How Penis Pumps Increase Girth

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While penis length is a common point when discussing size, it can be argued that girth could increase the experience of sexual intercourse. However, when afflicted with erectile dysfunction, it can be worrisome to not be able to naturally increase penis length and girth with an erection. However, penis pumps may potentially extend the girth and length by pumping the penis to induce an erection.

So how do penis pumps possibly increase girth? Penis pumps create a vacuum within the cylinder to draw blood flow into the penis, causing or supplementing an erection. This increase will only last as long as the erection persists or an average session of sexual intercourse—which is about 30 minutes. 

How Penis Pumps Add Girth

Penis pumps are used as a sex toy, and a possible penis exercise, and can be prescribed as a potential treatment option for penile rehabilitation after prostate surgery or for erectile dysfunction. They establish a vacuum inside the cylinder of the penis pump through air or water pressure. The suction will tighten the blood vessels and increase the blood flow in the penis as it grows inside the pump.

After pumping and removing the pump from the penis, a construction ring, more commonly known as a cock ring, can be added to the base of the erection. Though it may seem to affect the added girth, the ring will preserve the heightened blood flow in the erection—increasing its duration, toughness, and added girth.

It can potentially substantially increase sexual health, treat erectile dysfunction, and increase length and girth of an average erected penis with consistent and safe pumping, especially before engaging in sexual intercourse.

How Much Girth Will a Penis Pump Create?

Though some products may advertise incredible penis enlargement results with multiple pumping sessions, it takes months to see a substantial increase in penis size. According to Dr. Joel Kaplan, the average erection size after 10 to 12 months of daily pumping sessions will increase to 1 to 3 inches and a 25% boost to thickness — or about ½ to 1 inch in girth. Most users notice that girth is gained faster than length.

This penile growth can only be obtained and maintained through the regular use of a penis pump. With every pumping session, the measurements and firmness of the erection slightly grow as the penile tissues expand. While a wide variety of penis pumps in the market achieve this effect, choosing the best penis pump for girth depends on your size and budget.

The classic penis pump is a manual air pump that comes equipped with a measurement tool in the cylinder, a vacuum limiter that puts a threshold for the amount of pressure applied, and a quick-release valve to harmlessly detach the completed erection from the device. For a premium option, there are also hydro pumps like the Bathmate Hydromax series that use water to add a comfortable yet powerful amount of pressure to the penis.

Do Penis Pumps Produce Permanent Girth Results?

No, there is no scientific consensus or evidence that penis pumps can permanently extend or expand the penis. Any extra penis enlargement produced by the pump naturally shrinks away after about 30 minutes of sexual intercourse as the blood flow in the penis normalizes. It may be marketed to provide a bigger penis, but it is most effectively used to produce a harder erection and may help men with erectile dysfunction still perform in the bedroom. 

As such, any pumps that market themselves as a penis extender or a penis enlargement pump with indefinite results are not FDA-approved or officially recognized by doctors to do so. Penis pumps prescribed by doctors may be done as a maintenance tool for erectile dysfunction as its cheaper, safer, and non-invasive compared to other sexual medicine, penile surgeries, and third-party male enhancement supplements and tools.

If you desire to obtain lasting girth results, it takes a daily pumping routine for 10 to 12 months or even a year to see improvements. However, the erected penis after pumping it for 5 to 15 minutes may already be a bit larger than a naturally occurring erection. Rest assured, the produced girth from penis pumping may be more than enough to satisfy your partner.

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Steps to Safely Increase Girth With a Penis Pump

Penis pumping is proven to be a completely safe exercise for penis enlargement when following the correct procedural steps before and after using it. Below are several actions that can ease the pumping for a more comfortable experience. Remember to check the product manual for any additional directions specific to the pump.

1) Remove Pubic Hair

Stray pubic hair may impede the pumping process. The suction of the pump may be affected as it can not fully attach itself to the crotch. Shaving all of the hair around the penis and the testicles can create a smooth surface for the pump to latch on to.

It also has a list of benefits for penile health like lessening the heat and sweat in the area and preventing warts or rashes from forming. A clean-shaven penis may also look bigger and more attractive to your partner. The lack of hair could also make the lower area sensitive to physical touch — increasing the sensations felt during sexual intercourse. 

2) Add A Generous Amount of Lube

Whether an air pump, electric pump, or hydro pump is used, never use a pump without lubricant. The added liquid is essential for suction and prevents the penis from being injured or irritated by the pump. It also helps keep the penile tissues hydrated as it expands inside the pump. Check if the lube being used is compatible with the material of your penis tube. 

3) Don’t Over-Pump

When fixated on increasing girth, a need to do longer pumping sessions may cross the mind. But note that research has shown that the most lasting gains only reveal themselves after a year at most. The key to potential girth gains from a penis pump is consistency, not quantity. Always stop pumping after the amount of time directed by the product or when you are feeling discomfort or pain.

How to Keep Girth Gains From Penis Pump

While there is no simple method or tool to permanently expand the penis, there are ways to naturally sustain the small girth gains from using a penis pump for an erection. This is done by removing extra fat and enhancing the overall blood flow in the body so that you may last longer in sexual intercourse or potentially assist in penile rehabilitation from certain health conditions. 

1) Exercise Frequently

Though exercise does not necessarily create penis enlargement as how it would develop muscle size, it can boost your stamina. A dependable and effective exercise routine can increase sexual health through strengthening blood flow, get rid of stress and anxiety, and bolstering self-confidence through a positive body image. 

2) Have a Balanced Diet

Certain foods can provide nutrients and vitamins to organically increase the testosterone and blood flow in the body—helping the penis retain its added girth after pumping. Consume foods that are high in either antioxidants, vitamin D, or folates like spinach, coffee, watermelon, salmon, and apples. 

3) Don’t Smoke or Drink Alcohol 

There are certain substances that can dampen an erection by negatively affecting the blood vessel. Smoking and alcohol consumption introduces chemicals that lower the amount of blood and nutrients delivered to the organs, including the penis. Stopping these vices for a few days can see immediate benefits to the blood flow, thereby protecting and lengthening any benefits that can be received through penis pumping. 

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