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Collagen supplements have gained popularity due to their supposed anti-aging benefits through improving skin health and skin elasticity. Included in the most popular products currently available in the market are collagen capsules and collagen powder. Questions about collagen supplements arise, and this includes what collagen supplement is the best out there.

So what’s the best collagen peptides powder? The best hydrolyzed collagen peptides powder is chosen based on factors such as collagen quality and collagen sources, among others. People also have different preferences – some  prefer their collagen according to flavor, variety, or budget.


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Factors In Choosing The Best Collagen Peptides Powder

Certain factors must be taken into account when choosing the best collagen peptides powder. Product review must not be based on gut feeling alone, especially when choosing a product that is supposedly used to bring health benefits.

Among the review details used in choosing the best collagen peptides powder include collagen quality, collagen sources, honest advertised benefits, price and value, types of collagen, complementary ingredients, flavor, mixability, and texture, and manufacturer reputation.

1) Collagen Quality

Although the same brands may contain the same grams of collagen, they may still not be equal in terms of collagen quality. Remember that collagen supplements contain peptides, which are the smaller units of proteins, and these are sourced differently depending on the treatment done. 

Some peptides contained in the collagen supplement may be more easily absorbed than others, which is a good indicator of the quality type of collagen contained in the collagen peptide supplement.

2) Collagen Sources

The known sources of collagen vary, and these include an animal source such as bovine collagen (may be extracted through bone broth of, preferably, grass-fed cows) and chicken sources (may be extracted from chicken sternal cartilage), and a marine source (may be extracted from jellyfish, wild fish, or fish scales through chemical methods) such as that in marine collagen peptides. 

Although there isn’t much of an issue regarding which collagen source the popular supplements came from, clean-sourced collagens are still important to indicate that the supplement is of high quality.

3) Honest Advertised Benefits

While it’s true that collagen supplements are promising in terms of anti-aging effects, clinical trials are still ongoing for these supplements and are yet to undergo FDA-approved research. The efficacy of these products is yet to be ascertained, and the products of collagen supplement companies that tend to exaggerate the benefits must be avoided.

4) Price And Value

Cheap oral collagen peptide supplementation doesn’t have to mean that collagen quality is compromised. You may still get budget-friendly collagen formula but still with good ingredients that can provide you with enough amounts of collagen per day.

5) Type Of Collagen

The collagen matrix of our bodies mostly contains types I, II, and III collagen necessary for many types of protein present in our bodies. Optimized collagen supplements best contain these types of collagen. 

Some of the most popular collagen supplements contain other types of collagen for additional benefits, but high levels of the said types prevalent in our body composition are enough to say that the collagen product is of high quality.

6) Complementary Ingredients

Vitamin C is a cofactor necessary for collagen synthesis. Some collagen complex products contain this vitamin along with other added ingredients such as hyaluronic acid for more optimum daily collagen biosynthesis. 

Some may also have other plant-based ingredients and Reishi mushrooms in their ingredient list which have known antioxidant properties. Gluten-free collagen supplements and those with a good amino acid profile are also good to consider.

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7) Flavor

Unflavored powders are usually the best choice when it comes to collagen supplementation since you’re sure that there aren’t other additional ingredients that may pose harm to your health. 

However, should you choose collagen supplements with added flavors, just make sure that they’re not artificial flavors and are food-grade, such as food chocolate collagen. Make sure that artificial colors aren’t present in the collagen formula.

8) Mixability and Texture

Collagen supplements may be complemented with your favorite beverage such as morning coffee for a morning boost, so it’s best to choose those that don’t clump when mixed and have a smooth and fine texture.

9) Manufacturer Reputation

Collagen supplement companies who have already established their names on being manufacturers of high-quality collagen supplements are already trusted in their craft. As such, their names should be highly considered when choosing the best because they’ve already proven their reputations in collagen supplement manufacture.

10) Formulated By A Licensed Healthcare Provider

Not all collagen supplements are formulated by healthcare practitioners; some may have been made by marketing teams alone. It’s best to go for collagen supplements made by healthcare professionals as they’re the experts in how the human body works.

11) Refund Policy

A company that stands by its refund policy is a good indicator that they’re confident about the quality of their product. As consumers, it’s also good if the product’s refundable because you can return the product with your money back should you not like it at all.

Best Collagen Supplements

Collagen protein powders and their additional ingredients are formulated differently, and these may affect the effectiveness of these supplements in reaching your desired results. Choosing the best multi-collagen supplement must then be tailor-fitted according to your needs. Some of the best collagen supplements in the market include:

  • BioTrust Ageless Multi-Collagen Protein Powder – This product is an unflavored powder that’s easy to mix and blends well with your favorite drinks. It also contains multiple types of collagen that are easy to absorb and digest.
  • Organixx Clean Sourced Collagens – Formulated with the help of the naturopathic physician, Dr. Melissa Gallagher, this product guarantees its high-quality and multiple types of collagen content. They also complement their products with vitamin C, which is the cofactor needed for collagen biosynthesis. The product also boasts of its good reviews and 15% discount.
  • Live Conscious Collagen Peptides – The product prides itself on its high-quality collagen sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine, which they raised without the use of hormones and GMOs. Aside from its types I and III collagen content, it also contains 19 amino acids that are easily absorbed and distributed throughout the body.
  • VitaPost Collagen Complex – This product ensures that it’s a good abundant protein source because of its easily absorbed and easily digested peptides from hydrolyzed collagen. Their products also contain types I, II, and III collagen. 
  • Essential Elements Collagen Peptides – Every scoop from this product is a good source of protein and calcium, without fat and cholesterol content. Aside from its easily absorbable collagen sourced from grass-fed and hormone-free bovine, it also contains essential amino acids that the body needs to function and can only obtain from the diet.
  • Vital Proteins Collagen – This product doesn’t have added sugars that may be damaging to the body’s existing collagen matrix and may be contributory to bringing unwanted fats to the body. It’s paleo-friendly, gluten-free, and dairy-free. It also comes with additional ingredients such as hyaluronic acid which is another component of the joints and also vitamin C cofactor. 
  • Bubs Naturals Collagen Protein Powder – This product is a self-proclaimed “best collagen on the planet” because it’s one of the few products that are NSF Certified for Sport. This certification ensures the safety of the products, especially to athletes, because it doesn’t contain ingredients that are banned by the NSF.
  • Everbella Micelle Liposomal Complete Collagen + – This product has a unique caramel flavor and is packed with additional ingredients aside from collagen, namely MCT, omega 3 (an essential fatty acid that the body can’t synthesize on its own), and vitamin E (an antioxidant). It also comes as a liposomal liquid that’s added to your drink for beneficial effects.
  • Prime Health Daily Collagen – Prime Health Daily is a leading producer of food supplements, which makes it a reputable manufacturer of high-quality collagen supplements. Its unflavored formula is made of types I, II, and III collagen and is easy to mix with your beverage of choice. 
  • Orgain Collagen Peptides – Orgain is another popular brand in the food supplement industry. It’s unflavored and smooth and is keto-friendly due to the addition of MCT oil powder.


Provide patients with the highest-quality hyaluronic acid serum for microneedling and normal topical use. Checkout today to get 20% off your first order.

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Benefits Of Collagen Supplements

The presumed health effects of collagen powder stem from the fact that they’re able to provide essential amino acids that can further be used to produce vital proteins that in turn can support the natural production of collagen. Benefits of collagen supplements include:

  • Helps Replace The Lost Collagen Due To Aging – Collagen synthesis is impaired as we age, manifested in the signs of aging associated with decreased natural collagen levels. Collagen supplementation helps replace the collagen that’s lost because of decreased collagen production, bringing in significant improvements, especially with regards to anti-aging effects.
  • Acts As An Abundant Protein Source – Collagen supplements are usually hydrolyzed and formulated to be easily absorbable and digestible. This then makes it a good and easily acquirable alternative protein source.
  • Improves Skin Elasticity – Collagen is a component of the connective tissue that supports and strengthens skin. As a result, it helps you maintain your youthful appearance by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines due to improved skin tightness and elasticity.
  • Helps Maintain Healthy Joints – Since collagen is also a component of joints, collagen supplementation provides an additional building block for the formation of joints. It also helps in the healing process, should the joints experience wear and tear due to age-related joint disorders.
  • Helps Promote A Healthy Digestive Tract – Collagen forms part of your intestinal wall and other parts of the gastrointestinal tract so supplementation of collagen helps the repair of these organs. Supplementation also has promising benefits for inflammatory bowel disease, which is known to have decreased serum levels of type IV collagen.

Safety Of Collagen Supplements

Because the human body has a way of natural collagen production, bioactive collagen peptides are not really that foreign when taken by the body. So are collagen supplements safe? In an otherwise healthy adult, taking collagen supplements is generally safe for all and produces only mild side effects such as rashes, diarrhea, and bloating. 

Note that as with other supplementation, taking collagen supplements must be taken with advice from healthcare professionals when you have an existing condition.

PEP Factor: A High-Quality Source Of Nourishing Products 

Collagen supplementation has diverse and powerful effects such as joint pain relief and improvement in the appearance of wrinkles for a youthful appearance. It doesn’t have life-threatening side effects and is generally safe for consumption. With the wide array of collagen products available in the market, however, careful considerations must be done to choose the best collagen peptides powder.

You don’t have to overwhelm yourself in choosing what the best product is with FACE Med Store’s PEP Factor, as it’s the best product with many applications. It’s a high-quality product that includes in its ingredient list the basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF), known to stimulate cell growth and proliferation, and copper peptide, which is known to have antioxidant properties. It’s a ready-made formulation that also contains other natural and nourishing ingredients. 

PEP Factor offers the benefits of having radiant skin and healthier hair growth through its ingredients mentioned above. It also gives the advantage of having minimal side effects due to its topical application, in contrast to oral supplementation of dietary supplements. It may also be safely complemented with other treatment modalities to maximize its benefits, such as microneedling.

The Best Beauty Supplies and Medical Products at FACE Med Store

Potential benefits in the human body of the daily dose of collagen supplements include healthy skin, healthy hair, and improved joint health. In this regard, the best collagen peptides powder are those that can help its consumer achieve their desired benefits cost-effectively and with minimal side effects.

At FACE Med Store, we only offer the best medical products that can bring significant improvements in the health of our clients. We also strive to be transparent with product information to help our clients choose the best product applicable to their needs. Get the best beauty and medical products at reasonable prices by contacting us at (800) 770-9083 or browsing through our online shop.

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