How Does a Penis Pump Work?

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Erectile dysfunction treatment isn’t always done through medication, intravenous therapy, or surgical methods. There are mechanical devices that may also be helpful to treat ED, such as a penis pump. Regarded as one of the safest ED treatments, a penis pump is a vacuum pumping device that draws blood into the penis to induce an erection.

So how does a penis pump work? A penis pump uses suction technology through air or water to increase blood flow into the blood vessels in your penis, resulting in a big and hard erection. Understanding how a penis pump works and how to use it correctly is essential to ensure the safety and effectiveness of using it.

How a Penis Pump Works

Penis pumps are pumping devices that use vacuum through air or water to draw blood into your penile area, resulting in a swelling effect that makes the penis erect. There are different kinds of penis pumps, it can be manual or battery-operated, or it can also use an air vacuum or hydro-vacuum technology.

Erections induced by ED pumps are temporary. While penis pumps that use water (i.e, hydro pumps) claim that it can form and sustain an erection for 12 hours, regular air pumps usually need a constriction ring to hold the erection. Air pumps usually require the user to re-pump if they want to have another session of a sexual activity.

Since air pumps only use hollow air for vacuum therapy, it also requires the application of a lube to prevent any untoward injuries to the penis. Both air and water pumps are equally effective and risky, so the correct usage of both penis pumps are important to avoid the risk of injuries and side effects.

While a penis hand pump is generally non-invasive and non-surgical, there are options involving surgically implanting a penis pump called a penile prosthesis (i.e, penile implant). Penile implant surgery involves placing a penile prosthesis in the penis for normal erectile function whenever an erection is required for sexual activity.

Consult with your healthcare provider to ensure that the penis pump you bought is more than just a device used as a sex toy. A penile pump can be an effective erectile dysfunction treatment option if you get one from a medically registered brand which uses top-quality materials, a robust cylindrical vacuum mechanism, and standard features that adhere to the legal requirements on a penis pump.

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Benefits of Using a Penis Pump for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by many factors including prostate cancer or surgery; it can also be a simple manifestation of a sexual dysfunction disorder. Penis pump is a vacuum erection device designed to temporarily induce your desired erection long enough to allow men to engage in a sexual activity. 

Using a penis pump can restore the normal erectile function after prostate surgery or radical prostatectomy. However, the optimal negative pressure is yet to be determined for penile rehabilitation for erectile dysfunction associated with these causes. For best results and safety of calibrating the pressure, consult your healthcare provider.

Frequent usage or “workouts” using penis pumps also help exercise the penis and normalize the erectile function. Aside from that, it may also be used simultaneously with ED medication (e.g, viagra) or a penile implant.

Different Kinds of Penis Pumps

There are different kinds of penis pumping devices depending on how it’s operated (i.e, manual or automatic) and the type of vacuum suction technology used (i.e, air or water). Deciding on the best penis pump to use depends on your doctor’s recommendation, as well as your own evaluation on what suits you. Below are the factors to consider when deciding on what kind of vacuum erection device to get:

  • Vacuum technology used (i.e, air or water)
  • How it’s operated (i.e, manual or automatic)
  • Quick release feature
  • Adjustable pressure
  • Medical-grade cylinder
  • Penis size and girth size
  • Testimonials on how it has helped improve erectile dysfunction

1) Air Vacuum Penis Pump for Erection

Air vacuum penis pumps use hollow air to suction the penis and encourage blood flow into the penile area. A constriction ring (i.e, penis ring) is then placed to sustain the erection for a longer period of time until the sexual activity is finished.

Lube is usually applied throughout the penis before inserting it into the cylinder. An air vacuum pump usually has a separate pumping mechanism that’s either pumped manually or automatically. Although an electric penis pump is automatic and you can set a timer for the entire workout, you still need to manually set a time for the interval of each pump.

2) Hydro Penis Pump

Bathmate company is a popular producer of hydro penis pumps. With its versatile hydromax series, Bathmate provides a wide range of water penis pumps to choose from that you may use in the shower, bath, or even without water. The advantages of using hydro penis pumps involve its ease of use, comfort, and accessibility, that may help you set a routine for regular workouts to improve your erectile dysfunction.

Compared with air vacuum penis pumps, hydro penis pumps claim to have more powerful and long-lasting results. Other benefits of using water as a vacuum suction device include the following:

  • Uniform pumping force
  • Consistent stimulation around the penis
  • Enhances the quality of erections
  • Improves sexual stamina
  • Use of water reduces risk of injury and side effects on the penile tissue
  • Use of warm water makes the skin more elastic, allowing for more elongated erection

3) DIY Penis Pumps

Most penis pumps started as a DIY penis pump that eventually developed into the penis pump sold in the market. Although penis pumping devices aren’t mere sex toys because of their function as a tool for erectile dysfunction treatment, some people still feel ashamed or awkward of being caught even thinking about buying such an item because of the stigma against sexual dysfunction disorders or the mere act of inciting sexual pleasure.

Penis hand pumps may also be expensive so some people opt to make their own from the comfort of their own homes. Effective and safe penis pumping requires a medical-grade vacuum pump cylinder that has robust quality. Fortunately, the materials required to make a DIY penis pump are available in normal hardware stores. Shown in the table below are the items that you need and their cheaper counterparts.

Materials for DIY Penis PumpAlternatives
Clear cylinderPlastic bottle that fits your penis length and penis size. Ensure that food grade plastic is used for the bottle.
Small vacuum pumpVacuum cleaner that has a hose and reverse function. 
Seals and glueInsulation tape, and cotton or gauze pads.

Do note that using a homemade penis pump is highly discouraged because these vacuum pumps aren’t medically registered. This means that they don’t adhere to the legally required standard when it comes to the controlled pressure to apply to your penis. DIY penis pumps also have no pressure reader so you may risk inflicting injury on your penis or you may not achieve your desired result if you unknowingly apply the wrong pressure.

A cheaper homemade alternative also neglects the need to have a penis hand pump that uses medical-grade materials. This may also increase the risk of side effects and penile injuries.

How to Use Penis Pumps

The instructions to use a penis pump are the same across the different kinds of penis pumps. A penis pump vacuum may have different features and inclusions, but the basic instructions are as follows:

  • In order to prevent the constriction ring from getting caught in your hair, it is recommended that you shave your hair (not required).
  • The penis should be inserted into the cylinder or tube, then pumped to create a vacuum that will encourage blood flow in the area.
  • In order to maintain an erection, place the cock ring around the base of the penis after an erection has been induced.
  • Remove the penis from the tube after placing the constriction ring.

Safety of Using Penis Pump

It’s essential that you buy a penis pump that is safe for the use, since penis pumps are more than sex toys. Obtaining a prescription is the best way to ensure the penis pump you get is FDA-approved and effective. It is not required to have a prescription to buy a penis pump, but it guarantees the device’s safety and effectiveness for penile rehabilitation. Other considerations for ED pumps are as follows:

  • Make sure to select the right pressure that won’t injure your penis.
  • Choose the right size of the constriction ring that fits your penis size.

To ensure the safety of this vacuum therapy treatment option, follow the basic instructions for using the pump and take note of when penis pumps should not be used, especially if you have the following health conditions:

  • Priapism
  • History of blood clots, blood disorders, or blood pressure conditions
  • Intake of blood thinner medication

In addition, it’s important to take note of how frequently your body can tolerate pumping. As long as you can tolerate it, penis pumps can be used several times. There are, however, risks and side effects associated with it as well.

Penis pumps are generally safe to use as temporary ED treatments. Compared to ED medication, penis pumps are actually considered safer and more effective by most medical professionals. However, misuse of the device and improper size of the constriction ring may cause side effects when used more than once a day. Side effects may include the following:

  • Mild bruising around the base of the penis
  • Stiff penis
  • Abnormal penile curvature during erection
  • Penile discoloration
  • Small blisters

Other risks you may be prone to if you excessively use or misuse penis pumps are the following:

  • Decreased firmness of erection
  • Impaired sensation
  • Painful ejaculation
  • Painful injuries or bruising
  • Petechiae (i.e, small red dots, burst blood vessel)
  • Risk of sucking in the testicles
  • Skin numbness or tingling
  • Penile deformity
  • Scarring of the penile tissue

Relying on a penis pump is also not an ideal ED treatment. Sometimes, penis pump produces erections that are of poor quality as it tends to feel unnatural and unhinged. Aside from that, it may also have a psychological impact on both partners engage in a sexual intercourse due to the interruption caused by having to pump a device to induce an erection.

Expected Results from Penis Pumps

A penis pump offers a non-invasive and effective treatment option for erectile dysfunction. A penis pump isn’t designed to enlarge the penis, but it may expand your size since it may cause a firm erection. As a result of using a penis pump, you can expect the following results:

The erection formed by a penis pump may only generate temporary erections enough to engage in a sexual intercourse. However, hydro penis pumps claim that it may last up to 12 hours without requiring re-pumping to sustain an erection. Unfortunately, longer periods of erection may be detrimental to your health so if instances like these occur, consult your healthcare provider.

High-Quality Penis Pumps at FACE Med Store

Penis pumping is an effective way to improve your erectile dysfunction and overall sexual health. These ED pumps use vacuum pumps to encourage blood flow into the penis, forming your desired erection for a sexual activity. But note that the correct usage of a penis pump and sufficient knowledge on how it works is essential to ensure its safety and effective use.

FACE Med Store provides medical tools and healthcare devices such as a penis pump. We’ve helped our clients achieve their overall health goals by providing safe and effective tools and products. Contact us for more information about our store and products.

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