The Best Penis Pumps in the Market

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The Best Penis Pumps in the Market

Erectile dysfunction (ED) can negatively affect your psychological and sexual health. While there are many ED treatment options available, some of these treatments have negative side effects that may affect you in the long-term or put you at risk for other diseases. Fortunately, penis pumps may be used to treat ED without the risk and side effects of ED medication.

So how do you know how to get the best one? A penis pump increases blood flow into your penis to form and sustain a prolonged erection for sex. To get the best penis pump, you should look for one with a medical-grade vacuum suction and features that suit the size of your penis.

Penis Enhancement Pump: What’s The Penis Pump

Penis pumps are vacuum erection devices that use a form of suction technology to form an erection and sustain it using a constriction ring (i.e, cock ring). What happens is that the vacuum pressure from the penis pump encourages blood flow into the blood vessels, which forms the erection.

This is usually used as a low impact ED treatment option to help people with ED form an erection. Using this pumping device helps men get an erection without the associated risks with ED medication or surgical procedures. 

Although penis pumps may still cause irreversible side effects, the possibility of such only occurs due to incorrect usage of the device and poor quality of the penis pumping device. A penis pump is more than just a sex toy for pleasure, it may also positively affect your psychological and sexual health in general. 

There are instances when penis pumps are surgically implanted into the penis as a form of penile prosthesis to induce an erection. But note that penis pumps in general are vacuum devices used externally. There are many kinds of penis pumps available in the market, but to ensure the safety of a penis pump, getting a prescription from your healthcare provider helps you secure a device equipped with medical-grade materials with essential features.

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Characteristics of High-End Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are more than just sex toys, it’s an actual medically-approved erectile dysfunction treatment that men can use as an alternative to ED medication. A penis hand pump is safe as long as you take note of the following attributes and features that you must look for when deciding on what penis pump to purchase such as the following:

1) Not a Penis Enlargement Pump

Even though most penis pumps you see in the market are advertised as penis enlargement pumps, don’t consider it as one of the characteristics of a high-end penis pump. Penis pumps may increase the size of your penis during erection, but once such erection has subsided, your penis should be able to revert to its original size. 

Testimonials that report increase in penis size are merely personal anecdotes. There is no scientific evidence backing the claim that penis pumps can cause your penis to increase in length and in size. 

If you’re thinking about getting a penis pump that advertises itself as being useful for penis enlargement, consult your healthcare provider before making a decision to purchase it for a thorough review of the product. By doing so, you get one step ahead of the injuries or poor penile conditions that you may put yourself at risk for.

2) Medical-Grade, Top-Quality Materials

There’s nothing wrong with penis pumps on the cheaper price spectrum, because there are affordable options that you can choose from that don’t compromise the quality or comfort of the penis pump. 

However, the effectiveness and safety of a penis pump depends on the standard features of a pump so it’s best to check the materials which the vacuum pump is made of before deciding on it. Most especially, you should look at the cylinder quality. Cylinders tend to break or crack under pressure while your penis is still inside, which may injure the penis.

3) Accessible Features

Safety is an important consideration when choosing a penis pump. One way to ensure that your penis pump is safe is through its features that are easily accessible, most especially the quick-release valve. Having immediate access to quickly release the penis from the pressured cylinder helps prevent or reduce the risk of the occurrence of any adverse effect.

Don’t rely on advertisements and product descriptions as well. You can lean on testimonials to check if the device is as easy to use as described by its website to set your expectations on a product.

4) Optimal Pressure Options

In spite of the fact that negative pressure has not yet been defined for prostate procedure-induced erectile dysfunction treatment, a clear understanding of the pressure exerted on the penis protects the penile area from injury and increases pump effectiveness. So it’s important that a penis pump you’re planning to buy has a pressure gauge so you can check if you’re applying the right pressure.

5) Bought from Trusted Sources

Always check if the brand of your penis pump has a legal or medical registration. By having a penis pump medically registered, you ensure the quality of the materials used to produce it, and you also prevent exerting pressure on the penis beyond what is legally allowed. Obtaining a prescription from your healthcare provider may help you in choosing a medically registered penis pump.

As most people prefer to purchase penis pumps out of the public eye, beware of scammers online. Read the reviews and make sure that a store is legitimate to ensure that you’re getting your penis pump from an authorized reseller.

Best Penis Pumps for Beginners: Which Penis Pump Is the Best?

There are many pumps to choose from in the market, but the best pump is what your healthcare provider has prescribed. You don’t need a prescription to purchase a penis pump but your doctor, more or less, knows the best penis pump for beginners. Your healthcare provider may also have an idea what suits your penis size the most.

Most doctors would recommend basic air pumps which are still the most friendly device for first time users of penis pumps. It may not be as low-risk than hydro pumps, but it’s still a good choice to start with.

The Best Penis Pumps on the Market

The best penis pumps on the market have features that prioritize safe and effective use of the device. You can also decide between the following penis vacuum pump choices:

  • Air pump or water penis pump
  • Manual pump or electric penis pumps

Aside from that, you can also decide on which penis pump is the best depending on good reviews, which the following penis pumps obtained:

1) Best Hydro Penis Pump: Bathmate HydroXtreme 7

Bathmate HydroXtreme isn’t just the best hydro penis pump, it’s features actually makes it worthy of being regarded as the best overall hydro penis pump that may be used with or without water. Moreover, a hydro penis vacuum pump doesn’t necessarily require a cock ring or a penis ring to sustain an erection.

Bathmate HydroXtreme 7 water pump is easy to use with its attached handball unit, and the option to use this pumping device without water makes it accessible for use anywhere. This means that this pumping device also helps you stick to a pumping routine much easier.

What’s more is that this pumping device has a cylindrical vacuum that may fit those with larger girth. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about maintaining the sanitation of this device as it comes with several accessories included in the kit for easier repair or cleaning of the device.

2) Best Penis Air Pumps for Fun: LoveHoney Pumped Up

Normal penis pumps have vacuum suction features, but a LoveHoney Pumped Up penis pump features a bullet vibrator to enhance blood flow stimulation into your penile area. If you’re worried about the penis size, these pumps offer a size that fits most men. 

Additionally, the vibration feature is also adjustable depending on your preferred speed. A separate pumping tool is included with a quick-release button so you can release your penis from the pressurized chamber once you’re finished pumping.

3) Strongest Penis Pump: Bathmate HydroMax 7

Also sold by Bathmate Company, Bathmate Hydromax 7 penis pump can provide you with 35% more pumping power than other hydro pumps, and it can produce erections that last for up to 12 hours. 

Aside from that, this water penis pump is also very beginner-friendly for those who have no prior experience of using any hydro pumps. Instructions on how to get the length and girth that’s appropriate for your penis are included in the hydro pump kit so make sure to view these written instructions before choosing a size. Follow these instructions carefully to ensure safety and best results.

4) Best Automatic Penis Pump: Calexotics Optimum

Calexotics Optimum electric penis pump is a battery-powered and rechargeable quality vacuum pump. Unlike most penis pumps, Calexotics electric pumps don’t just allow you to set the pressure; it also has a feature that lets you set the timer for the entire workout duration. Despite being an automatic pump, the interval for each vacuum suction is manually timed by the user.

High Pressure Penis Pump and its Safety

Most penis pumps claim to be the best based on their vacuum pressure options. It’s not always the case that a high pressure penis pump will injure your penis because sometimes a low pressure option may not be effective and higher vacuum pressure is required to produce a harder erection.

You don’t have to compromise safety over effectiveness when it comes to optimal penis pumping. To ensure that the maximum vacuum pressure options in your device are safe, check if the brand and the model is registered medically. 

Doing this will protect you from risks and side effects on your sensitive penis tissue because medical registration requires a manufacturer to adhere to the legal standards on the quality of materials used and the pressure that may be exerted.

Low-Cost Penis Pumps: Is it Okay to Purchase Cheap Penis Pump?

Cheaper options don’t always mean low quality. There are cheap commercially sold penis pumps that have many positive reviews. As long as it’s registered medically and the basic features are there such as the quick release valve and pressure gauge, then a low-cost penis pump is also a good option.

The best penis pumps can be pricey, which is why some people opt to create their own makeshift or DIY penis pump. However, buying a cheap but legally registered penis pump is better than making your own penis pump to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the penis hand pump. Some best penis pump options that you can also try are as follows:

Best Cheap Hydro Penis Pump: Bathmate Hydro 7

Bathmate Company is versatile when it comes to hydro penis pumps. Needless to say, they don’t just dominate the hydro penis pump category, but most categories as well. When thinking about buying an ideal pump, you should secure the safety and quality of its features and materials by obtaining a prescription from your healthcare provider. 

However, Hydro 7 penis pumps have proven that safe, top-quality, and effective doesn’t always have to be expensive. Bathmate’s Hydro 7 is a simple penis vacuum penis pump that’s ideal for beginners with its comfort fit, effective pressure, and complete instructions for use that’s included in the kit.

Best Cheap Penis Pump: Precision Pump by California Exotics

The precision pump is a manual penis pump that provides a powerful pump tested by the American Pumpers Association. This manual pump provides a value for money option for the best quality by providing you with a professional-grade vacuum pump that helps you get your maximum penis size. Furthermore, you can use the precision pump in and out of the shower.

Get the Best Penis Pumps at FACE Med Store

Choosing the best penis pump depends on the vacuum pressure suction technology as well as several factors. You don’t have to trade off safety over a harder erection, as long as you get your penis pumps from trusted sources and ensure that it’s suitable specifically for your penis.

FACE Medical Store provides medical tools and healthcare devices such as a penis pump. We’ve helped our clients achieve their overall health goals by providing safe and effective tools and products. Contact us for more information about our store and products.

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