What Are The Small Penis Pumps Available for Men?

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There is nothing wrong with having a slightly below average penis size. However, the self-doubt you feel may be compounded when you begin experiencing erectile dysfunction. Whether it is caused by psychological factors like stress, health conditions, or the effects of surgery, a possible way to continue sexual activity with erectile dysfunction is through using a penis pump.

So what are the best small penis pumps for men? The best penis pumps for a small penis are the Utimi Rechargeable Penis Extender, Commander Electric Pump, and the Bathmate Hydromax 3. These pumps may potentially create a solid erection and promote sexual health even with erectile dysfunction. 

Are There Small Penis Pumps for Men?

Most of the penis pumps are made to fit the average penis size. In the U.S., this is about 5 inches when erect and 3.5 inches when flaccid. If your penis length is below that range, it can be difficult to find a penis pump your size that could possibly alleviate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. However, there are various penis pumps available for any man with a tiny dick or a micro penis. 

The minimum or maximum pressure applied by the pump is largely dependent on its intended penis size. If too much pressure is applied, it may injure the skin and tissue of the penis causing red spots from blood vessel damage, soreness, and discoloration. Small penis pumps are designed to maintain a low but effective level of pressure to provide a substantial amount of temporary penis enlargement.

Small penis pumps also have several differences from other penis pumps. Due to their comparatively miniature size, they are usually cheaper and more compact than their regular counterparts. It can be easier to store and can even be kept for travel for on-the-go pumping sessions.

However, a smaller fit for penis pumps is not recommended because it may limit the size and toughness of the gained erection, bruise the penile tissue, and irritate the surface of the penis. A penis pump should always have enough space to accommodate the increase in size after the erection is exposed to tension created by the vacuum and suction.

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The Best Small Penis Pumps

There is no single best small penis pump as they can come in multiple forms. The main types of penis pumps are air pumps, electric pumps, and water pumps. However, the most effective penis pumps for small penises come in automatic vacuum pumps powered by electricity and through the use of water pressure. 

1) Utimi Rechargeable Penis Extender

The Utimi Rechargeable Penis Extender is an automatic vacuum suction pump that can be re-energized through a USB charger. However, its hour-long battery ensures that the pumping session will not be interrupted with the constant need of recharging it. 

With its customizable pressure levels, automatic vacuum suction technology, and food-grade material, it is a safe and valid option to obtain temporary yet sufficient penis enlargement results under $100. It’s easily used by adding lubricant to the penis, inserting it to the cylinder, and then selecting a compression level. The product provides an automatic vacuum therapy for any small penis.

2) Commander Electric Pump

Another excellent small penis pump is the Commander Electric Pump. It’s cheaper and simpler than the Utimi Rechargeable Penis Extender as it lacks customizable pressure buttons. But do note that it comes with 3 size sleeves to create the best vacuum seal for any size — especially for those in the smaller size. Simply follow the same steps as the Utimi Rechargeable Penis Extender, then press the red button once the achieved size has been reached.   

3) Hydromax 3

The Hydromax product line manufactured by Bathmate uses warm water instead of lube to create a more comfortable and smoother pumping experience. They come in various sizes with the largest going up to 12 inches. For those on the smallest end of the spectrum, there is the Hydromax 3 — designed for those who are under 3 inches when erect.

While it’s the most expensive option out of the three, it has the most features, comfortability, and capabilities. By filling the device with water and closing the latch valve, the user simply pumps the device as it’s attached to the base of the penis, similar to using a masturabion sleeve. Once the desired hardness and size is accomplished, the user opens the latch to release the water inside the cylinder. 

The Hydromax 3 also comes with a more powerful variant: the HydroXtreme 3. It’s capable of producing stronger amounts of water pressure as it’s likened to an air pump by design. With either variant, hydro pumps are an option for those who are hesitant to insert their penis into a machine and are willing to spend money on a more premier pumping session.

Other Considerations When Choosing a Penis Pump

While there are penis pumps that boast a list of unique features, it’s important to check any implemented safety measures in the device. The penis is a sensitive organ that is vulnerable to any sort of physical trauma or persistent discomfort. While there is no inherent risk in using a penis pump with proper procedure, utilizing the right penis pump is beneficial to potentially treating increasing penis enlargement or producing an erection with erectile dysfunction

These safety measures include a vacuum limiter to prevent the suction within the cylinder of the pump from harming the penis. Another safety feature available in penis pumps is a PSI gauge so the user may know exactly how much pressure is inside the cylinder. 

If you’re finding a penis pump solely for erectile dysfunction, a doctor may be able to provide a prescription for one that is FDA-approved and suitable for your size. The penis pump can then be paid, partially or entirely, through health insurance depending on your coverage.

Other reasons for choosing the best penis pump are cosmetic qualities. Pumps can come in a variety of colors, shapes, and accessories. Some may choose the same color for their collection while others may obtain a more compact one so that it can be stored in any part of their room. 

Alternatives to Using a Penis Pump

Penis pumps can be a possible treatment for erectile dysfunction as it is a cheaper, safe, and a well-known practice. However, it can be daunting to try, may prove ineffective for your needs, or it may be incompatible with your current health conditions. There are other methods to provide penis enlargement that cannot be done naturally due to erectile dysfunction or other conditions.

One common method is through the use of medication like Viagra to produce an erection naturally. Though it can be purchased commercially or without a prescription, consult a doctor first as frequent use without a diagnosis can have long-term effects on overall sexual health.

Another way to artificially obtain an erection is through a penile implant. This is done through a surgery where a device containing a cylinder and a pump is inserted in the penis. By using the pump, which is inserted near the scrotum, saline is added inside the cylinders in the penis, simulating an erection. 

If you’re seeking a permanent way to obtain penis enlargement, the only option available is surgery to directly enlarge and expand your penis size. Though there are products like pumps and supplements that promise similar results, they haven’t been approved by the FDA for that purpose and could cause other unwanted side effects. 

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A small penis isn’t something to be ashamed of. With the right tools, preparation, and encouragement, it can still perform in the bedroom. But do note that it can be hard to maintain that performance if it’s affected by erectile dysfunction. To find the product best suited for your needs that meets your budget, you need to seek a medical supplier you can trust. 

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