Mesotherapy vs PRP For Hair: Which One Should You Use?

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Hair restoration methods have come a long way since the simple use of hair care products – people now have more options to consider for treating hair loss. Not only improving hair counts, these procedures also help with hair density, hair resilience, and scalp health overall. While surgical methods like hair transplant can bring you good results, some patients prefer a more non-invasive treatment for hair loss like mesotherapy or PRP injections.

But what’s the better choice between mesotherapy or PRP for hair? While both are effective treatments for helping you experience hair growth, experts will usually suggest going through PRP hair loss treatments if you have the option to choose. This isn’t to say that mesotherapy won’t get you results: but for long-term, more comprehensive improvements, platelet-rich plasma injections may work better for patients.

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Mesotherapy vs PRP

On the surface, mesotherapy and PRP treatments seem very much alike. Both are injection treatments that have beneficial effects for patients with hair growth – similarly non-invasive and don’t penetrate more than the top layer of the skin. However, these treatments have one very crucial difference: what’s injected into your skin.


You can think of mesotherapy as a combination of different treatments: dermal needling, nutrient infusion, and scalp injections. The goal of mesotherapy is to use micro-injections of different products, chemicals, or compounds for various beneficial effects on the body.

As a hair growth solution, mesotherapy is often used to treat conditions like androgenic alopecia, androgenetic alopecia, and other types of hair loss. By improving blood circulation and preventing excess inflammation, it aims to revitalize dormant hair follicles and prevent future hair loss.

There are three components in standard mesotherapy treatment for hair growth:

  • Injections: these injections may contain a mix of essential nutrients, products like minoxidil, and other growth factors
  • Dermal needling: using either a microneedling pen or derma roller, tiny micro-abrasions are made in the scalp as a spot treatment on bald patches
  • Topical applications: topical serums and products like minoxidil can also be applied to the hair after needling, either to boost results or to speed up the healing response 

These two components are crucial for mesotherapy since they essentially enhance each other’s effects. Dermal needling opens channels for topical applications and products to easily penetrate the skin, which makes them work more efficiently. Injection treatments can then take up most of the work for improving the skin long-term.

Overall, you need a very specific selection of different procedures and products to make a successful mesotherapy treatment. It’s a method that relies on using the best combination of treatments in a single session, potentially boosting their effects.

PRP Injections

Platelet-rich plasma injections are fairly straightforward: taking a blood sample from your system, processing it till only a pure platelet solution remains, then injecting it right back into your scalp. It’s a safe procedure that has reasonable efficacy against alopecia and other forms of hair loss.

By injecting a platelet-rich plasma concentrate into the treated area, your scalp can benefit from the tissue repair and wound healing response from the higher concentration of platelets. It can boost the health of your natural hair, increase your hair volume, and revitalize the skin with its epidermal growth factor.

There are 3 main benefits to using PRP treatments for hair loss applications:

  • More comprehensive improvements in skin and hair
  • A high degree of biocompatibility with its patients
  • Little to no side effects or complications because of the treatment

These 3 benefits are what make PRP treatments one of the easier hair loss treatments that patients can go through since it has wide inclusion criteria so almost all patients can get the treatment. With high platelet concentrations, the improvement you’ll get will be far more efficient long term.

Overall, platelet-rich plasma treatments are effective at harnessing your body’s own tissue repair and regrowth response to regrow hair. Because of the variety of injection sites in the scalp regions, it’s also an extremely versatile treatment that can help with short and long-term hair regrowth.


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Why Choose PRP Treatment Over Mesotherapy?

Given that these two treatments have sufficient evidence to show that their success rate is applicable for hair regrowth, why use PRP over a mesotherapy procedure? Here are a few reasons why:

Less Invasive on The Skin

PRP injections are mostly centered around injection treatments, which contrast with mesotherapy injections and dermal needling. While it’s true that the specifics of mesotherapy procedures largely depend on the provider’s preference, PRP injections overall are far less invasive on the skin for patients.

All you need is a blood sample that’s processed and injected back into your system, which can be distributed over a few weeks to a few months. Less invasive procedures mean that you don’t need too much downtime after your treatment, allowing you to resume your normal activities soon after your procedure is done.

Fewer Complex Treatments

Mesotherapy will often require a mixture of different skin rejuvenation treatments and products, which can increase the strain that your skin will have to experience during treatment. Some parts of mesotherapy treatment (like dermal needling) rely on physical changes, but the majority of the initial phase will depend greatly on the concentration of ingredients used in your procedure.

In comparison, PRP treatments only need your processed blood sample for its main ingredient, with some added compounds depending on your discussions with your provider. This means that you don’t have to worry about unintended interactions from your PRP treatments, which can be used if you’re on other hair loss treatments or products.

Less Risk of Side Effects

Because mesotherapy usually opens up the surface layer of the skin for better absorption of products like topical minoxidil, there are some major side effects that patients can experience if they aren’t careful. Infection, inflammation, and prolonged swelling are all common side effects of mesotherapy. 

Even if it’s a non-surgical option, the strain on your skin can be much greater compared to simple PRP injections. This isn’t even taking into account the products used in your treatment, which may react negatively with your skin.

PRP treatments are fully biocompatible with your own body since the primary ingredients are taken from your own cells. This means there’s less likelihood of your body rejecting the treatment, and you’ll be able to go about your daily life without having to worry about side effects. As a spot treatment, it can work on any region of your scalp without the risk of major side effects.

Less Strain Required From The Patient

Mesotherapy treatments for hair growth don’t penetrate deeply into the skin, but the different products and the procedures needed for better results can often put a strain on the patient’s skin. 

Aside from the need for an extended recovery time, patients undergoing mesotherapy may need extensive aftercare if they have a negative reaction to any of the ingredients used in the mesotherapy injections.

In contrast, patients undergoing PRP treatment can simply leave their blood sample up to their provider to process and inject into your system. Patients don’t need to go through too much strain with their initial treatments, and any maintenance treatments are similarly non-invasive.

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Mesotherapy and platelet-rich plasma treatments have more or less the same effects on your hair – they help improve hair health and encourage hair growth. But for those who are looking for more comprehensive skin revitalization aside from hair growth should definitely consider PRP treatments. As a non-invasive alternative to a surgical procedure, PRP injections can help you get the hair regrowth that you’ve been looking for.

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