How to Get the Most Out of PRP Hair Treatments

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PRP injections have become a more common procedure to treat a variety of medical and cosmetic concerns, as it’s a minimally-invasive procedure that doesn’t carry risks like pain or extensive recovery after it’s been finished. It’s an extremely versatile type of treatment that’s been tapped as a potential method to deal with different types of hair loss and conditions from male-pattern baldness to androgenic alopecia. While its efficacy can vary between patients, there’s plenty of evidence that it can help with hair regrowth.

But is there a way to maximize the benefits you’d get from using PRP injection as a treatment for hair loss? Most providers and experts will generally advise that you make the healing process as easy for your body as possible, as well as other lifestyle adjustments so that your PRP injections have a less difficult time entering your body. By allowing the growth factors time and sufficient space to work with, it should be easier for your treatment to start working on your hair follicles.


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Making The Results of PRP Hair Treatment Stick Around

While the majority of the information we have on the efficacy of PRP treatments primarily comes from their effects on sports injuries, there are promising leads about their effect on growing hair. Pure platelet concentrate is made up entirely of factors that can increase wound healing and help with any tissue damage, in addition to improving blood flow and other processes that help keep your body healthy.

But if you really want to get the most out of your PRP injections, experts advise the following:

1) Avoiding Alcohol

Alcohol is perhaps one of the biggest inhibitors and stressors that you can place on your body – especially in large quantities, and even more so if you’re going through PRP treatments. We advise that you take it easy (or avoid alcohol altogether) during your PRP treatments since alcohol can potentially lower your overall platelet count.

2) Hydrate and Moisturize

While the effects of your PRP treatment happen deep within your scalp and skin, it’s also important to pay equal attention to your hair and scalp. By keeping these areas moisturized, they’re less likely to experience the strain of dry skin, which can interfere with the efficacy of your PRP injections. The healthier your scalp is, the easier it will be for your PRP treatments to start working.

3) Use Gentle Hair Products

Hair products can also play a role in how well your hair grows back. Harsh hair products and dyes can weaken your hair strands, and may even leech into your hair follicles. Using gentler hair products that still cleanse your scalp can help with the results of your PRP injections. One exception for this is medications like topical minoxidil, as PRP therapy can’t interfere with its effects.

4) Keep Up With Repeat Treatments

PRP injections don’t work overnight, and they usually require a few treatments before the effects start taking hold. If you’re scheduled for multiple PRP injections, you should always go back when your provider tells you so you can get your next application. Consistent PRP treatments allow your body to repair and rejuvenate itself faster, which can improve the outcome of your injections.

5) Make Sure Your Provider Is Updated

Finally, you should keep your provider updated about any potential procedures, lifestyle changes, and other factors that can affect your treatments. This is especially crucial if you get a condition that affects your blood or your platelet count since PRP treatments rely on a pure sample for your injections. By keeping your PRP provider in the loop, you’re able to ensure that you get the best results possible.

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Getting a platelet-rich plasma treatment for hair loss can be an effective alternative to methods like surgery or medication, but the effects can always be better with a little preparation and aftercare. Following a few simple routines and tips can greatly boost hair growth, making it an effective treatment for anyone who wants to improve their hair density.

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