What Are The Largest Penis Pumps for Men?

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Erectile dysfunction can hamper the sexual health of any penis, ever those with a larger than average size. One of the available methods to counter this or to provide a temporary form of enlargement is a penis pump—a method that uses vacuum pressure to increase the blood flow in the penis. However, most penis pumps are designed with the average size in mind. 

So what are the available large penis pumps for men? Certain manufacturers have incorporated bigger sizes in their penis pump product lines to assist those with a large penis. Candidates for the best penis pump for those with a big dick include the Hydromax 9, HydroXtreme11, the 12″ Big Mans Pump, and the Pipedream Classix XL Penis Enlargement Pump.

What Is the Biggest Size of the Penis Pump?

There are penis pumps designed for men that are larger than 9 inches and can go up to 12 inches. A regular penis pump may usually be around 5 to 7 inches, which is the average size of a flaccid and erect penis. As such, those who fall over or under that range may need to look harder for the right penis pump for them.

Luckily, there are penis pumps that were designed for a large penis size that goes over 9 inches when erect. The largest penis pump is the HydroXtreme11. It’s solely designed for those with a large penis that cannot comfortably fit in with any other penis pump as it produces a lot of pressure compared to a regular penis pump. Its product has a max length of 10.5 inches and a width of 2.5 inches as well as a disclaimer that cannot be used by a penis under 9 inches.

Why The Right Size for a Penis Pump Is Important 

A large penis needs a bit more pressure compared to an average penis to provide an effective amount of enlargement after the vacuum pumping. If the size of the pump is too small for the penis, it will substantially limit the potential effects of the pump, damage the skin across the penis length, and increase the chance of bruising, redness, and swelling after the pumping.

Inversely, if someone with an average penis size uses a penis pump designed for a large penis that may experience similar side effects due to the added pressure on the penis along with damage to the penile tissue and discoloration on the skin of the penis.

Find the correct size of penis pumps by measuring the length and girth of the erected penis to account for how it will fit inside the penis pump after it has finished. In general, the best fitting penis pump may be around 2 to 3 inches longer or wider than its flaccid state. 

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The Biggest Penis Pumps Available

Given the detrimental effects that come with using a smaller penis pump, it is essential to find a penis pump that produces maximum pressure on a large penis to sufficiently expand and lengthen for a sturdy erection. These are some of the best penis pumps currently available on the market.

1) HydroXtreme11

The Bathmate HydroXtreme11 is the largest penis pump in the world. It’s the biggest product of the Bathmate penis pump line which uses warm water, rather than air, to create a vacuum that boosts blood flow in the penis. As the business name suggests, it can be used while showering as it only needs water to start pumping. 

Since it’s designed for users with over 9 inches in penis length, it can produce a powerful level of pressure so that any large penis may potentially enlarge and last longer than a normal erection or can be a possible erectile dysfunction treatment.. The application of warm water can make it a more comfortable experience compared to an air pump or manual pump. 

Its other features include a safety closure, a quick release valve, a measurement guide, and manual pump technology that provides an enormous amount of controlled pressure compared to its regular line of penis pumps. However, given its maximum pressure output and high-quality materials, it is one of the most expensive penis pumps. 

2) Hydromax 9

The next in line before the HydroXterme 11 is the Hydromax 9—previously known as the Hydromax X40. It is marketed for those wanting to create stronger erections or those who are naturally long measuring in 7 to 9 inches. The product boasts a 92% satisfaction rate from its customer base.

The Hydromax products produce erections by manually pumping the cylinder once it has been filled with water and has been firmly attached to the base of the crotch. The penis pump is also packaged with a comfortable hand pump, skin-safe material, and an attachable comfort pad. If you want to spend a bit more money to boost its effectiveness, there is a HydroXtreme 9 that is similar in design and function to the Hydro Xtreme 11.

3) Colt Big Man XL Penis Pump

If you need a cheaper alternative, you may need to purchase the classic method to penis pumping: air pumps. One of the best large penis pumps is the Colt Big Man XL. This manual pump by Colt can fit up to 10 inches of penis length and accommodate a maximum of 12 inches once it has been pumped.

While simple in design, as its main features are a quick-release valve, a measuring device, a medical-grade air hose, its acrylic cylinder can withstand an enormous amount of air pressure and can last a lifetime with proper maintenance. 

Though air pumps cost less than hydro pumps, they may require stricter preparation and pumping steps. For example, unlike a hydro pump like those made by Bathmate, lubricant must be added to the penis before inserting it to the penis pump. Also, it may be difficult to ascertain how much pressure is inside the cylinder without a gauge. Thus, it is to the user’s discretion or the product manual as to how long they may need to pump for their desired erection results. 

What to Consider When Choosing a Large Penis Pump

Though size is an integral factor to consider for those with a large penis length, there are multiple considerations into choosing the best penis pump for a certain size. Because of the increased size of the product and the use of heavy-duty materials and design, another central element in picking a large penis pump is the price. Assess if the product is worth your current budget and can service you effectively and conveniently. 

Also look out for essential features of a penis pump, like a vacuum limiter, to ensure that the pressure levels inside the cylinder will not reach dangerous levels. If you are choosing within the list of Hydromax hydro pump products, consider if you may need to spend more money for a HydroXtreme to produce the appropriate amount of pressure for your penis length.

It is also important to note that no amount of vacuum pumping will permanently increase the length or width of the penis. A penis pump is only meant to artificially induce blood flow in the penis to produce temporary and strong erections through applying pressure on it. It could potentially help achieve stronger and longer-lasting erections or treat the effects of erectile dysfunction, but not indefinite penis enlargement. 

If you need to produce an erection despite the effects of erectile dysfunction, you can also opt to acquire a doctor’s prescription for an FDA-approved penis pump. A doctor may be able to refer to a medical provider that sells a large penis pump as a possible erectile dysfunction treatment. 

How to Safely Maximize the Benefits of a Penis Pump

With this in mind, there are steps that can be taken to take full advantage of the potential benefits of a penis pump. A readily available option can come with the penis pump: a cock ring. This malleable ring is to be attached in the base of the erection after pumping to constrict its blood vessels—legenthing its duration. 

Further sexual stimulation can also be done to organically increase the erection quality and period. Flavored or scented forms of lube, mastrubation sleeves, and fleshlights can be utilized after pumping to maintain the erection. Anal sex toys like butt plugs, prostate massagers, and anal beads can also provide another form of sexual activity that can potentially extend the erection’s length and sturdiness. 

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