Do People Actually Grow Hair When Using Vitamin E?

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Hair loss has been a persistent problem for many people around the world, especially women. One thing that makes it difficult for people to manage is that so many factors can affect hair growth – in particular the food that you eat. This has led to some products and supplements which advertise to grow hair and protect you against further hair loss, like vitamin E supplements and other related products.

But do people actually grow their hair while taking vitamin E? While vitamin E does play a role in hair health, there’s very little or inconclusive evidence that shows taking more of it will help hair growth. It’s a good way to make sure that the hair you have is kept in good condition, but you may want to get something different for new hair.


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What Is Vitamin E?

Vitamin E is one of the more familiar faces in the world of cosmetic treatments because of its powerful antioxidant properties. which can help manage and prevent the signs of aging. It does this by getting rid of the free radicals in the skin, protecting it from external damage, and breaking down from within. It also plays a crucial role in your body’s immune system and helps keep your skin supple.

Natural sources of vitamin E include fruits and vegetables, especially plant-based oils and nuts. Normally, most people don’t really suffer from a deficiency of Vitamin E – which is why there’s not a lot of studies done about it, and little evidence about its role in promoting hair growth. Most people’s dietary sources already contain a healthy source of Vitamin E, as well as other essential nutrients like biotin that help keep your hair follicles healthy.

However, this hasn’t stopped people from looking at vitamin E as a general aid for helping you get great health benefits aside from healthy hair growth. But aside from being a crucial part of a balanced diet, what exactly does an intake of vitamin E do as a hair treatment?

Effects Of Vitamin E On Your Hair

It’s hard to pin down hair growth on a single vitamin like vitamin E, considering that our bodies (for people who don’t have a pre-existing health condition) consistently get a variety of nutrients from the food we eat. Nonetheless, some academic research institutions have made some studies in the role of vitamin E for hair growth, with some promising results:

Improving Scalp Health

What’s easy to miss when concentrating on hair fall is the crucial role that the scalp plays in hair health. Healthy skin in the scalp leads to thicker hair, less skin irritation, and more resilient hair strands. This is because your scalp is home to the roots of your hair, which means it’s responsible for your overall hair health.

Some studies have found that there’s a link between hair products that have high levels of vitamin E and their role in preserving the scalp’s lipid layer. The lipid layer is a deposit of fatty acid in your body that helps keep your hair healthy and strong. They don’t really make up most of your hair, but they still play a crucial role in preventing you from experiencing brittle hair and other hair disorders.

Prevents Hair Fall

Studies on patients with hair loss who took dietary supplements with vitamin E have shown that there’s a link between regular intake of vitamin E and the rate of hair fall. Higher levels in vitamin E correlate with hair growth in people because of its role in preventing oxidative stress in the hair follicle, which is commonly linked with hair loss.

Oxidative stress causes more free radicals to appear in your body, so your body can’t clear them fast enough or remove them from your system. More free radicals mean your cells take more damage and are more vulnerable to disease. By putting more vitamin E sources in your diet, you’re able to get the nutrients needed to keep oxidative stress at bay.

Improves Blood Circulation

Blood flow is a crucial part of keeping your skin healthy since it contains all the essential nutrients and minerals that you need to make sure that your body grows well. A healthy diet with the right amounts of vitamins – not just vitamin E – can improve your blood circulation significantly, aside from protecting you against nutritional deficiencies.

Studies have shown that a diet rich in food sources that have vitamin E can help with most blood-related functions in the body, including hair growth. Increased and improved blood flow in your scalp can promote healthier hair and increase the size and strength of your hair follicles.

Overall, vitamin E can be a great addition to your diet and daily nutritional intake that may help improve your hair health and encourage hair growth. However, there’s simply not a lot of peer-reviewed studies that support it is the only thing that you need to get more hair growth.

Why Isn’t Vitamin E Enough?

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The reason why science still can’t back up the theory that vitamin E can significantly help with hair growth is that vitamin E isn’t the only nutrient that’s responsible for hair health. There are plenty of hair vitamins that can improve the health of your hair and reduce hair fall, with vitamin E only being part of them.

One of these vitamins is vitamin B7, otherwise known as biotin. This vitamin is crucial for helping your hair, skin, and nails healthy – and is found in a lot of different types of food. Another common type of vitamin that helps with hair growth is vitamin A, which all cells need to grow and function. All these vitamins can be usually found in almost all the food that we eat, which makes discerning the role that vitamin E itself plays in hair growth.

The body isn’t designed to run on one nutrient alone, so unless you’re suffering from an actual nutrient deficiency, you’re unlikely to get any benefit from adding any extra vitamin or mineral supplement to your diet. There’s no particular harm in doing so – in fact, using a biotin supplement for hair regrowth has gotten a lot of attention recently – but don’t expect anything too drastic from the changes.


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Other Things You Can Use For Hair Growth

So if vitamin E doesn’t carry the secret for getting more hair growth, what does? According to studies, it’s a mixture of different vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients that you can take in every day to ensure that your hair grows well. Aside from vitamin E, here are other compounds that you should be looking for:


As a building block for almost everything on your body, hair is pure protein – which means you need a lot of it to get strong and healthy hair. Fortunately, protein diets are particularly easy for many people to get into since it’s the default diet for many people around the world. If you’re eating animal meats, then you’re likely already getting enough protein in your diet.

This really only becomes an issue for people who have specific dietary restrictions or preferences, since animal meats are some of the best sources of protein. Non-animal protein sources like corn, soya beans, and nuts do exist – but you’ll need a lot of them to make up for any potential protein deficiency that comes with having this type of diet.


Iron is crucial for a healthy circulatory system. And as discussed earlier, a healthy circulatory system is far more likely to help with hair growth and hair health. Foods high in iron also include red meats, though it can also be found in a fair amount of seafood like clams and oysters.

Getting enough iron is even more important for women, who are more prone to iron deficiency anemia. Anemia is one of those conditions that can actively cause hair loss and can be undetected for several years since it can show no symptoms. Making sure your diet has enough iron in it can help keep anemia – and hair fall – far away.


Zinc is essential for tissue growth, repair, and keeping the oil glands around your hair follicles in good shape. Natural sources of zinc include beef, leafy greens like spinach, and wheat germ products. Zinc can also increase the efficacy of your immune system, which makes you less prone to catching illnesses.

However, some studies show that having too much zinc in your body may actually accelerate hair loss. For this reason, most medical experts advise not using zinc supplements in favor of getting your zinc source from food instead.

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PEP Growth Factor products are non-invasive and can be easily included in your already-existing hair and skin care regimens, which makes them perfect for almost anyone to use regardless of their hair or skin type. They can be used in combination with medical treatments for skin conditions without any side effects, and work well with other hair rejuvenation and cosmetic treatments.

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Vitamin E is an excellent way to ensure that your hair stays long and healthy, but there’s actually no guarantee that vitamins like it will be enough for considerable hair growth. If you’re looking for products that will help you get your hair back, it’s best to rely on ones that have more studies and scientific basis behind them. However, making sure that you have healthy foods in a diet rich in vitamins and nutrients never hurt anyone!

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