How Does FGF Compare To PRP For Hair Growth?

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FGF vs PRP for hair growth

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is created by combining platelets found in whole blood. It can aid in tissue regeneration, bone regeneration, and wound repair.

Platelet-rich plasma treatment has also been suggested to promote hair growth, encourage cell survival and reproduction, and lengthen the anagen phase of the hair cycle.

During the treatment, a technician draws your blood and spins it in a centrifuge to separate the platelets and plasma. Doctors then inject the plasma, which helps repair blood vessels, promote cell growth and wound healing, and stimulate collagen production.


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PRP kits

Selphyl. This product allows for the prolonged release of platelet growth factors in the scalp to help hair grow. This extended-release stimulates stem cells, prolongs dermal papillae cell survival, and increases angiogenesis. These factors combine to lengthen the anlagen phase of hair growth and shorten the catagen (resting) phase. The result is increased hair diameter and hair follicle durability.

ReGen. The product’s main ingredient, Minoxidil, was developed in the 1950s to treat conditions, such as ulcers and high blood pressure. Researchers discovered that the product could revive hair follicles and reverse both male and female pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia). The ingredient is essentially a potassium channel opener capable of causing the hyperpolarization of cell membranes.

Eclipse. Tends to offer fewer steps than other PRP kits available. It is an established system that is based on blood separation according to mass using a unique division gel. The system allows for the preparation of complete Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) with optimal platelet groups and cellular content.

Magellan. It cost much more than the other systems, but the results will typically be more prominent. The method begins by drawing blood, 60-120cc. The blood is then put in the Magellan processor to insulate the PRP, which takes about 15 minutes per 60cc of blood. During this time, the scalp is dulled up with both topical creams as well as shots. When numb, the scalp is injected with a vitamin mixture as well as with the solution. Afterward, the PRP injection is then performed. 

FGF Kits

Pepfactor is created from the start with the purpose of magnifying Fibroblast. FGF directs a range of multiple biological functions, including cellular proliferation, durability migration. FGF is also responsible for the regeneration of tissue, including skin and hair follicles. UMA’s research laboratory has designed this unique formula. 

How Does FGF Compare?

Scientists identified the Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) in pituitary extracts in 1973. FGFs are cell proteins that exert their physiological functions through coordinating developmental pathways, managing events in the early embryo through the growth of multiple organ systems. A defining feature of FGFs is that they adhere to heparin and heparan sulfate. 

In this research study, scientists compiled an abundance of data to establish the strengths of FGF for the use of hair regrowth. Here are some of the results seen in the study.

  • Substantial hair growth by week three  
  • During the anagen phase, there was an increase in the number and the size of hair follicles
  •  only the control group showed significant expression of β-catenin at four weeks

The data and examination of FGF on hair growth are reliable, and I encourage you to read the full report to see how comprehensive the research was. I believe this evidence shows that FGF is an excellent alternative to using PRP for hair growth. 

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