How to Find the Safest Penis Pump for Male Enhancement 

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Erectile dysfunction is a distressing condition that can result from aging, injury, or surgical procedure. Fortunately, the medical community has come so far in terms of advancements in ED treatment. With non-invasive vacuum penis pumps, penile injections and enhancement surgeries are no longer the only choices for restoring erectile function and improving men’s quality of life. 

So what is the safest and best penis pump for erectile dysfunction? While you can buy penis pumps in novelty stores and over the counter, the safest vacuum erection devices are those that you can purchase via prescription since they’re FDA-approved and specifically made for the medical treatment of ED. You should make sure that your vacuum pump comes with complete features such as a quick-release valve and pressure limiter for a safe pumping experience. 

What’s the Safest Type of Penis Pump?  

Almost 30 million men in the United States can experience the uncomfortable signs and symptoms of erectile dysfunction. While it’s most prevalent among older individuals, at least 26% of men under the age of 40 may be diagnosed with mild to moderate ED at some point in their life. The effects of ED are not limited to sexual health, but may also take a toll on one’s emotional and mental well-being. 

For this reason, a lot of patients are turning to their healthcare providers for treatments for their condition. One of the best non-medicated treatments for erectile dysfunction is the use of a penis pump. It’s also medically known as a vacuum constriction device. Doctors typically recommend vacuum penis pumps to treat the underlying causes of ED and help improve the psychological effects of the condition. 

Basically, a penis pump works by creating negative pressure that increases blood flow into the shaft. The pressure causes the penis to swell and expand, leading to firmer and stronger erections for sexual intercourse. It can also improve the oxygenation into the penile tissue and blood vessel to reduce the incidence of erectile dysfunction. 

The best penis pump that you can use is the one that is FDA-approved and medical-grade. Using medical-grade penis pumps gives you the assurance that they’re safe and high-quality since they’ve undergone routine inspections and have been manufactured to meet the requirements and standards set by the FDA. 

Common Kinds of Vacuum Pumps for Penile Enlargement and Erectile Dysfunction Treatment 

Choosing a penis pump may be overwhelming, especially since there are different types of vacuum devices that you can choose from. Generally, the kinds of vacuum erection pumps can be distinguished based on the suction mechanism that it uses and its method of operation. Here are the common varieties of safe penis pumps that can be used for penis enhancement and ED treatment: 

1) Electric Penis Pump

One of the most popular types of vacuum constriction devices is the electric penis pump. Most electric penis pumps are battery-operated and can be activated with the simple push of a button. Once you turn on the switch, it will start suctioning air and create pressure inside the cylinder until your flaccid penis is erect and ready. They also come with buttons that can be used to adjust the pressure level inside the tube.  

This type of penis pump works best for individuals who can’t operate a manual vacuum pump. Patients with health conditions that affect their muscle strength and grip, such as Parkinson’s disease, arthritis muscular dystrophy, and Cerebral palsy may find it easier to pump with an electric vacuum erection device. 

2) Manual Penis Pump

If you’re still young and have enough grip strength, you can use a manual penis pump to help achieve your desired erection before sexual activity. Manual penis pumps typically have a squeeze bulb or trigger which lets you control the vacuum pressure within the chamber. 

One of the benefits of manual penis pumps is that they’re more affordable compared to electric devices. Most air pumps are manual and they work by suctioning the air out of the chamber and creating a pressure that stimulates blood flow to the penis. 

3) Hydro Penis Pump 

Another great option for a vacuum erection device is a water penis pump. Instead of using air, these devices use water pressure to start pumping your penis. When you’re using this pump, you first have to fill the chamber with warm water and tighten the seal at the end of the tube to ensure that the vacuum stays inside. 

It’s recommended to put in as much water as you can to generate greater pressure for pumping. Once the chamber is filled with water, you can begin pumping until you achieve your desired penis length and firmness. 

A hydro pump is said to provide more uniform and consistent pumping compared to air pumps. The water pump can also help stimulate the skin and the muscles in the penile area for better erection quality. But do note that it has the disadvantage of being messy to use since you have to clean up the water after pumping. 

4) Vibrating Penis Pump 

This penis enlargement device comes with a vibrating feature that provides added sensation and stimulation to encourage blood flow to the shaft. They can be either manual or electric and have multiple settings that let you control the speed of the vibrations as your penis becomes fuller and harder. This type of penis pump can also be used for recreational purposes. 

Overview of the Common Parts of a Penile Pump 

Like any sex toy or device, a penis pump comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs. When choosing your device, it’s important to check its features and make sure that it uses materials that are safe for the skin to avoid unwanted irritation. Generally, a basic penis pump consists of three main parts: 

1) Tube or Cylinder 

This is the transparent chamber or pipe where you insert the penis and watch it become erect. They’re mostly made of medical-grade plastic materials, but some models also have glass or metal cylinders. Using a penis pump with a plastic chamber is the safest option since it’s more flexible, non-toxic, and can also be quite sturdy during pumping. 

2) Seal 

Since the goal of a vacuum pump is to get your penis erect, it’s important that you use a device that comes with an airtight seal at the bottom of the tube. During pumping, the seal will prevent any air from getting out and ensure that you create enough vacuum force that will increase your penis size and produce a stronger erection. The seal at the end of the cylinder can be made of rubber or silicone. 

3) Vacuum Pack

This refers to the suction mechanism used by the device that will trigger an erection during pumping. This can either be water-based, air-based, electric, or manual. The vacuum is responsible for suctioning more blood into the penis to get it harder and stiffer. 

What Features Do You Need to Look for in a Vacuum Penis Pump? 

Although it’s up to your personal preference which type of penis pump you want to use, there are several factors you need to consider when buying one. You want to ensure your comfort during penis pumping, so it’s important to choose a product that has safety-related features. Some of the things you need to look for in ED pumps: 

1) Quick-Release Safety Mechanism

One of the most important features you need to look for in a vacuum penis pump is the quick-release valve. Its purpose is to help safely and quickly release the vacuum pressure inside the tube once the desired erection is achieved. This is crucial to avoid over-pumping and minimize the risk of injuries and damage to the blood vessels and tissues in the penis. 

2) Vacuum Limiter and Pressure Gauge

The best penis pump should also have a vacuum limiter and pressure gauge. This lets you monitor the amount of pressure being applied in the tube during your pumping session. If you’re a first-timer, these features will help notify you when to stop pumping so you can avoid complications and unwanted side effects.

3) Comfort Pads or Penis Sleeves 

These features can either come already with the penis pump or can be bought as an add-on. Most comfort pads or sleeves can be made of silicone, rubber, or neoprene. Its purpose is to avoid skin irritation, discomfort, and chafing between the pelvis and the end of the tube. They also provide an additional seal to keep the vacuum within the confines of the chamber.

4) Constriction or Penis Ring

To maintain your erections during sexual activity, you should always use wear a constriction ring on the base of your penis right after pumping. This helps keep the blood trapped in the shaft to keep your erections harder and longer. A cock ring can be made of rubber, silicone, or plastic materials. But do note that you shouldn’t keep the ring on for longer than 30 minutes to avoid serious health risks. 

How Effective Are Penis Pumps?  

Penis pumps are generally doctor-approved for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. They’re also a great option for penile rehabilitation after undergoing radical prostate surgery. Vacuum therapy with penis pumps provides increased blood flow and oxygen circulation to keep the penis healthy and restore erectile function. 

But remember that its effects on permanent penis enlargement are limited. Although it can provide a bigger penis and firmer erections for penetrative sex, vacuum pumps don’t guarantee a change in the natural size, length, and appearance of the shaft. Using a penis pump can provide several inches of additional length and girth but it’s mostly temporary and will revert back to its normal flaccid state once the blood flows again. 

Still, penis pumps are a recommended device for anyone who’s looking to improve their erection quality and enhance their sexual performance. According to a study, couples who regularly used a penis pump had increased satisfaction and engaged in more frequent sexual activities. 

What Side Effects Can You Experience After Using a Penis Pump? 

Compared to surgery and other devices such as penis extenders or implants, penis pumps are safer and have a low risk of serious complications and adverse reactions. They also have fewer side effects than taking ED medication and injections. Here are some of the possible side effects of a penis pump: 

  • Minor bruising
  • Temporary swelling  
  • The appearance of red dots from bleeding (petechiae) 
  • Awkward or unnatural feeling of erections
  • Numbness
  • Skin discoloration 

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Safely Operate a Penis Pump

There are a lot of user-friendly vacuum erection devices that provide a convenient and penis pumping experience. If it’s your first time using the device, you should read the instruction manual that comes with the pump. Here’s a general overview of the steps in using a penis pump:

1) Shave or Trim the Hair

Before you place the penis into the tube, shave or trim your pubic hair to prevent the cock ring from getting stuck or letting out some of the air in the cylinder. 

2) Apply a Lubricant

You also need to apply a generous coating of lube around the shaft to the base so you can easily slide the tube over the penis.

3) Insert the Penis Into the Chamber

Carefully place the cylinder over the penis and make sure that it rests close against the skin for an airtight seal. 

4) Turn On the Device or Begin Manual Pumping

Once the tube is placed, start pumping by hand or activate the electric motor by turning on the switch. Monitor the pressure gauge and limiter to avoid overpumping. You can expect to achieve an erection within 30 seconds to 5 minutes of pumping. 

5) Activate the Quick-Release Valve and Remove the Tube

Use the quick-release valve to remove the pressure inside the cylinder and take off the tube. Remember to place the cock ring to maintain your erection during sexual intercourse. 

Get the Best Penis Pump and Other Medical Supplies for ED Treatment at FACE Med Store 

Although you can buy penis pumps over the counter, it’s best to get a prescription from your doctor, especially if you need the device for erectile dysfunction treatment. With a prescription note, you can purchase FDA-approved medical vacuum constriction devices which are among the safest penis pumps to use. 

As a part of the medical community, FACE Med Store is committed to providing high-quality tools and supplies needed by healthcare and aesthetic providers. We also offer penis pumps for everyday users who are struggling with erectile dysfunction. Contact us today to inquire about our stocks or know more about our products.

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