Do Penis Pumps Really Enhance the Size of Your Penis? 

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If your penis refuses to cooperate in the heat of the moment, a penis pump can give you a helping hand. You might be having anxiety about your size or perhaps you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED). Either way, you can use a penis pump to get the blood pumping in your vascular system to improve the quality of erections and the strength of your orgasms.

So the big question is: Do penis pumps make you bigger down there? Yes, penis pumps can give you stronger erections, and with that, a larger penis but only for a short while – 30 minutes tops.

Do Penis Pumps Increase Penis Size?

Penis pumps – also called “vacuum erection device” in medical parlance – can increase both your penis length and girth for a brief period of time, just long enough for you to experience penetrative sex. Now although you can experience a temporary gain, this device was specifically made for those having troubles with erectile dysfunction. You could also use a pump alongside oral medications such as Viagra.

So don’t believe marketing claims and internet articles that promise to give you a bigger penis for good. Some men become desperate to boost their size and end up over pumping, which damages the vascular system. Ask for the guidance of a sex therapist or healthcare professional that has experience with male enhancement.

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How Does a Penis Pump Make a Penis Bigger?

A penis pump uses a suction or vacuum to draw blood into the penis. This encourages blood flow by expanding penile tissue and thus causes the male organ to swell and become – temporarily – bigger and harder.

Depending on the make, some penis pumps may need a semi or fully erect penis as a prerequisite. The resulting erection should last for about 10 to 15 minutes, but if accompanied with a rubber ring, results can last for half an hour.

For the most part, penis pumps are safe to use. Just be careful about maintaining the right amount of air pressure in the cylinder, as well as making sure that the cock ring has a snug fit. Penis pumps may not be an appropriate solution for men with blood disorders, have a history of blood clotting, and for those taking blood thinners.

How to Prep Your Penis

If you’re ready to pump it up down there, take the following precautions for a safe experience and to maximize results from your device:

1) Trim Pubes

As much as an unruly bush could sometimes kill the mood, it can also interfere with the mechanisms of a penis pump. Shaving or trimming your pubes keeps unwanted hairs from getting caught in the cock ring, which can cause a lot of discomfort.

2) Use Lubrication

Apply some lube to your shaft and base, as well as around the end of the pump’s tube, for a nice, airtight seal. Lubrication also makes it much easier to slide the penis ring on and off. Not to mention, if you’re going for a masturbation session, lube can make the experience more pleasurable.

3) Remember the 30-Minute Rule

Never leave the penis ring on for too long. It should come off after 30 minutes – no ifs and butts. When you cut off blood flow to the penis for an extended period of time, it could cause damage.

4) Follow Instructions

Even if the directions on how to use a penis pump may seem self-explanatory, it’s still important to go through the manufacturer’s instructions, most especially because some pumps work slightly different from the norm. If you want to be safe and see the best results, follow the instruction manual.

Side Effects of Using a Penis Pump

Unlike sexual intercourse, penis pumping cannot be spontaneous. You need to prepare. Overall, a penis enlargement pump is safe and effective, but just like with any equipment, there can be potential – but only minor – drawbacks if you’re not transparent about your current sexual health conditions and if you don’t follow instructions religiously: 

1) Pain or Bruising

Pain or bruising the penis – may that be around the shaft or the base – usually happens when you regularly use a tight constriction ring to keep the blood in your penis in place. The best solution is to find the ring size for you, not too tight that it feels like your penis is suffocating, but also not too loose where you turn flaccid right after a few minutes.

2) Petechiae

Pinpoint-sized red dots, called petechiae, appear on the skin of the penis when too much blood is pumped too quickly. You may also see some purplish bruising on the shaft as a result of the bleeding. While this is a painless side effect, just give it time to subside. To avoid this from ever happening, take a few breaths in between each pump. Keep in mind that you’re pumping a part of your body and not an air mattress, so just take your time.

3) Decreased Sensation

When you start using a penis pump, both you and your partner might feel uncomfortable and awkward in bed, especially now that manual coordination is needed to operate the device. The transition should take patience and understanding from both parties. You might also want to experiment with sex toys for more stimulation.

4) Unnatural Erection

Erections caused by a penis pump may not feel natural or spontaneous. There might also be instances where your penis pivots more compared to how it feels during a natural erection.

5) Feeling of Trapped Semen

You might feel a weird sensation of your semen being trapped whenever you ejaculate. If that’s the case, try finding a penis ring that has a small cutout.

How to Choose the Best Rated Penis Pump

Whether you’re struggling with ED or you just want to get to Erection City, you have to find the best penis enlarger pump for you. For starters, have your doctor clear you to use a penile pump and ask for a prescription. While you don’t necessarily need a prescription to purchase a vacuum pump, having one means that you’ll get a safe model and that your insurance may cover part of your expenses. 

These are some things you need to consider when looking for a quality pump:

1) FDA-Approved

If the packaging says that the product has FDA-approval and that it will help you maintain an erection, that’s when you can do a double take. On the other hand, if its marketing claims include getting a larger-than-average penis permanently, it’s probably not safe to use and you can continue browsing for other options.

2) Vacuum Limiter

Speaking of safety, make sure that the penis pump has a vacuum limiter. This feature prevents the pressure in the cylindrical tube from exceeding the recommended amount. If the air pressure gets too strong, this could potentially cause your penis to get injured.

3) Size Options

Most penis pumps are one-size-fits-most. But note that if your penis leans towards the smaller or bigger than average size, you might have to make a special request.

Other Ways on How to Get a Bigger Penis

Penis pumps are not the only penile rehabilitation options in the market to this date. Here are a few more options you can consider:

1) Jelqing

First on the list is the age-old practice of Jelqing, a penis exercise. It is a series of activities that stretch the penis for enlargement. However, this practice comes with a risk of injuring the genitalia. You may run the likelihood of bruising and, even worse, tissue damage.

2) Extender Devices

How it works is that there are two rings in a penis extender; one sits at the base and the other at the head. The device is lined along the shaft and extends the flaccid penis.

3) Penis Enlargement Pills

There are FDA-approved oral medications that seek to stimulate blood flow to the penis. An example of an oral pill is the infamous Viagra. However, it would be best to do your due diligence on the disadvantages, risks, and costs of various oral medications.

4) Creams, Lotions, and Oils

Rubbing creams, lotions, and oils are probably among the most advertised penis enlargement methods on fishy online shopping sites. Unlike oral medications, penis this group of substances have no proven scientific claims.

5) Penoplasty

Also called phalloplasty, penoplasty is a surgical penis enlargement procedure that may be used for fat transfer, penile injections, or implants. Penoplasty, being a surgical procedure, comes with tons of risk. This includes infection, irregularities, bleeding, seroma, swelling, and bruising.

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Bottom line is, penis pumps do work. But if you’re looking for a permanent increase in penis size, this isn’t the solution for you – you might need penis enlargement surgery. Vacuum erection devices are designed to help you gain and maintain a firmer erection for a longer time.

If you’re looking for the best penis pump on the market or an effective ED treatment, get them at FACE Med Store. We have a wide range of beauty and medical supplies for your specific concerns. Get in touch with us today.

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