What Are The Benefits of PRP Hair Growth for Men?

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Men are far more prone to male pattern baldness (or androgenetic alopecia) than women are to female pattern hair loss. However, the access that men have to hair treatment options and hair regrowth products may seem a bit lacking compared to female patients. Fortunately, scalp treatments like platelet-rich plasma injections have made hair treatment far more feasible for men, especially when other treatments for hair loss may have failed them.

But what are the specific benefits of PRP hair growth for men? So far, there hasn’t been any particular reason why PRP hair growth treatments work better for men compared to women. The current studies that we have on PRP hair growth all point to successful results for men who are suffering from different types of hair loss, and this may indicate that PRP treatments can be more effective when other methods like topical medication have failed.

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Why Men Should Consider PRP Treatments for Hair Growth

For most male patients, the only options they usually have for hair growth treatments are topical minoxidil (Rogaine), oral finasteride (Propecia), or to get more time-consuming options like hair transplantation surgery. A PRP scalp injection can be a welcome alternative, though it can also work with other types of hair loss treatment.

It’s Non-invasive

By far one of the most important benefits that men may get from PRP injections is that it’s a non-invasive technique – which means no cuts, no scalpels, and no grafting is required. This is an excellent solution for patients who have already gone through more invasive treatments with little success or are looking for gentler options to support their primary hair treatment options.

This is what a male patient can expect with PRP therapy for hair loss:

  • An initial withdrawal of blood from the body (usually around the arm)
  • A blood sample is processed and a pure platelet concentrate is extracted
  • The serum is injected back into the body at regular intervals
  • Spot treatment continues until the entire platelet-rich plasma solution has been administered
  • The wound healing process begins and hair starts to grow back

With a simple yet effective procedure, all patients need to do is to ensure that their blood can provide the adequate concentration of platelets needed for the initial treatment. This can be done with a comprehensive analysis and consultation with their provider, alongside in-depth laboratory screenings.

As one of the non-invasive options for hair loss, this also ensures that PRP treatments can work with other hair loss treatments without interfering with their effects. However, this should only be done with the recommendation of a trained and licensed expert.

It Requires Minimal Downtime

Without the need for cuts or incisions, PRP treatments require almost minimal to no downtime at any time during the treatment. Unless you’re one of the patients who have sensitive skin, you can resume your normal activities almost immediately after your treatments. While there may be some considerations your provider may warn you about, they’re not considerable enough to cause you to worry.

Some reminders that you need to follow before and after PRP treatments include

  • Abstaining from alcohol, tobacco, and other substances that can strain the skin
  • Avoiding hair coloring, hair dye, and harsh hair products that can affect your hair
  • Not using NSAIDs or other medications that dilate the blood vessels in your body
  • Going through routine blood testing before your treatment to clear you of pre-existing conditions
  • Not applying pressure on the injected area on your scalp soon after treatment

Minimal downtime also means that all patients have to do is go to their provider’s office, get their injections, and leave – all within a single afternoon of treatment. For men who may need to fit these injections into a busy schedule, the quick nature of PRP treatments can allow them to pursue their normal daily routine while still enjoying the effective treatment.

Any aftercare required from PRP treatments can be resolved with topical ointments, at-home remedies like a warm shower, or even some medications. For more information on the aftercare to expect after PRP hair restoration, consult your provider.


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It Has Minimal To No Side Effects

As a non-surgical treatment, there are minimal side effects to PRP treatments for hair growth. There’s no risk of injury to nerves or any extended bleeding, and the platelet-rich plasma treatment itself can contribute to the role of healing your scalp from the procedure. 

Aside from a shorter recovery period, this also means that any side effects you may experience from the treatment will be minimal. Some of the side effects you may have include:

  • Swelling or inflammation around the injection site
  • Tenderness or sensitive scalp a day or two after treatment
  • Some discomfort around the injection for a week or so
  • Mild bruising, skin discoloration, and bleeding (for patients with sensitive skin)

All of these side effects are usually your body’s reaction to the injection treatment itself, not to the platelet concentrations in your body. Because of the high biocompatibility your system has with PRP treatments, it’s unlikely to cause any side effects short or long-term.

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Platelet-rich plasma treatments can have beneficial effects for both men and women, but men in particular can benefit from scalp injections since they may be more prone to conditions like hair loss. While the overall goal of PRP injections for hair loss is that they can benefit almost all patients, men who haven’t experienced much improvement from other hair loss treatments can get the most out of PRP treatments.

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