How To Make A Hair Mask With Collagen Peptides

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A good collagen hair mask treatment can do many wonders for your hair whenever it feels dry or damaged. Similar to how it provides anti-aging benefits and improvements in skin appearance, the amino acids in collagen can also help promote better scalp health and stronger hair regrowth. Collagen peptides are the most common form of this protein and it is widely used as an ingredient for natural hair care.

So how do you use collagen peptides for a hair mask? You can easily add collagen powder products into any DIY hair mask recipe. Some of the best natural ingredients which you can use along with collagen to create your own hair treatment are coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, banana, and honey.


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How To Use DIY Collagen Peptides for Hair Mask At Home 

Shampoos and conditioners may not always be enough to maintain naturally lustrous and healthy hair. Many beauty experts are singing praises about collagen peptides as a hair growth supplement for their hair thinning and dry hair problems. One easy way to use collagen peptides for restoring scalp health and strengthening the strands is by a hair mask.

​​A hair mask is a treatment that’s rich in essential oils and other hydrating ingredients that can repair hair damage, dryness, and breakage like split ends. They may also improve hair loss by strengthening hair follicles and supporting healthy hair growth. 

To create a collagen hair mask, you’ll naturally need collagen peptides or collagen hydrolysate which usually comes in the form of powder. You will also need to prepare your carrier oils that will moisturize and condition your scalp and hair. Once all ingredients are ready, you simply need to follow these easy instructions for collagen hair masks for preparation and application:

  • Put a tablespoon of chosen essential oil or carrier oil and a scoop of collagen powder in a bowl 
  • Thoroughly combine the ingredients to create a mixture that you can apply to your hair 
  • Apply collagen hair mask on wet or damp hair so you can use them after shampooing
  • Massage it onto your hair and apply them up to the tips of your strands to ensure that collagen is absorbed by the scalp and hair follicles
  • Leave the hair mask for 10 to 15 minutes before washing off with warm water 

What Ingredients Go Best With A Collagen Peptide Hair Mask

The best thing about hair masks is that they’re highly customizable. Although collagen in itself is an amazing component for nourishing the scalp, improving hair volume, and combating hair loss, you can also add other food ingredients like banana, honey, and oils like coconut oil, jojoba oil, and olive oil to get more hair benefits.

1) Banana 

This fruit contains a high amount of silica which can help increase your body’s collagen production and improve hair health in turn. Adding mashed bananas to your hair mask mixture may help soften your hair texture as well as improve dryness, lessen dandruff, and protect against oxidative stress which may cause damage to hair follicles and lead to premature hair aging. 

2) Honey 

This ingredient is known for its antioxidant properties which help improve natural moisture levels of the scalp. Collagen hair masks with honey may help make your hair shiny and hydrate scalp skin to prevent loss and breakage of hair. 

3) Coconut Oil 

One of the most popular natural hair oils for hair growth is coconut oil. When infused with collagen peptides for a hair mask, it can help enhance its scalp rejuvenating effects. Coconut oil absorbs into the hair better than any other oils, which means it may be able to penetrate deeply to the follicles to grow stronger hair. 

4) Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is packed with numerous vitamins and minerals such as zinc, copper, and vitamin B which are vital for improving hair thickness. As a hair mask, jojoba oil provides moisture to fight against scalp irritation and dryness. It’s also said to contain antioxidants that protect against hair damage and prevent the breakdown of collagen. 

5) Olive Oil 

Another ingredient that works well with collagen peptide hair masks is olive oil. It acts as a good emollient that can improve hair texture. To get the most of its benefits, make sure to massage the scalp after applying the hair masks so it can also deeply nourish damaged hair and strengthen the follicles.


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Why You Should Try A Collagen Mask For Hair 

Collagen peptides are popularly used for hair masking because they’re easy to incorporate into your hair care routine. It also offers many benefits for enriching your scalp and hair health such as:

  • Improves elasticity of the scalp skin to make hair smoother and strengthen follicles to prevent hair loss 
  • Helps delay the signs of hair aging like thinning and gray hair
  • Provides antioxidants to protect hair from sun damage and other free radicals
  • Contains numerous amino acids to help build keratin for hair regrowth
  • Helps replenish the body’s natural collagen supply by stimulating the fibroblasts 

Other Ways To Increase Collagen For Your Hair 

In addition to using a hair collagen mask, there are other natural ways that can help promote improved hair health. Consuming collagen-rich foods like fish, chicken, bone broth, and fruits and vegetables are excellent sources that can restore healthy levels of collagen for hair growth. Hair growth supplements like vitamins C, E, zinc, and copper also support natural collagen production and repair scalp and hair follicle damage. 

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