your current hair thinning problems but strengthens hair follicles for improved hair health in the long run. 

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Types of Collagen Supplements for Hair Loss 

Increasing collagen intake can be done by taking supplements that come in powder form, oral supplement, or topical products. Usually, these supplements are already hydrolyzed collagen forms which means they have been broken down into smaller molecules for easy ingestion. 

  • Collagen powder dietary supplements: this is the most popular form of collagen dietary supplementation and it can be easily mixed into your food and drinks. This is usually sourced from marine collagen (fish) or bovine collagen (cows). 
  • Capsules or pill form: collagen supplements in pill or tablet form come in various dosages. In most cases, you would need to get a prescription from a doctor if you’re considering collagen pills for hair loss treatment. 
  • Topical serums: PEP Factor products are topical serums for hair loss that contain a special formula that stimulates the growth and production of fibroblasts. Its solution contains proteins and amino acids that can increase collagen in the skin and assist with hair rejuvenation. 

Does Loss of Collagen Cause Hair Thinning or Alopecia?  

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There are studies that support the idea that collagen loss instigates age-related hair loss issues.  In one study, a group of researchers claims that they discovered a particular type of collagen that alters the composition of hair follicles, causing them to shrink along with loss of collagen fibers over time. Other possible reasons for hair loss and hair thinning are: 

  • Androgenic alopecia – a form of hereditary condition that affects women and men. It is also commonly known as male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness and it occurs gradually as people age. 
  • Alopecia areata – an autoimmune disease that causes the immune system to attack the cells in the hair follicles, causing hair loss and patches of bald spots to appear.
  • Excess hair treatments – you may be damaging your hair with excessive hair coloring and perm treatments 
  • Cancer treatment like chemotherapy or radiation therapy
  • Stress, hormone changes or imbalance, or side effects of certain medications 

Other Sources of Collagen for Promoting Hair Regrowth 

In addition to taking daily collagen supplements, you can incorporate certain foods into your diet that are rich in nutrients and vitamins that help promote collagen. Here are some of the essential vitamins that can increase collagen production and where you can get them: 

  • Vitamin E – this has specific antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits which slow down hair aging and hair loss. Some of the common foods that are rich in Vitamin E are spinach, avocados, nuts, almonds, and sunflower seeds.  
  • Vitamin C – Vitamin C is a powerful nutrient that supports collagen production, protects from free radicals, and promotes better absorption of iron for hair growth. This is abundant in most fruits and green vegetables like strawberries, kale, tomatoes, papaya, citrus fruits, and bell peppers. 
  • Zinc – this increases the activity of collagen production to promote skin repair and healing, and it is an essential hair growth vitamin that prevents hair loss. Some best sources of zinc are spinach, almonds, watermelon seeds, milk products, and oats. 
  • Omega 3 fatty acids – this helps boost hair growth and provides anti-inflammatory properties to protect hair health and strengthen follicles. You can get your daily source of omega 3 from fish, seafood, nuts, flaxseeds, and plant-based oils like soybean and canola oil.  

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