Is PRP Hair Treatment A Permanent Solution To Hair Loss?

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While there are plenty of ways that a patient can manage hair conditions like a receding hairline or androgenetic alopecia, one factor that can limit treatments is how long their results will last. Many patients don’t have either the time or inclination to go for repeat treatments, and in many cases, conventional methods of hair regrowth and rejuvenation aren’t enough to give them the results that they want. That’s why treatment options like platelet-rich plasma therapy are being looked at as a potential long-term (or even permanent) solution to hair loss.

But can PRP therapy be a permanent answer for hair loss? PRP treatments may have a drastic effect on the appearance of hair and any future hair growths, it’s not a permanent method to manage hair loss. However, for clients that want a long-term solution to chronic hair conditions like thinning hair, PRP treatments are an excellent and affordable alternative compared to surgical hair transplants.

Why Doesn’t PRP Last Forever?

PRP treatments use the patient’s own blood and platelets for a formula that can trigger the body’s own self-repair mechanisms. This process – which usually only happens when the body experiences some sort of traumatic injury – can deliver a concentrated dose of the body’s platelets at a specific location, which can start the cell repair and regrow process.

This method of action is also why PRP treatments have steadily risen as a way to treat hair loss since the autologous PRP treatment means that there’s virtually little chance for the patient’s body to reject the treatment. This biocompatibility means that it’s more accessible to plenty of patients, as long as they fulfill the basic requirements for undergoing PRP therapy.

So given these factors, why doesn’t PRP last forever? One possible reason is that the exact results of PRP therapy can vary widely from patient to patient. While the basics of PRP treatment are fairly simple: extract, centrifuge, then inject – the different methods, equipment, and even kinds of PRP treatment lead to varying results. This variation in efficacy means that a patient may have an excellent response to PRP treatment only after two sessions, while others may need more than four to see any visible improvements.

Another reason is that while PRP does promote cell repair and regrowth, it doesn’t stop the hair follicles or the scalp in general from aging. Since the body will naturally break down over time, it requires more and more PRP treatments to keep up with the process. The PRP injection is also only as effective for as long as there is still some platelet-rich plasma left in the treatment area – once the body has processed all of it, it will slowly return back to its original state.

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How Long Do PRP Treatments Last?

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Despite this drawback, PRP therapy is still an extremely effective long-term solution for dealing with hair loss. On average, PRP treatments can last from 12 to 18 months before needing reapplication, though that final number may vary depending on the patient’s reaction to the PRP therapy itself.

The crucial factor to keep in mind here is the consistency of the initial treatments. While a concentrated dose of PRP serum to the scalp can start the regenerative process, it needs multiple consistent treatments to ensure that the body settles into that rhythm of repairing cells. Any delay or missed appointments may cause succeeding injections and the overall results to be less effective.

PRP treatments can also last longer or shorter depending on the patient’s lifestyle and genetics. Some rare cases report that while PRP treatments have made a difference in the appearance of the patient’s hair, the effects would fade far faster compared to other patients. And even if autologous PRP therapy is used, there is another key factor that can drastically alter how long a patient’s results last: the method of PRP preparation.

Because of its relatively underused capacity as a cosmetic treatment, the best way to extract a pure PRP sample – by far the most reliable way to get the best PRP results – varies widely between cosmetic and medical practices. Having the correct tools and supplies like a PRP-ready centrifuge and the right PRP tubes can help make this process easier, but the variation in the procedures used also play a crucial role in determining how long a patient’s PRP results will last.

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Using PEP Growth Factor Products As An Alternative To PRP Therapy

For patients that wish to enjoy the benefits of hair regrowth and rejuvenation but without the extensive preparations required from PRP therapy, dermatologists can recommend PEP Growth Factor products, which may help improve hair health and promote scalp rejuvenation.

PEP Growth Factor products are made of a proprietary mix of fibroblast growth factor, copper peptides, and other essential nutrients that trigger a similar cell repair and regeneration response seen in PRP treatments. However, PEP Growth Factor is applied directly to the affected area with no need for blood withdrawal or processing and can be easily integrated into the patient’s existing hair and skincare routines.

Consistent use of PEP Growth Factor products may promote more resilient hair growth and increased resistance against hair fall. It may visibly improve the appearance of thinning and receding hair by having the underlying blood vessels on the scalp become more efficient at delivering nutrients to the follicle. Repeat and long-term use may see extensive improvement in overall hair density, at a fraction of the cost required for PRP treatment.

Keep in mind that the use of PEP Growth Factor products will only bring desirable results if acquired from a legitimate source. While copper peptides and additional nutrients can do much for a patient’s scalp health, it’s the addition of the crucial fibroblast growth factor that can catalyze the efficient cell regrowth response. Since it’s a topical application, it can also be used with PRP treatment with no side effects.

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PRP hair treatment isn’t a permanent solution for hair loss, but it can be an effective long-term solution that requires fairly minimal effort on behalf of the patient to keep up. With the proper PRP supplies and equipment, a practice can guarantee effective and long-lasting results for hair regrowth and can strengthen existing hair against any further damage. It can also help with promoting long-term scalp health, though the exact benefits of PRP treatment in this area are yet to be determined.

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