What You Need to Know About Hydro Penis Pumps

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Penis pumps use vacuum air suction technology to draw blood into the penile area to induce an erection. To ensure that you get a penis pump that uses a medical-grade cylinder and features easy navigation, you should always seek the recommendation of your healthcare provider. Due to their effectiveness and quick results, hydro penis pumps are gaining popularity today.

So what is a hydro penis pump? A hydro penis pump is a vacuum pumping device that uses water to facilitate the suction of the penis. Unlike regular air pumps, hydro pumps have more adjustable options to provide its users with more comfort, ease, and efficiency.

What is a Hydro Penis Pump?

Penis pumps are more than just sex toys, it’s a mechanical device that may be used as a tool to boost sexual health by being a non-medicated erectile dysfunction treatment. So getting a penis pump from a trusted brand and store is important to ensure the quality and safety of the vacuum pumping device for penile erection.

Hydro penis pumps are similar to air penis pumps, except that it uses water to facilitate the pumping which results in reduced risk of injury and side effects. The most popular water penis pumps are created by Bathmate company, which has proven its versatility in producing top-quality water penis pump selections through the Bathmate hydro pump series.

1) Penis Shower Pump and Penis Pump Bath

A bathmate pump may be used in the shower or bath. It may be more convenient to use it in the bath while being surrounded (but not submerged into) warm water, but using it in the shower is also as effective. Simply follow the instructions provided in the kit and ensure the correct usage of the device to secure the efficient and effective results from the hydro pump workout.

2) Pressure Gauge for Hydromax Penis Pump

Hydro penis pumps by Bathmate company are registered as a medical device, so it may be regarded as a relatively safe tool to induce erection, provided you use it correctly. Because it is registered, pumps made by Bathmate may only produce a maximum level of pressure up to a certain legal extent. The fact that it uses water may also ensure the consistency of pressure applied to the entire penile area.

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Benefits of a Water-Based Penis Pump

Hydro pumps, specifically a Bathmate hydromax pump, uses water (specifically, warm water) as a powerful pump to encourage blood flow into the penis. The advantages of a Bathmate hydro pump series are the following:

  • Registered medical device
  • Pumping force adheres to the legal standard
  • Uniform force and stimulation around the penis.
  • Uses warm water which opens up the pores of the skin, allowing it to stretch more as the penis is elongated.
  • Reduced risk of injury and side effects on the penile tissue
  • Improved erection quality
  • Enhanced sexual stamina

Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pump

A Bathmate penis pump is popular for its hydro-suction technology that uses warm water to pressure the penile area and draw blood into it to produce an erection. Bathmate hydromax review mostly involves 92% satisfied users, making the Bathmate Hydromax series the most popular water penis pump. 

Meanwhile, other Bathmate products such as a Bathmate shower strap may be bought separately to maximize comfort and effective use of a Bathmate penis pump. With a variety of options to choose from in Bathmate penis pump hydro series, below are the top Bathmate penis pump options to choose from:

  • Bathmate HydroXtreme. Compared to most hydro pumps, this specific hydro penis pump may be used with or without water. This means that it’s easier to form a routine because of the accessibility of this device. Cleaning and sanitation accessories are also included, which is necessary for the hygienic use of this hydro penis pump.
  • Bathmate Hydromax 7. Formerly known as the Bathmate Hydromax X30, this Bathmate penis pump is a beginner-friendly hydro penis pump which boasts of its unique value of providing 35% more pumping power than most hydro pumps.
  • Bathmate Hydromax 5. Formerly known as the Bathmate Hydromax X20, this water hand pump is suitable for those measuring up to 5 inches when erect.

A Bathmate penis pump works similarly as an air penis pump, except that it uses hydro-vacuum technology. Bathmate company levels up your vacuum pump by including a medical-grade cylinder pumping mechanism in your hand pump. To further differentiate itself from other hand pump options, a Bathmate penis pump also gives you the choice to use it with or without water. 

Although hydro pumps are a generally safer version, it’s still important to ensure correct usage of the device by properly reading the instructions that are included in the kit to safeguard your penile health.

Aside from the fact that hydro penis pumps use water to facilitate the effective pumping of the penis while most pumps uses air, shown in the table are the other differences of a hydro penis pump and a usual penis pump:

Hydro PumpsAir Pumps
Bathmate hydromax series use hydro-vacuum technology.Uses air vacuum technology.
No need to use lube when using a Bathmate hydro pump.Uses lube to avoid injuring the penile skin.
No need to use constriction rings to secure erection for a longer period of time.Uses a constriction ring to maintain an erection.
Temporary erection and increase in penis size may last up to 12 hours, which may also reduce the need for repetitive pumping.Temporary erection may last for a couple of hours. Re-pumping is recommended if erection has subsided after a sexual intercourse session.

Hydro Penis Pump Before and After Results

Hydro penis pumps use water to consistently apply vacuum pressure into the penis to induce an erection in a non-invasive and non-surgical way. Aside from that, Bathmate claims that their hydro pumps doesn’t simply help form and sustain an erection, it may also improve sexual stamina.

There are Bathmate review testimonials about the penis enlargement and penis enhancement effect of hydro penis pumps by Bathmate, however, there’s no scientific or any medical evidence to solidify these claims. In general, penis pumps function to increase penis length during an erection, but once the erection has subsided, the penis size reverts back to the original.

The Best Max Power Water Hydro Penis Pumps at FACE Med Store

Penis pumping is more than just using a sex toy for pleasure, it’s actually a very important sexual health matter as it acts as a safer treatment for ED. There are many hand pump options to choose from such as an air pump and a water pump. But do note that a water penis pump is preferred most of the time because of its powerful pump that promotes good penile health, unlike a vacuum pump that risks injuring your penile tissue.

FACE Med Store provides medical tools and healthcare devices such as a water penis pump. We’ve helped our clients achieve their overall health goals by providing safe and effective tools and products. Contact us for more information about our store and products.

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