How to Use a Penis Pump

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The doctor is conversation to the patient about penis pump instructions.

Erectile dysfunction may come without warning and put a stop to sexual activity and may damper sexual health. It may occur due to physical or mental stress, prostate surgery, and other debilitating health conditions. But do note that a potential treatment option that could help alleviate erectile dysfunction is a physical pump.

So how do you use a penis pump? Through pumping air or automatic technology, the cylinder of the penis pump will create a vacuum to increase the blood flow in the penis — forming a natural erection. The application of lube and employing proper hygiene are vital preparation steps before utilizing a penis pump. 

Instructions on How to Use a Penis Pump

Though the parts of the penis pump only include a transparent cylinder, a cock ring or penis ring that is fitted on the erection, and a vacuum pack that is mechanically or electronically powered, it can still be distressing to use. Fortunately, the fear of using a penis pump can be demystified with a few clarified steps. Follow any additional directions specified in the manual of the product.

1) Clean the Penis and the Cylinder

Before using the penis pump, whether it’s after opening it or using it for the day, it is important to sanitize the penis and the cylinder of the pump. Clean the penis and pump for any dirt or dead skin because it may scratch the skin as continuous pressure is applied on it.  

2) Add Lube

Lube or any kind of FDA-approved lubricant is essential to a comfortable penis pumping session. The liquid layer provided by the lube or water helps create a natural seal and prevents the cylinder from gripping onto the penis. For hydro water pumps, use warm water or the temperature of water as instructed by the product.

3) Insert the Penis into the Pump

Place the flaccid penis inside the cylinder of the pump. Ensure that the end of the pump is secured on to the base of the penis so that no stray air will be released when pressure levels increase inside the cylinder.

4) Pump Repeatedly and Steadily 

Once the penis is tightly secured on to the pump, begin pumping it through the balloon or by turning it on to the selected vacuum level if it is an automatic pump. Keep pumping until the desired length and firmness of the erection. For manual vacuum pumps, this may take around 30 seconds or 2 minutes. 

5) Remove it Gently

When the preferred erection has been achieved, do not attempt to remove the penis pump unless the vacuum has been released. Due to the pressure levels inside the pump cylinder, the pump is deeply fastened on the penis. But remember that this is why modern vacuum pumps come with a quick-release valve. By turning on the valve, all the pressure inside the cylinder will be released, safely detaching the erection from the penis pump.  

6) Apply the Penis Ring

Most vacuum pumps are packaged with a penis ring or otherwise known as a cock ring. This is to be placed in the base of the penis to maintain the potentially added blood flow and penis enlargement gained from the penis pump—extending the duration of the constructed erection.

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Tips on Getting the Most Benefits From a Penis Pump

Though a penis pump could potentially produce an erection for those going through erectile dysfunction, there are additional steps that can be taken to improve erection quality and length while promoting better sexual intercourse. 

1) Shave Off Pubic Hair

It’s better to use a penis pump with a well-shaven crotch to prevent any unwanted hairs from getting stuck while the vacuum is in use or being left in the pump’s cylinder. However, trimming or shaving pubic hair has various other benefits such as preventing infections in the crotch, lessening sweat in the area, improving the penis’ appearance, and helping the erection look bigger as its base is not hidden by the hair.

2) Reduce Stress Levels 

Stress is the number one accelerant of multiple health conditions, including erectile dysfunction. It may even develop into a negative feedback loop where the stress caused by erectile dysfunction will make it harder to find relief from it. Find ways to manage and release stress like through exercise, yoga, and drinking green tea so that it doesn’t follow you into the bedroom. 

3) Talk With Your Partner

Since erectile dysfunction concerns sexual health, you may feel like you may disappoint your partner during or before sexual intercourse. If it’s discomforting to use a penis pump or other ED medication or treatment options for sexual activity, let your partner know. Honest communication with your partner can help you be comfortable with erectile dysfunction while opening yourself up to trying different ways to alleviate it and to try other forms of sexual play.

4) Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

While erectile dysfunction may arise from psychological factors, it is still important to keep the body healthy by maintaining a balanced diet and avoiding vices that negatively impact erection growth like alcohol consumption and smoking. Before taking part in sexual activity, try to taking a break from alcohol or smoking, getting a full’s night rest, and eating food that increase blood flow and are filled with nitric oxide to see if it may improve your erectile dysfunction. 

When to Use a Penis Pump

Penis pumps can be used before sexual intercourse to potentially produce a competent and longer-lasting erection, even for those with erectrile dysfunction. It can be difficult to maintain the mood if sexual encounters happen spontaneously so always set boundaries and schedules with your partner so that you may comfortably prepare for the occasion. The effects of the penis pump last around 15 to 30 minutes—long enough to perform sexual intercourse. 

They can be used often in a single day. It largely depends on the condition of the penis, the instentity of the sexual activity that may follow, and the comfortability of using the penis pump frequently. If a penis pump will be used throughout the day, check the erection for small patches of redness or pain levels as its constant exposure to pressure may damage a blood vessel.

Risks When Using a Penis Pump

Don’t go beyond the prescribed pumping duration in the product manual or continue pumping expecting permanent penis enlargement. This may cause internal bleeding in the penile tissues causing bruising, swelling, or discoloration. As such, penis pumps shouldn’t be used by those with medical conditions in the blood like disorders, those who easily form blood clots, and those who need to take blood thinners.   

Additionally, when acquiring a penis pump, don’t buy those that seem to advertise permanent penis enlargement results as there is no official scientific evidence for those claims. Seek for products that can safely, effectively, and comfortably use vacuum pumping to enlarge the penis for a sturdy erection. A doctor’s prescription may be obtained to receive an FDA-approved penis pump that may be able to treat erectile dysfunction.  

But do note that there’s no hidden risk when following proper penis pump instructions in a safe and comfortable environment. Consult a doctor if you may have conditions or medications that may affect the use and potential benefits of a penis pump.

Supplements and Accessories to Use With a Penis Pump

Penis pumps can potentially be used with medication or supplements that can enhance sexual energy to improve the span and firmness of the erection. This can come in the form of vitamins like vitamin E, Iron, and vitamin B or erectile dysfunction (ED) medication like Viagra. Since it may thin the blood, it may leave the penis vulnerable to the aforementioned risks. Consult a doctor if your penis is able to handle these medications or take them after the penis pumping.

It can also be possibly used with other sex toys. Along with penis pumps and its cock ring, other sex toys to enhance the weekly bedroom session include anal beads, butt plugs, prostate massagers, and masturbation sleeves. Constant stimulation may help increase erection duration and quality as the brain reacts to these sensations with an increase in blood flow. 

When to Stop Using a Penis Pump

Once the penis feels fully erect and firm within the cylinder of the pump, stop pumping it. Any over-pumping may cause short-term blemishes or long-term complications. If a full erection can be achieved naturally without a penis pump or medication, the penis pump can be put to rest—though it can be a sex toy that can be used every now and then in the bedroom.

If erectile dysfunction is still persistent or you wish to find a direct treatment for it, you may need to invest in other ED treatments like a penile implant, ED medications, and penile injections. A doctor may initially suggest a penis pump, or it may be called a vacuum erection device, due to its possible benefits, simple instructions once learned, and low cost compared to the other treatment options. 

Safe and Reliable Penis Pumps at FACE Med Store

Penis pumping may be a daunting task, but going through it with sufficient preparation steps and stable pressure levels could potentially increase sexual activity and momentary penis enlargement. With the know-how on how to use a penis pump, the next step is acquiring one from a trusted medical supplier. 

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