Is Using A Vacuum Penis Pump Worth It? 

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Erectile dysfunction is a common condition that can affect men’s sexual health and overall quality of life. Fortunately, most patients can manage the frustrating symptoms of ED using external penile rigidity devices, such as penis pumps. Doctors usually recommend penis pumps as a first-line treatment for ED, especially if you want to avoid invasive surgery. 

So how effective are vacuum pumps for penis enlargement and erectile dysfunction treatment? A penis pump is a safe and effective device that can help men get and sustain a firmer erection for sexual intercourse. Studies have shown how to vacuum erection devices can help improve blood flow to the penis to temporarily increase its size, girth, and length. You can use penis pumps multiple times a day to maintain your erection quality for sexual activity. 

Vacuum Penis Pumps for Male Enhancement: How Effective Is It?    

Penis pumps can be used for both recreational purposes as sex toys or medical reasons for ED treatment. Whatever the intention of your use is, the goal of a vacuum erection device is to help maintain your erectile function and improve the penile length, firmness, and size for penetrative sex. 

What makes vacuum pump devices popular is that they’re very simple and easy to use for male enhancement. Generally, they can produce an erection by using a suction mechanism that creates negative pressure and draws blood to the penile tissue and vessels. Penile pumps can be operated manually or electrically with the use of batteries.   

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Understanding How Vacuum Penis Pumps Increase Size and Girth 

To have a better idea of how penis pumps work for penis enlargement, it’s better to understand first how erections occur. Typically, the penis has two chambers called the corpora cavernosa which extend from the head to the pelvis. When blood flows into the tissues and spaces inside these chambers, the penis grows in size and becomes erect. 

When you’re sexually aroused, the nerves in the brain send signals that cause the muscles of the corpora cavernosa to open up. This allows a steady circulation of blood to fill the spaces and causes the penis to swell and visually expand. The blood flow then gets trapped inside by a membrane, resulting in an erect penis. 

Patients with erectile dysfunction normally struggle with decreased blood flow into the penis, causing them to have difficulties in achieving and sustaining an erection. Another possible reason for weaker erections is that their erectile tissues have been damaged after having prostate surgery.

Here’s an overview of how penis pumping can enhance your penile health and overall erectile function: 

1) Stimulates blood circulation in the penile area 

There are different health conditions that can cause inadequate blood flow to the penis, such as hypertension, diabetes, and high cholesterol. The suction mechanism of penis pumps allows more blood to circulate in the penis, leading to bigger and stronger erections.  

But note that the effects of a vacuum pump are temporary and they don’t necessarily alter the size and appearance of your penis. Studies show that a penis pump can’t actually change your natural length but it can provide several inches of increase in penis size for penetrative sex. An erect penis will eventually revert to its flaccid state once the blood flow returns to normal.

2) Increases penile tissue oxygenation

Men who have had a radical prostatectomy surgery are also prone to experiencing erectile dysfunction due to damage in their erectile tissues. Several researchers suggest that vacuum therapy with a penis pump can help facilitate penile rehabilitation after surgery

Regular penis pumping may also enhance oxygen circulation to keep the erectile tissue and blood vessels healthy. It may also prevent permanent cavernosal tissue damage and encourage tissue regeneration to aid in penile recovery and avoid penis shrinkage. 

3) Helps elongate the penis 

Another common use of penis pumps is for the management of Peyronie’s disease. This is a condition that causes the penis to look curved or bent. It happens as a result of fibrous scar tissue forms under the skin of the penis. A vacuum constriction device may also be used as a possible therapy for improving penis curvature with Peyronie’s disease.

A study suggests that the use of a penile pump can provide significant changes in penile length, reduce the angle of curvature, and restore erectile function in affected patients. The vacuum device may be a helpful alternative treatment to reduce the need of getting surgery to treat the condition. 

Benefits of Using a Penis Vacuum Pump

There are several reasons why more and more people are looking into using penis pumps for male enhancement and erectile dysfunction treatment. Here are some of the common advantages of vacuum erection devices: 

1) Inexpensive treatment option for ED 

One of the main benefits of vacuum pumps is that they’re cheaper than the other treatment options for erectile dysfunction. A penis enlargement or penile implant procedure can cost as much as $15,000 to $20,000, while purchasing a vacuum erection device can only cost you about $200 to $1000 depending on the type of pump. 

2) Non-invasive and low-risk 

Undergoing a complex surgical procedure for male enhancement naturally comes with possible complications. However, penis pumping is a great option if you want to avoid the serious health risks and adverse effects of invasive treatment. Here’s a comparison of the common side effects of penis pumps and penile enlargement surgery: 

Side Effects Penis pumpSurgery or implant 
Scarring X
Tissue formation X
Bleeding ✓ but only minimal and usually appears as red dots or petechiae
Numbness ✓ X

Penis pumps are also preferred treatment over oral medication for ED. This is because some drugs have potential side effects such as indigestion, headaches, back pains, nasal congestion, dizziness, and diarrhea. 

3) Immediate effects 

Another great thing about erectile dysfunction pumps is that you can see their results almost instantaneously. Depending on the firmness and length that you want to achieve, you can achieve an erection within 30 seconds to 5  minutes of penis pumping. Most penis pumps also have a simple design so they’re easy and convenient to operate so you can immediately get into action after pumping. 

4) Longer-lasting erections and increased arousal 

The increased blood flow to the penis doesn’t only result in better-quality erections but can also make you last longer in bed. It’s recommended to use a cock ring after pumping to help maintain the results and trap the blood in the genitals so you can have a harder and firmer erection for penetrative sex.

Additionally, penis pumping can also result in increased sensation and arousal during sexual activity. According to a study, couples who regularly used a penis pump experienced more satisfactory intercourse and had more frequent sexual relations. 

Types of Vacuum Penis Pumps

There are a variety of vacuum erection devices according to the method of operation and the suction mechanism used to create the pressure that will enlarge the penis. Here are the common types of penis pumps that you can choose from: 

1) Electric Penis Pumps

With this type of vacuum device, you can have a hands-free penis-pumping experience. An electric pump usually comes with a small electric motor that can be activated with a switch button. The motor removes the air inside the cylinder and creates pressure to help achieve your intended penis size and length. Most electric penis pumps are battery-powered with digital controls.

2) Manual Penis Pumps

This is the opposite of an electric pump which is primarily operated by hand. It comes with a basic air pump design and has a hand-operated trigger that is used to create pressure in the cylinder to transform your flaccid penis into an erect one. 

One main advantage of a manual penis pump is that they’re quieter to use. But note that they do require muscle strength so you can keep pumping until you reach your desired erection. 

3) Water Penis Pumps 

A penis hydro pump uses water instead of air to create a suction force that will draw blood to the  tissues and produce an erection. A water pump is generally battery-operated and comes with a quick-release valve so you can immediately release the pressure once your penis is erect. 

The main benefit of water-based vacuum pumps is that they provide a unique sensation that can better stimulate the tissues for penis enlargement. To use this device, you need to fill the cylinder with warm water. The more water is inside the chamber, the greater pressure will be used to form an erection. 

Features You Need to Look for in a Vacuum Penis Pump

Generally, penis pumps are made of a plastic tube or cylinder, seal, and vacuum pack. However, the best penis pump should have a safety mechanism that can minimize the risk of injuries and side effects during and after pumping. Here are some of the things you need to look for in a penis pump: 

  • Penis Pump Sleeve or Pad: This is a cushion made of either silicone or neoprene that can be placed between the pelvis and the tube to minimize chafing against the skin. They can also help prevent irritation and discomfort during the use of the device. The pads can also provide extra tightness and seal the vacuum inside so that the pump provides more effective results.
  • Constriction Ring: After pumping, you should immediately wear a penis ring to prevent the blood from flowing away. You should look for a vacuum erection device that already has a constriction ring that you can place on the base of your penis to maintain your erection.
  • Quick Release Valve: It’s also best to look for a penis pump with a quick release valve that will allow you to safely remove the pressure inside the cylinder once an erection is achieved. This will help reduce the risks of tissue injury and damage from over-pumping.
  • Pressure Gauge or Limiter: You should also use an electric or manual penis pump that has a gauge that lets you monitor how much pressure is being applied in the tube. After your initial use, you can note the pressure level that gives you your desired erection quality so you can have a quicker pumping session. 

How to Know If A Vacuum Penis Pump is for You 

Erectile dysfunction patients are the common users of penis pumps and they typically receive a prescription so they can use a medical-grade vacuum erection device. While penis pumps are generally safe for most individuals, some patients may not be good candidates for using the device. A person may not use a penis pump if they have the following conditions: 

  • Have a history of excessive bleeding
  • Have a blood clotting disorder
  • Are currently taking blood thinning medications
  • Diagnosed with sickle cell anemia
  • Are experiencing reduced sensation in the genital area
  • Have priapism which is a condition that causes prolonged and painful erections 

Buy Penis Pumps and Other Medical Supplies for ED Treatment at FACE Med Store  

Whether for recreational use or medical purposes, a vacuum penis pump is a great device that can increase penis size and length and improve erectile function. When choosing the best penis pump, it’s important to consider its safety features so you can have a worry-free pumping experience. 

FACE Med Store is committed to providing quality medical supplies and devices such as penis pumps to medical providers and everyday users. To know more about our products or inquire about partnerships and supplies, call us today.

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