What Does the Penis Pump Do?

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What Does the Penis Pump Do

There are times when a patient opts to refrain from medicated erectile dysfunction (ED) treatments to avoid long-term side effects in their organ systems and overall health. One of the tools used to treat ED in a non-invasive manner is a penis pump.

So what does the penis pump do? Penis pumping device creates a vacuum around the penis to encourage blood flow into it and induce erection. Using a penis pump can facilitate and maintain an erection long enough to engage in sexual activities.

Penis Pump Effectiveness: Does a Penis Pump Make You Bigger?

Penis pumps are vacuum erection devices that increase blood flow to your penis, thus forming and maintaining an erection that allows men to engage in penetrative sex. It affects the length of the penis, but this is a direct result of the temporary erection induced by a penis pump. So once the erection has subsided, expect the penis to go back to its original size.

The penis pump is a good erectile dysfunction treatment option if you want an affordable alternative to medications. All you need to do is learn the correct usage of this vacuum pump to reduce the risk of unfavorable side effects.

Penis Pump Purpose: What’s a Penis Pump For?

Contrary to popular claims, a penis pump doesn’t make your penis bigger. So the effectiveness of penis pumps shouldn’t be evaluated based on the enlargement of your penis, because that’s not the purpose of a penis pump in the first place.

A penis pump is more than just a sex toy, it’s actually a tool used for ED treatment that has much more minimal side effects compared to the other erectile dysfunction treatment options. It’s a viable solution to provide temporary erection that’s enough for you to engage in a sexual intercourse.

1) Penis Pump Erection

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is usually characterized as the failure of getting an erection even if the feeling of arousal is present. Do note that erection and arousal are 2 different concepts of sexual dysfunction.

The primary purpose of a penis pump device is to facilitate the production of an erection by drawing blood into the penis through the vacuum suction feature of the pump. So penis pumps are generally useful for people who have ED. 

2) Penis Pump Length

An erection generally causes a penis to gain more length, which is natural even without a penis pump. But do note that penis pumps aren’t designed for enlarging the penis, so beware of any product that advertises itself as such. 

Any attempt to use a penis vacuum pump for enlargement may risk injuring the penis or increasing the risk of experiencing the dangers of misusing a penis pump. But do note that it’s also helpful to read the product description that explains why it’s for penis enlargement as it may only be pertaining to penis length that increases due to the induced erection.

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Do Penis Pumps Really Work?

For a non-invasive erectile dysfunction treatment that has much more minimal side effects than medication and hormone treatments, a penile pump may be an effective and affordable solution to temporarily induce an erection. 

A penis pump is a vacuum constriction device used as an erectile dysfunction treatment by increasing blood flow into the penis and restoring erectile function. With correct usage and medical-grade pumping device, penis pumps allow men to get an erection for a period of time sufficient for sex.

Penis pumps may even be used alongside other treatments or a penile implant, which may work best for you. Penis pumps may be used simultaneously with ED medication such as Viagra, among other medications. It can also help you restore your erectile function after prostate surgery or procedures (i.e, radical prostatectomy) that had a negative effect on your natural erection. 

Aside from external devices, penile pumps may also be implanted through surgical procedures. Penile prosthesis are also good treatment options, but penis pumping devices are non-invasive erectile dysfunction treatment options with a much more minimal risk and side effects. If you’re interested in trying a combination of treatments to resolve your ED, please consult a healthcare professional to confirm the best option for you.

How Does a Penis Pump Work?

Penis pumps are vacuum constriction devices used to draw blood into the penis. Increasing the blood flow into the blood vessels in your penis encourages swelling, making the penis bigger and harder; thus, inducing an erection. The correct usage of penis pumps is emphasized as a significant factor to ensure that this device works.

However, the erection induced by penis pumps alone are temporary. To sustain erection for a longer period of time that’s enough to perform sexual activity, a constriction ring (i.e, cock ring, penis ring) is placed around the base of the penis after using the vacuum pump. This cock ring is essential to help keep the blood in the penis to maintain the erection.

How to Use a Penis Pump: Penis Pump Technique

Penis pump instructions are the same across different penis pumps. Other penis pumps may have different features and inclusions, but the basic instructions to use a penis pump vacuum are the following:

  • Having your hair shaved is recommended (not required) in order to avoid the constriction ring getting caught up in it.
  • Insert the penis into the cylinder or tube, then pump to create a vacuum to encourage blood flow into the penis.
  • Once an erection has been induced, place the cock ring around the base of the penis to keep the blood inside the penis and maintain erection.
  • After placing the constriction ring, remove the penis from the tube.

You may choose between manual or electric penis pumps that you can either decide to use during foreplay or just before penetration.

How to Use Automatic Penis Pump

Using an automatic penis pump is basically the same as a penis pump vacuum, except that there may be additional tools and instructions to operate it. Automatic or electric penis pumps let you control and adjust the pressure to suction your penis and gradually lengthen and erect the penis.

Instead of manual-pumping or trigger-pumping, an electric penis pump may easily be operated with 3 buttons. But do note that you should properly review the manual for further instructions concerning the altitude of your area or any additional steps. 

How to Use a Hydro Penis Pump

Hydro penis pumps do what every other penis pump does, which is to induce erection – but with more pumping power and instant long-lasting results. Hydro penis pumps are also the same as automatic and manual vacuum penis pumps, as both aim to create a suction effect to encourage blood flow into the penis and induce an erection. But keep in mind that hydro pumps differ in the context of use.

Hydro penis pumps are best used in a bathtub, but you can also simply fill the pump with water. The step-by-step process is basically the same with non-hydro penis pumps, except that you have to fill the pump with water and then operate it using the parts of a hydro pump that’s slightly different with other penis pumps.

Penis Pump Result

Penis pump is an effective and non-invasive erectile dysfunction treatment option. Although penis pumps aren’t designed to enlarge the penis, it may increase your size due to the firm erection that it may cause. In summary, the following are the intended results of using a penis pump:

  • Induce and maintain a temporary erection. The vacuum suction feature of a penis pump increases blood flow in the penile area, which causes an erection. Contrary to popular claims, a penile pump is not medically proven to cause penis enlargement. Although it does increase the penis length, the original penis size is restored once the erection subsides.
  • Restore normal erectile function after surgery or therapy. Studies show that penis pumps may be effective to preserve normal erectile function after prostate treatment procedures such as prostate surgery and radiation therapy.

How Long do the Effects of a Penis Pump Last

Similar to natural erections, a penis pump may only generate temporary erections. If erections stay for longer than expected, seek your healthcare provider immediately. But remember that some hydro penis pumps may reportedly last up to 12 hours. 

The advantage of longer duration of an erection is that you don’t need to keep pumping to sustain an erection, however, it may cause serious side effects and medical issues on your part. So before you use devices with those kinds of claims, it’s important to consult with a medical healthcare provider first.

Penis Pump Safety: Is a Penis Pump Safe?

Penis pumps are mostly considered as a safe erectile dysfunction treatment option. However, this vacuum erection device may not be a recommended option for people with certain medical issues such as the following:

  • Priapism. This is a penile condition that may be aggravated by using penis pumps.
  • History of blood clots and blood disorders, or those taking blood thinners. Penis pumps involve pumping blood into the penis and restricting blood flow after an erection has been induced, which is why it’s strongly not recommended for people with blood conditions or those taking blood thinner medication.

Does Penis Pump Hurt?

Penis pumps generally shouldn’t cause pain, especially if used correctly. Aside from correct usage, it’s also important to get the right size of constriction ring that suits your penis to avoid feeling any pain or discomfort.

If you want to ensure that you can further avoid the risk of injuring your penis and testicles, you should seek a prescription from your healthcare provider on the best brand of penis pump to get.

Dangers of Penis Pump

Even if penis pumps are considered as one of the safest and most effective treatments to ED, there are still certain risks and dangers associated with it, especially if the penis pump you bought was cheap and doesn’t use a medical-grade vacuum device. 

It’s important to get your penis pumps from doctor-recommended stores or brands, otherwise, you’ll be prone to the following risks:

  • Decreased firmness of erection
  • Impaired sensation
  • Painful ejaculation
  • Painful injuries or bruising
  • Petechiae (i.e, small red dots, burst blood vessel)
  • Risk of sucking in the testicles
  • Skin numbness or tingling
  • Penile deformity
  • Scarring of the penile tissue

How to Use a Penis Pump Safely

Penis pumps are more than just sex toys, so the safe use of a penis pump starts by buying a safe penis pump. To ensure that the penis pump you get is FDA-approved and effective, asking your healthcare provider for a prescription is recommended. A prescription isn’t required to buy a penis pump, however, it guarantees the safety of the device. Other considerations are also important such as the following:

  • Choose a hand pump that has a vacuum limiter to control the pressure in the cylinder and avoid injuring your penis.
  • Learn and select the right pressure that works for you.
  • You may find that your pump includes compression rings, but the size is usually based on the average penis size, so if you’re a penis size smaller or larger, make sure to choose the right penis size.

As for the method of use to ensure safety of this vacuum therapy treatment option, follow the basic instructions of using the pump and always take note of when penis pumps are not recommended for use.

It’s also important to take note of the frequency of pumping that your body is able to tolerate. Penis pumps are safe for use for several times as long as you can tolerate it. However, beware of the risks and side effects that come with it.

Side Effects of Penis Pump Usage

Using penis pump as a temporary ED treatment  is generally safe. In fact, most medical professionals actually regard penis pumps as a safe and effective alternative treatment to ED medication. However, using it for more than once per day may cause side effects due to miscalculated pressure and inappropriate constriction ring size. Side effects may include the following:

  • Mild bruising around the base of the penis
  • Stiff penis
  • Abnormal penile curvature during erection
  • Penile Discoloration
  • Small blisters

Penis Pump Erectile Dysfunction Risk

Penis pumps are devices that are used for the safe treatment of ED. However, reports show that using ED pumps may negatively affect the quality of erections induced. There are instances when the erections may feel unnatural, or it may lack firmness. 

Despite a vacuum erection pump being for the purpose of treating ED temporarily, the damage that it can cause to the penis if used incorrectly may actually worsen ED or lead to other sexual dysfunction disorders. Aside from its physical impact, penis pumps may also ruin the mood for sexual intercourse or cause sexual embarrassment because of the need to use a penis pump before it.

The Best Penis Pumps for Men at FACE Med Store

Penis pumps are  tools that have great significance in sexual health. It’s important to buy medically approved and recommended penis pumps for safe penis rehabilitation to avoid the pitfalls of those claiming to be a penis extender for a bigger penis size.

FACE Med Store provides medical tools and healthcare devices such as a penis pump. We’ve helped our clients achieve their overall health goals by providing safe and effective tools and products. Contact us for more information about our store and products, or check out our website today.

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