When Is It Safe to Dye My Hair After PRP Treatments?

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PRP injections for hair restoration have seen a steady rise in users, especially since it’s a non-invasive treatment for hair loss. This opens up the possibility of using other hair treatments to revitalize your hair since the effects of platelet-rich plasma treatment don’t really interfere with the vast majority of medical and cosmetic treatments. One such avenue that patients are looking to take advantage of is the application of cosmetics and other similar products to their hair after PRP treatments, especially hair dye.

But how long after your PRP treatments should you wait before dyeing your hair? While the exact date will depend on a few factors (and the judgment of your provider) most experts generally agree that waiting for 3 days to an entire week is safe enough for hair dye application. Once your skin and hair have recovered from the PRP injection, resuming your normal activities – including hair coloring – should pose no problems for your hair growth results.

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Why Wait After PRP Treatments To Dye Your Hair

Given that all that’s needed for PRP treatments is a blood sample, why can’t you schedule a hair dye session immediately after your PRP appointment? Here are some reasons that providers give:

To Give Your Skin Time To Recover

The first reason why providers would usually recommend some downtime from PRP treatments to hair dyeing is that while it’s a non-invasive treatment, PRP injections still take some toll on the skin. Injection treatments can leave microscopic wounds and tears on the scalp, and your skin may be swollen or sensitive for a while after your treatments.

This can be an issue since hair dyeing can sometimes be harsh on your skin, depending on the treatment that you’re looking for and the color that you want to get for your hair. The micro-wounds caused by PRP treatments can be easy entry points beneath your dermal layer – where compounds like hair dye, bleach, and other products can irritate your skin.

The complications from this type of event aren’t usually that serious, but providers want your skin to be in the best possible state before going through something like a hair dye treatment. Healthier skin is more likely to be resilient against the strain of hair dyeing, and your hair strands will already start to benefit from the additional healing from platelet-rich plasma treatments.

To Check The Hair Dye That You’re Using

Another reason is that providers may want to check what type of hair dye you’re using before giving you the go-ahead to dye your hair. Given that there are so many different brands of hair dye on the market (each with its own specific formulations) your PRP provider would want to make sure that your hair dye doesn’t make your hair fall worse.

Some specific preparations for hair dye can also be a concern: bleaching can drastically weaken your hair strands and may cause your hair follicles to grow into brittle hair over time. That isn’t to say that cosmetic procedures like these can no longer be used by PRP patients – it’s just that your provider should also have a say in what procedure will work best for your hair.

This is particularly important if you’re also using any other hair loss treatment with your PRP injections. The more chemicals that you mix on your scalp, the higher the possibility that adverse side effects may occur. Negative side effects or interactions because of chemical mixing can leave your hair in a worse state compared to when you began your platelet-rich plasma therapy.


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To Prevent Any Interactions With Any Side Effects

While you can resume your daily activities after PRP injections for hair loss, it’s not a guarantee that you won’t experience any side effects at all after your treatment. If you have sensitive skin, pre-existing conditions, or other possible reasons to react poorly to PRP injection treatments, you will experience some side effects as you recover.

Some of these, like swelling and/or inflammation, can be worse in some patients compared to others. Fortunately, since PRP treatments are non-invasive and require no cuts or incisions, they’re fairly easy to recover from. Note that your PRP provider will still advise that you refrain from putting your skin and hair under any more strain, especially if you’re experiencing any of these side effects.

Because the process in how PRP works for hair treatment – and overall, its efficacy and results – vary from patient to patient, providers will often recommend that you wait before doing anything that may trigger or make any existing side effects that you’ll experience worse.

Why Isn’t There A Specific Waiting Period?

Given that you need to wait after your PRP treatments, some may be asking why there’s such a huge disparity in how long they should wait between providers. There are a few reasons why this could be the case:

  • Providers are not made aware of their patient’s plans for hair dyeing, so they recommend waiting longer
  • Patients have pre-existing conditions that can affect how fast their body heals from PRP treatment
  • The patient has shown limited improvement in their PRP treatments so far
  • The PRP treatment they got was their initial treatment and they need longer to recover from it

Overall, the non-surgical nature of PRP treatments ensures that you don’t have to wait too long to get your hair in your favorite color after your injections. But for the best results, you should wait until your skin and hair are ready for it.

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For most PRP providers, it’s usually safe to dye your hair a few days to a week after your treatment. Giving your scalp enough time to recover from PRP treatments will definitely . Because it’s a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure, you can easily resume your normal activities after platelet-rich plasma treatments. Once the healing process is done and the effects of the injection have worn off, it should be safe enough to apply products like hair dye.

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