What You Need to Know About Electric Penis Pumps

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Often known as penis enlargement devices, penis pumps are designed for those having erectile dysfunction (ED) and are looking to temporarily increase the size of their member. Consequently, this can boost self-confidence and restore penile health. But the benefits don’t end there. Electronic penis pumps, in particular, require little to no work to achieve your desired vacuum pump pressure.

So what exactly is an electric penis pump? This is a vacuum erection device that gives you the best results as it gives more vacuum pressure than a manual pump and water penis pump. Some models also have an LCD display that showcases more information about your workouts. You may also use one alongside other penis enlargement methods to treat ED and to improve your sex life.

Benefits of a Quality Electric Penis Pump

We recommend that you find a high-quality and medical-grade electronic penis pump made for penis enlargement and erectile dysfunction. It is more cost-efficient and relatively safer than other methods. We list below the benefits of a quality electric penis pump:

1) Firmer Erections

One benefit of an electronic penis pump is a prolonged erection. The pump increases blood flow in the penis, which results in harder and longer-lasting erections. The enhanced blood flow also allows for a temporary increase in penis length.

2) Enlarged Size

Although a penis enlargement pump does not guarantee permanent results, it’s still a good option for increasing penis size – both the feeling and the look. The results are enough to last until you reach the point of satisfaction. 

3) Increased Sensitivity

Penis pumps promote heightened sensations, which grants the user a more pleasurable sensual experience. Increased sensitivity paired with firmer erections is a combo benefit of an electronic penis pump that guarantees more intense releases.

4) Safer

When done right, an electronic penis pump has less risk than other penile enlargement methods. Awareness and remembering safety precautions before engaging in penile pumping is a must to ensure the effectiveness and your safety.

5) Cheaper and Quicker

Aside from being safer, it is also cheaper than oral ED  medications and surgical procedures such as penoplasty. Although electronic penis pumps are a bit more expensive than manual pumps, they work more quickly and are more manageable. We also suggest electronic penis pumps for those who lack hand strength. 

Restore Both Size and Confidence

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How to Use an Electric Penis Pump Safely

Using an automatic penis pump is pretty straightforward. But before anything else, apply a lubricant around your penis to avoid irritation from the pump. Slip your penis inside the cylinder penile tube over and seal the cock ring around the base. Afterwards, press the “on” button to turn on the pump and gradually increase the air pressure to gain a firm erection. Once your penis is fully erect, remove it from the pump.

There’s no need to worry about your penis getting sucked up into the pump because one, most electric penis pumps come with a vacuum limiter, and two, most pumps can accommodate all sizes. Just remember that once you’ve reached the state you desire to be in, release the air pressure and do not overdo the pumping. Remove the pump after a maximum of 30 minutes. Never go beyond that time limit.

Using an electric penis pump consistently helps you maintain erections for longer, enhances your size, and boosts confidence levels. You can use a vacuum erection device about 5 or 10 minutes before engaging in sexual intercourse. If you need some help with the job, you can also use a sex toy (e.g., anal beads, sex doll, prostate massager) or other male enhancement products such as extenders, stretchers, and clamps.

Myths About Electronic Penis Pumps

In the context of risks and potential dangers of penis pumps, they are scientifically proven to show results when used correctly. We debunk the following myths about these vacuum erection devices:

1) Causes Damage

For the most part, this myth is false. If you follow your penis pump’s instructions to the T and don’t settle for a cheap penis pump, enhancing your erection should be a safe and smooth process. Always use with caution because remember, improper use of electronic penis pumps can lead to discomfort, bruising, or worse, aggravation of erectile dysfunction. If anything goes wrong, contact a doctor immediately.

2) Increases Size Permanently

Penis pumps are only a temporary fix. It can increase your penis girth and length for a limited amount of time – just as long as your erection. Once you go back to being flaccid, your penis will return to its normal size. Although you might see more significant visual gains if you combine penis pumps with other ED procedures, make sure to consult with a healthcare expert in male enhancement.

3) Only for Erectile Dysfunction

Penis pumps aren’t just an ED treatment or penis enlargement method. These can also be used for pleasure in the bedroom, whether with someone else or alone, to have a larger, firmer erection. 

Electric Vs. Manual Penis Pump

Electric Penis PumpManual Penis Pump
Description A battery-operated device that’s easier to use and has a button for activation.The suction head is activated with a push-pull motion or a lever that must be squeezed.
AdvantagesThis works faster as it can work within 30 seconds to 1 minute.To create an erection, minimal manual effort is exerted.This device is specifically effective for men who are unable to get an erection because of nerve damage and men with Type 2 Diabetes or Parkinson’s Disease.The highest possible vacuum pressure is achieved for best results of your penile growth.Generally, this results in a harder erection.This reverses the symptoms of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.This can counter the effects of damage in the nerves that are typically associated with prostate surgery or Type 2 Diabetes.This assists men in regaining normal sexual function.
Disadvantages Electric penis pumps are usually a bit more expensive than manual pumps, but you end up with better results.It can create loud buzzing noises when operating.It takes several minutes to make your penis hard.The vacuum pressure you obtain is not as high as an electric penile pump.There is less chance of penile growth and overall results.You need to exert more hand work to attain sufficient pressure levels and satisfactory results.

Features of FACE Med Store’s Electric Pump 

The main reason why people love the FACE Med Store’s Rechargeable Penis Pump is because of its effectiveness in giving you a harder and longer lasting erection, most especially if you’re having issues with erectile dysfunction. 

This particular penis pump doesn’t require anything special for it to function (other than the pump itself). It also has multiple vacuum pump settings and a medical-grade silicone penis ring to help you reach your desired pressure.

If you’re using this purely for enhancement purposes, you can experience temporary gains in both length and girth, pump yourself up for sexual activity, and improve your performance in bed. Just look at the markings on the cylindrical body to see how much your penis size has changed. And plug the USB power cord to recharge the device.

Get the Best Penis Pump at FACE Med Store Today

If you’re ready to give it a shot, try a high-quality and affordable electronic penis pump at the FACE Med Store to get the best experience and results. We also offer other related products that address a myriad of sexual health concerns. Our healthcare professionals also provide other ED procedures that fit our patients’ male enhancement needs. Get in touch with us today.

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