Penis Pump Demonstration: How to Use a Penis Pump

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A penis pump

Erectile dysfunction has left many men failing to reach orgasm, affecting their intimate relationships, self-esteem, and quality of life. A penis pump is one of the solutions for this medical condition, helping patients achieve an erection without invasive methods. Aside from the instructions from the product, many patients may still need a live demonstration to have a more informed understanding of its usage.

So how should you use your vacuum erection device according to a penis pump demonstration? Prepare your penis by shaving and applying lubricant. You’ll start by inserting your penis into the tube and allowing the device to pump out the air, either manually or with an electric pump. This vacuum effect constricts blood flow, resulting in an erect penis. Some people also massage their penis between pumps.

How You Should Use Your Penis Pump

Erectile dysfunction is one of the sexual health problems many men experience, where they struggle to have and maintain an erect penis. The good thing is that patients can try using a vacuum pump as a temporary yet non-invasive treatment option for this medical condition. 

Vacuum erection devices provide a quick fix for patients with erectile dysfunction to reclaim their sexual stimulation and boost performance. But those just about to start using penis pumps might be left wondering how to properly and safely use them. To help you achieve an erection and improve penis size and firmness with this vacuum device, you’ll only have to do the following steps:

  1. Prepare your penis for the vacuum device by shaving the pubic hair around the penis base. This isn’t required, but many users prefer a hairless shaft to prevent having the ring entangled with the hair.
  2. Some men apply lubricant on the penis to avoid having blisters.
  3. Place the tube of the vacuum pump over your penis.
  4. Create a suction by pumping out the air for 30 seconds to 3 minutes, releasing the pressure immediately once you feel pain. Vacuum erection devices have different ways to do this, such as by hand pump, hand-triggered mechanism, and electric pump.
  5. The suction will constrict the blood flow and cause an erection.
  6. Once you have an erect penis, you may now place the constriction ring to maintain the effects of the vacuum device. Release the suction.
  7. Avoid having the constriction ring on for more than 30 minutes.
  8. Ensure avoiding over-pumping.

A vacuum erection device can help patients with erectile dysfunction achieve an erection, as the pressure on the blood vessels from the vacuum enhances penis size and firmness. Patients with erectile dysfunction get the chance to have better sex with more heightened stimulation and reach orgasm, improving their quality of life.

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What You Should Avoid When Using a Penis Pump 

Penis pumps may be a temporary and non-surgical treatment option for erectile dysfunction, without direct adverse reactions to your bodily systems, unlike oral medications. But this ED treatment also comes with risks, like:

  • Pain
  • Bruising
  • Numbness, discoloration, or tingling
  • Feelings of unnatural erections
  • Lack of firmness at the base of the penis
  • Painful ejaculation or the feeling of having trapped semen
  • Psychological effects

These risks are easy to avoid if you’ll use your penis pump safely and properly, especially with the guidance of your healthcare providers. Choosing the right vacuum pump device and size is also necessary. 

Demonstration Videos on Using a Penis Pump

Reading instructions may sometimes be challenging for other patients. It may even cause unwanted effects with penis pumps due to trying to figure out using the device without further knowledge. The good thing is that they can watch educational live demonstrations on how to use penis pumps safely. Some live penis pump demonstration videos include the following:

While informative, these videos are still considered adult content, requiring a login to certify your age. These live demonstrations can help you try out your vacuum erection devices safely.

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Vacuum pump devices help patients suffering from erectile dysfunction achieve an erection without oral medications and invasive procedures. They can have enhanced sexual performance and orgasm, greatly improving their quality of life. Penis pumps may be a nonsurgical option, but it still comes with risks. Because of this, you might want to research extensively on different devices and choose the best item suitable for you.

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