What Are Good Laser Helmet Brands for Hair Growth?

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Laser therapy for scalp and hair

About 1 in 5 American adults experience hair thinning and hair loss. Both men and women experience hair loss for a number of reasons like hereditary hair loss, androgenetic alopecia, male and female pattern hair loss, and more, so it’s no surprise that many kinds of hair loss treatment are in high demand. One such product you can use at home includes laser helmets that can promote hair growth.

So what are good laser helmet brands for hair growth? Some laser helmets in the market are the LH272 Laser Hair Growth Helmet, the iRestore Laser Hair Growth System, the iGrow Laser Hair Growth Helmet, the Theradome PRO LH80 Laser Helmet, and the Lescolton Hair Growth Laser Helmet. These laser helmet brands are effective hair growth tools that can help you deal with hair loss. Below is a guide in buying your laser helmet, from prices to pros and cons, so you can get value for your money. 

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Best Laser Helmets for Hair Growth

LH272 Laser Hair Growth Helmet

Price: $595 (but get it from FACE Med Store today at $395!)

The LH272 has the power and efficiency of a clinical laser therapy unit that uses light energy to stimulate hair growth and promote hair regeneration through increased blood circulation on your scalp. Use this for up to 30 minutes every other day to improve hair thickness, growth, and strength.

The best way to know how well a unit works for hair growth is through the diode lasers. The LH272 has 272 diode lasers which maximize the amount of light and heat transferred to the average human scalp. Based on average results, it can take up to 26 treatments to stop further hair loss and around 52 treatments to see visible hair growth.

Same power of a clinic therapy unit for less. It retails for $595 but is currently on sale at FACE Med Store for $395. In comparison, you’re getting a laser helmet with 272 diode lasers, while the iRestore Laser Hair Growth System’s professional counterpart with 282 diode lasers costs $995.Cordless and rechargeable. Allows you to go about your daily activities at home while receiving treatment.  Basic unit. Aside from its cordless features, this unit doesn’t have additional features that can increase comfort during the treatment.No warranty. Other brands offer money back guarantees in case their product doesn’t have visible results after 6 months of treatment.  

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

Price: $545

A best-selling laser therapy device on Amazon, the iRestore ID-500 has 51 medical-grade lasers (laser light that supports low-level laser therapy) and LEDs. It’s available on Amazon at $545, but it’s available with an extra battery pack at $595 and its high-end professional version (with 282 medical-grade laser diodes and LEDs) at $995.

Expect visible results such as healthy hair growth and fuller hair within 6 months or less with this unit with regular use every other day at 30 to 60 minute sessions. Use with other topical treatments, hair growth supplements, and hair growth products. 

6-month money back guarantee. The manufacturer guarantees results within 3 to 6 months, or else users can get their money back minus a 10 percent restocking fee.Easy-to-use features. It includes a timer display and simple buttons to start, pause, and resume your session. On top of this, the iRestore laser helmet is hands-free and easy to use, providing more coverage conveniently.  Battery pack sold separately. The iRestore Essential needs to be plugged in for treatment, limiting your movement during the procedure. If you want the same model that can use rechargeable batteries, it costs an extra $50.Fewer diode lasers than the LH272. It’s more expensive than the LH272’s discounted price at FACE Med Store but has only a fraction of diode lasers to promote blood flow and metabolism.


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iGrow Laser Hair Growth Helmet

Price: $449.99

iGrow has created a proprietary low-level light therapy to create a unique laser helmet that combines effective laser hair growth treatment with comfort. It uses both laser and LED light sources to stimulate hair growth. It’s also equipped with built-in adjustable headphones, four moveable columns, and rotating weight distribution.

Use the iGrow Laser Helmet every other day for 25 minutes and see stronger and thicker hair density within 4 to 6 months. Comes with a 6-month money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty. 

Built-in headphones. Offers a unique feature of built-in headphones allowing you to listen to music or watch TV while receiving treatment.One size fits most. The iGrow Laser Helmet has adjustable headphones and columns, allowing multiple users to experience a perfect fit and get maximum coverage for each treatment.No battery pack. The unit needs to be plugged-in before it can work. However, it comes in dual-voltage for worldwide use, as well as outlet adapters to fit various types of outlets.Negative reviews on Amazon. Unlike other laser helmets on Amazon, the iGrow Laser Helmet received several negative reviews about its efficacy.

Theradome PRO LH80 Laser Helmet

Price: $895

Theradome offers two laser helmets for hair growth: the Theradome PRO LH80 and the Theradome EVO LH40. The higher-end version of the two, the PRO LH80 comes with 80 medical-grade lasers that emit premium high energy density. The lightweight unit is wireless and portable, allowing you the freedom to move around while getting your 20 minutes of treatment twice per week. It can take up to six months to see a development from reducing thinning hair to an increase in hair growth, stronger hair. 

Lower recommended treatment time. While other units require around 30 to 60 minutes’ use every other day, the Theradome PRO can show results to stop hair thinning with 20 minutes per treatment session twice a week.Supposedly the most powerful laser. Theradome uses a vL680 laser diode, which is said to provide more focused light energy and deep penetration on a cellular level to stimulate hair follicles more effectively than low-level laser therapy and LEDs.Replacement batteries are only available in the United States. International buyers should choose other laser helmet units to purchase if you’re considering after-sales products and services.Not built for comfort. Theradome’s features focus more on function than comfort. Users will have to add their own Velcro sticker and foam pads inside their helmets for a more comfortable fit.

Lescolton Hair Growth Laser Helmets

Price: $534

Lescolton’s Hair Growth System claims it can wake up your hair follicles after 15 treatments, prevent hair loss after 28 treatments, and promote hair regrowth after 45 treatments. This is all thanks to the 30 low-level laser therapy low-energy red light that stimulates hair follicles and the 26 LED infrared lights that nourish the scalp.

The built-in modes make this a very simple and convenient unit to use. Simply plug in the unit’s power cord, wear the unit, select the mode of treatment you want the helmet to focus on, and wait for the treatment to stop. Lescolton recommends using the unit daily for 25 minutes – the unit automatically turns the unit off after 25 minutes.   

Comes in four modes. The Lescolton laser helmet unit offers four modes of laser hair treatment:Users with advanced hair lossUsers with severe hair loss in the middle area of their headUsers with male-pattern baldnessA general model for hair loss prevention, postpartum hair loss, and hair roots reinforcement.This can be beneficial if your hair loss falls under one of these categories or you’re in one of the stages of hair loss for a specific condition.Shorter time to see results. Lescolton claims that most of their patients see results after three or four months, much shorter than the claims made by other unit manufacturers that require up to six months to stimulate and germinate dormant hair follicles.Fewer comfort features. Aside from the built-in silicone pads and lightweight ergonomic design, there isn’t much to assist in comfort during the treatment.Limited to 25 minutes per day. Other units have a recommended time, though generally, users can wear a laser helmet for up to an hour. The Lescolton, however, shuts off automatically after 25 minutes.

What to Look For in a Laser Helmet

Woman serious hair loss problem

There are many factors to consider when buying a laser helmet. Although price can be a big factor, it shouldn’t be the only thing you base your buying decision on. Cheaper laser helmets are not necessarily lower-quality while the most expensive ones are the most effective. Instead, consider the price and all these other factors.

  • Lasers. Diode lasers and medical-grade lasers play a huge part in hair growth. If you’re looking for faster, better results, it’s best to get units with more diodes.
  • Time. Don’t trust units that claim to offer instant results. It takes continuous use and multiple treatments just to reduce hair shedding, and then almost twice as many treatments to see an improvement in hair growth.
  • Type of laser hair growth devices. There are benefits to laser helmets, but have you also considered other devices for hair growth like laser caps for hair loss and laser combs? There are advantages and unique features to each type when it comes to hair growth, so see which one best suits your lifestyle and needs.
    • Laser hair growth caps are portable and lightweight. Laser hair caps are designed for outdoor use, as from the outside it looks like any ordinary cap that won’t attract attention from unsuspecting bystanders. This allows users to conceal their hair loss while also stimulating their scalp while on the go.
    • Laser helmets have better scalp coverage and cover the entire scalp, compared to laser caps that only cover the upper part of the scalp. Because of their size and bulkiness, they’re better used at home (though some aesthetic centers and practices may also carry these). However, these can be lightweight and ergonomic, which can provide a comfortable experience at home.
    • Laser combs are the more labor-intensive choice for users since this requires you to brush repetitively over your scalp. This can be tiring compared to a cap or helmet, but they’re the ideal choice if you want to focus on one particular area and want better access to your scalp tissue.  
  • Additional features. Prices can range because of features like adjustable sizes, customizable headphones, and more, but try to determine if you really need these features. For example, if you’re willing to dedicate half an hour of your day to treatment, you don’t really need the battery pack upgrade. But if you want to use this while doing daily tasks around your home, the battery pack will allow you more movement.

The Best Laser Helmet Brands at FACE Med Store


Laser helmets are a safe choice for treating hair loss for both men and women. But while some may choose laser helmets for their hair, others may also  consider other laser hair growth devices that may be better suited for them.Whichever you choose, these products are safer and less invasive options than cosmetic treatments for hair loss like getting a hair transplant.

FACE Med Store offers the best laser helmets and other medical devices and supplies for health and wellness. Our online shop offers quality products and competitive prices for medical practices, aesthetic centers, and everyday users. Explore your options for hair loss treatment via our website or contact us to know more about our products. 

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