Is It Safe to Do an Extreme Penis Pump Marathon?

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While penis pumps are a well-known penis enlargement method, some men resort to over pumping because the pressure produced by their device is sensual, pleasurable, and erotic to some extent. When they get lost in experience, they tend to do an extreme penis pump marathon. 

So is it safe to do an extreme penis pump marathon? No it isn’t, especially if you’re new to penis pumping. For safety reasons, you should do tested tips and tricks that have been proven to maximize penile gains and prevent exacerbation of erectile dysfunction (ED).

Marathon Penis Pumping: An Extreme Routine

In theory, it may sound logical that more penis pumping leads to massive gains, but this is not necessarily the case. The penis pumping marathon simply means pumping for a longer period of time (more than the recommended amount), sometimes for up to 5 hours at a time. This is rather extreme and should never be done by beginners. 

If you’re still starting out, you should be more concerned about technique, timing, and the proper mindset – not the longevity of pumping sessions. While some men achieve faster growth as compared to others, you should remain patient and persistent.

Penis Pump Tips and Tricks to Maximize Gains

You might opt to explore different vacuum pump and penis pump stretching techniques that are safe and maximize results:

1) Pulse Pumping

Pulse pumping means changing the pressure levels of your pump throughout the session. Say, for instance, the maximum pressure level of your device is 5 in/Hg. Gradually decrease this level every 1 minute until it reaches 0. Afterwards, pump it back up to the maximum level and repeat until you’re satisfied (never exceed 30 minutes per session). This stimulates and expands the internal penis chambers.

2) Milking

Similar to the hand motion in male masturbation, milking refers to moving the pump’s cylinder up and down the penis shaft at a smooth and slow to moderate pace. Ideally, you should execute the milking technique once your penis has warmed up to the pump’s pressure, which usually occurs after 5 to 7 minutes. 

3) Shakes

This technique stimulates the penis nerve endings by shaking the cylinder in an up and down motion at varying intensities. Just keep an eye on the suction intensity level to prevent testicular pain.

4) Wrapping

As the name implies, the pump’s tube is wrapped with a heating device – like an electric heating device – during the session. When the penis shaft is warm, it is more stimulated and thus encourages blood flow, an essential element for achieving an erection. Keep in mind that you should not keep the wrap on for too long as it could start overheating or cause blisters.

Don’t forget that using a penis pump might change the dynamics during your solo play or sexy time with your partner. So try to incorporate a sex toy (e.g., anal beads, prostate massager, cock ring) in the bedroom for less awkwardness and more sexual pleasure.

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Things to Remember When Penile Pumping

​​One of the most crucial factors to remember when penile pumping is that you have to select the right size of constriction ring. Rings too loose affects the pump’s effectiveness, while rings too tight may cause discomfort, which can “turn off” your mood. We highly recommend that you take the time to choose a snug and perfectly fitted constriction ring. 

Another thing to avoid is keeping the tension ring in place for more than 30 minutes. Prolonged cut off of blood flow could cause injuries to your penis, such as bruising and cell damage. Fortunately, injuries from tension rings are less likely to be permanent. Lastly, pump in moderation to avoid tissue injuries. Frequent and harsh pumping could incur permanent damage to the skin and could also harm blood vessels.

Choosing the Right Penis Pump

To maintain an extreme vacuum pumping routine, you need to find the vacuum erection device for you – don’t worry, there’s one for everyone. So here are some factors you need to consider when buying your next hand pump:

1) Penis Size

Find a penis pump that fits your penis length and girth. If you’re in between 2 sizes, go for the bigger model. For example, the brand Bathmate offers a range of products suited for different penis sizes (e.g., Bathmate Hydro Pump, Bathmate Hydroxtreme, Bathmate HydroMax7). As for the FACE Med Store Rechargeable Penis Pump, it’s a one-size-fits-most device.

2) Reasons for Buying

Some pumps are designed for specific reasons such as penis enlargement and sexual pleasure. If a product’s marketing claims sound too good to be true, it probably is. Remember that penis pumps can only temporarily increase your penis size

3) Budget

Find the best quality penis pump for your budget, although we recommend that you look at devices more than $40. For example, at the FACE Med Store, our electric penis pump machine already comes with 5 controlled suction settings, a medical-grade cock ring, a USB power cord, and ruler markings on the tube.

4) Category

Stick to a routine that is appropriate for your experience level with regards to penis enhancement. If you’re a beginner, don’t expect a miracle. Take things slow, set realistic goals, and figure out how your penis responds to your pumping routine. Soon enough you’ll be able to do intermediate and much more advanced routines.

Experience Size Gains with FACE Med Store

Every man is different – some see massive gains in a short period of time while others need a bit more investment. But remember that you should never get too excited and do an extreme penis pump marathon if you’re still starting out. Always put your safety first.

You can get great results from a powerful penis pump and other related products at FACE Med Store. We also offer other male enhancement and erectile dysfunction procedures. Get in touch with us today.

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