How Does PRP Strengthen Weakening Hair?

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Hair growth often aims to address two particular concerns with hair loss patients: hair thinning and overall hair health. While hair density can improve, newly-regrown but still weakening hair may not make that much difference in the long run. For many types of hair loss, it’s important to also strengthen weakening hair during hair growth, as keeping hair healthy is the best way to experience a decrease in hair fall and improve hair thickness.

So how can PRP strengthen weakening hair? Aside from helping improve your hair condition by helping your hair growth cycle, platelet-rich plasma treatment also improves your scalp health by increasing the level of activity from your blood vessels. This allows your hair follicles to get more access to nutrients, which prevents them from growing into brittle hair in the future. But keep in mind that the degree of your improvements can be varied depending on other factors.

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How Does PRP Treatment Help Weak Hair?

Healthy hair grows when your hair follicles receive consistent nutrition from your blood vessels, in addition to not being strained by the application of things like hair dye. While the density of hair might lower as you get older since your body’s processes slow down, gradual hair loss shouldn’t be too much of a problem unless you have conditions like androgenetic alopecia.

For patients with these conditions, PRP treatments can help boost the resilience of their hair by releasing growth factors in the injected site, which may revive dormant hair follicles and encourage additional hair growth. Aside from helping to regrow lost hair, this type of hair restoration can improve scalp health and skin health overall.

This means that you can help strengthen both the native hairs on your scalp that haven’t succumbed to hair loss, while also preventing any weak hair follicles from completely shutting down. With consistent and skilled treatment, platelet-rich plasma therapy can be an effective long-term treatment for hair loss, no matter your hair type or hair color.

Why Isn’t This a More Popular Form of Treatment?

Given that platelet-rich plasma injection is a non-invasive, innovative treatment for hair loss, why isn’t it a treatment popular with almost everyone? There are a couple of considerations that you should keep in mind when thinking about PRP for hair loss treatments:

It Relies On Your Own Blood Cells

Platelet-rich plasma treatments work by getting a blood sample from your body and processing it until nothing else but a pure platelet concentrate remains. This platelet concentration is injected directly into your body, where it can help rejuvenate your skin and repair tissue.

The reason why platelets are often used for these processes is that:

  • Platelets are the body’s natural repair cells, so they can easily regrow tissue
  • Other compounds tend to stick to platelet structures, like growth factors
  • Platelets can also affect blood circulation, which improves access to nutrients
  • Immunity is also improved with a higher platelet concentration in the body
  • They can also help reduce the use of medications like opioids

However, it’s this very biocompatibility that can make PRP treatments unreliable for some patients. Since the injection has to be made from your own cells, you might get subpar results if there are any problems with your blood or platelet count.

For some patients who have pre-existing or autoimmune disorders, PRP treatments may not be an option for them at all. This is why it’s important to find an experienced provider who can help you through the process.

Preparations and Applications are Different

Platelet-rich plasma treatments have already seen a lot of success in medical applications, but it’s still considered an exploratory treatment by the medical and cosmetic industry. As a result, there can be wildly different standards – and therefore results – of how PRP injections can work for your specific concern.

For hair loss treatments, PRP:

  • Has additional compounds in the serum that can affect your results like fibrin
  • Can still have some leftover compounds like white blood cells
  • May have different injection schedules and sites can also apply

These differences are the primary reason why results from PRP injections treatments for hair loss can vary between patients. If you are determined to use it to help your hair grow and weaken your hair, your provider may suggest that you use another hair regrowth treatment to speed up your results.

In most cases, PRP treatments can be successful if the patient doesn’t want to go through more invasive methods for hair regrowth, like hair transplantation surgery.


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Needs More Long-Term Study

Finally, PRP injections have been studied for their efficacy in treating patients with hair loss conditions like androgenetic alopecia, but the scientific studies we have on the subject are limited and haven’t explored any long-term applications from treatment.

Current studies of PRP treatment for hair loss still lack the following:

  • Long term observations on hair regrowth for more types of hair loss
  • Studies on the different effects it may have on men and women
  • Larger sample sizes of participants with different demographics

There don’t seem to be too many adverse effects with the use of PRP treatments for hair loss, which is one of the reasons why most providers feel safe administering them to patients. However, if you are looking for consistent, reliable results from your hair treatment, you may want to consider something else.

PRP treatments can be used with other hair growth treatments to boost their results, but this should only be done on the advice of a medical expert.

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While the full effects of platelet-rich plasma treatment on hair loss patients still need more studies, there’s promising evidence that consistent PRP treatments can indeed strengthen weakening hair. By improving scalp health and increasing blood circulation to the hair follicles, you’re able to see more robust hair growth and stronger hair strands against wear and tear. With other growth factors in the mix, you have a reliable and potent solution for weakened hair on your hands.

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