The BioSafe PRP Kit: The Best Introductory Kit For PRP Treatment?

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With the rise of platelet rich plasma treatments, getting the right kind of PRP kit has become the defining factor in getting the required platelet concentration for PRP therapy. Factors like platelet recovery rate, hematocrit levels, and overall platelet yield can determine the success or failure of autologous platelet rich plasma treatment.

So how does the BioSafe PRP kit perform with PRP extraction, and can it be considered as the best PRP kit for getting the ideal platelet count? The BioSafe PRP kit does have the required features that can effectively filter platelets and other growth factors from red blood cells, but the goal of the PRP injection needs to be considered before using it as the only method of getting viable platelets.

What’s In A BioSafe PRP Kit?

The BioSafe PRP kit provides PRP applicators with a user-friendly method of centrifugation, extraction, and application of PRP treatments without the use of too many syringes and other tubes.

One of the best examples of this attention to convenience without sacrificing efficiency is the buffy coat layer that occurs during centrifugation being clearly visible while the plasma settles down the platelet layer. This removes a lot of guesswork on the part of the injector in identifying the viable platelets needed to be used in the PRP treatment, without the need for an external gel separator.

The design of the BioSafe PRP kit also makes syringe use efficient without risking contamination, both for the deposit of the blood sample and the extraction of the PRP layer. With the addition of an anticoagulant, it becomes easier to achieve platelet activation and obtain a higher percentage of platelet concentrate compared to other methods of centrifugation.

Leukocyte filtering is also easier with the BioSafe PRP kit, as the centrifuge easily separates them from the platelets and has them settle into their own layer. By using the Screw-Pusher to move up the plasma, the likelihood of including unwanted blood compounds is much lower compared to other plasma extraction methods.

Overall, the BioSafe PRP kit is an excellent PRP kit that doesn’t require too much technical knowledge to operate, with a design that caters well to practices that are just starting to offer PRP therapy. Platelet concentration is higher compared to other PRP kits without sacrificing quality, and the resulting PRP serum can be administered shortly after the initial blood sample was drawn.

When Is BioSafe PRP Not A Good Choice?

Given that the goals of a PRP treatment are ever-changing depending on how the patient initially responds to treatment, it can be difficult to settle on the “best” PRP kit to use for PRP preparation without extensive trial and error. Since PRP therapy is still a relatively new medical and aesthetic process, providers will always differ on the best ways to obtain the platelet concentration they feel is needed for the best patient outcome.

However, there is a case where getting a pure PRP sample may be out of the question: platelet rich fibrin matrix (PRFM)treatments. While similar to the PRP preparation process, PRFM often uses leukocyte and stem cell compounds to aid in the construction and efficacy of its fibrin matrix. In these cases, the design of the BioSafe PRP kit may be unsuitable for obtaining PRFM serum.

PRP providers will need to understand the minute yet crucial differences between PRP and PRFM treatments since both of them differ in their preparation. While both therapies still technically use the same tools and accessories, the methods that they use to obtain their final samples are extremely different and should be taken into account during preparation and treatment.

PEP Factor Products: The Benefits Of PRP Without The Prep

For practices that don’t want to deal with calculating baseline platelet count or other similar requirements with platelet rich plasma preparation, other similar treatments to platelet derived growth factor exist like PEP Factor products.

PEP Factor products aren’t suited for tissue repair or wound healing, but they can help make visible improvements to thinning hair and may promote skin rejuvenation when applied to the scalp. PEP factor products don’t require centrifugation, injection, or other invasive procedures. All the patient needs to do is to apply the serum regularly, and visible improvements can be seen after a week or two.

The price of PEP Factor products is more affordable than a PRP kit price, especially if a PRP centrifuge is included. As a bonus, PEP factor products synergize well with other skin rejuvenation treatments like hyaluronic acid fillers, Botox injections, and other dermal injectables for the face and skin.

Patient outcomes using PEP factor products are usually positive, especially if the patient uses them regularly. However, it’s important to remember that this treatment is best used on aesthetic conditions like thinning hair and other skin-related issues, and cannot be used in other applications of PRP therapy.

Should Practices Only Stick To One Type Of PRP Kit?

Given the variety of PRP kits available for purchase, a practice may find itself with the option of buying multiple PRP kits or sticking with just one. While there are some merits to using different PRP kits and having access to different PRP preparation methods, having a select few for PRP and other platelet rich plasma therapies is the best way to go.

One reason for this is that the difference in the preparation between different PRP kits can easily cause confusion, especially with less experienced staff who haven’t done much PRP therapy. Given the sensitivity of the PRP treatment to outside contamination, difference in preparation, and other minute details, these factors can ultimately contribute to a dip in PRP quality – and therefore negatively affect patient outcome.

Another reason to pursue a tried and tested line-up of PRP kits is that it’s easier to source them all from a certified supplier. Sourcing from different suppliers may always guarantee a practice will have PRP kits when they need them, but it can also be extremely difficult to manage the different supply chains. Dips in quality are also to be expected from different providers, and worst-case scenarios can mean defective PRP kits that cost time and wasted resources.

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High-Quality Medical Tools And Supplies From FACE Medical Supply

The BioSafe PRP Kit is an excellent aid to any practice looking for easy PRP preparation, but it can be limited with the applications for other platelet rich plasma treatments. For cases that require a different type of platelet concentrate or the presence of stem cells (like PRFM treatments) using a different PRP kit or centrifuge may work better for the patient’s outcome. While using a different PRP system may seem excessive, the ability to change the PRP procedure when needed can be an invaluable asset to practices that offer PRP treatments.

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