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Erectile dysfunction (ED) is one of the common sexual health problems that millions of men experience at some point in their lives. This prevents them from maintaining a natural erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. The good news is that there are a few ED treatment options that patients can try to restore pleasure and improve erectile function, such as a vacuum pump.

So what are the parts of a penis-pumping device and how does it work? A vacuum erection device is an erectile dysfunction treatment tool that doesn’t require medication. It consists of a cylinder tube, a constriction ring, and a hand-powered or battery-powered vacuum suction that removes the air from the tube and stimulates an erection.

Everything to Know About Penis Pumps

According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive Kidney Diseases, about 30 million American men suffer from erectile dysfunction. The prevalence of this sexual health problem increases as men age. It may be caused by different emotional and physical causes like anxiety, relationship problems, old age, hormonal imbalance, recent prostate surgery, and more.

Erection problems are some of the most common symptoms of erectile dysfunction, but patients may also experience other symptoms like premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, and anorgasmia. If you experience any of these symptoms and they last for 3 or more months, then it’s time to speak to a doctor about ED.

Depending on the seriousness of your ED, the doctor may suggest different treatment options like erectile dysfunction medications, penile injections, and more. For non-drug options, a vacuum erection pump is a common ED treatment that people also use to temporarily increase penis size.

1. What Penis Pumps Are For

A penis pump (or vacuum pump) is an erection training device that helps the penis get hard and stay hard for sexual intercourse. It’s usually prescribed for patients with erectile dysfunction or those who have trouble getting or keeping their erections. It can be a battery-powered electric pump or a hand pump that users have to manually operate.

Penis pumps are often recommended for patients with moderate ED. The powerful suction of these devices might be too much for those with mild ED, but not enough to treat severe ED for good.

2. Penis Pump Parts and Accessories

Whether you’re using a battery-powered or hand-powered penis pump, here are the important parts of this device:

  • A cylindrical tube that fits over the penis
  • A constriction ring or seal that fits on the base of the penis
  • A vacuum pack that removes air from the tube, effectively stimulating an erection

3. How to Use Penis Pumps

Using vacuum pumps might feel awkward at first, but it’s actually a simple device. Make sure to follow the specific instructions by the manufacturer or doctor to avoid hurting yourself. Here’s how to operate a penis pump at home:

  1. Apply lubrication on the base of the penis to create a seal between the pump and the skin.
  2. If using a battery-powered pump, turn on the device. If using a hand pump, manually remove the air from the tube using the handheld pump attached to the device.
  3. The change of air pressure inside the tube increases blood flow to the penis, increasing the size of the blood vessels and resulting in an erection within just a few minutes.
  4. Turn off the device and slowly remove the tube before engaging in intercourse.

Restore Both Size and Confidence

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Penis Pumps, Their Parts, and Other Accessories

Penis pumps work great for most people when it comes to producing and keeping erections. The duration of the erection depends on the individual, but most of them can maintain it for at least 30 minutes.

These devices are usually less expensive than medications and other ED treatments in the long run, but some of their parts and accessories may break and need replacement.

Are Penis Rings and Other Male Penis Pump Accessories Necessary?

No, since most vacuum pumps already come with a constriction ring worn at the base of the penis. It helps maintain an erection by limiting the blood flow from the penis. Patients can keep the penis ring in place even after removing the tube, as long as they don’t wear it for over 30 minutes since it might affect blood flow and harm the penis.

Purchasing penis pump accessories might be unnecessary if all parts of the device work perfectly for the patient. Adding more accessories that aren’t compatible with the vacuum pump may only do more harm than good.

Using Penis Pumps As Sex Toys: Is it Safe?

Chronic use of penis pumps can be dangerous for patients since it may impair sensations and affect ejaculation. It may even lead to some side effects like blood vessel damage, penile deformity, scarring, and mild bleeding if used incorrectly. For your safety, only use penis pumps as recommended by doctors.

Purchasing Penis Pump Spare Parts Without a Prescription

Many types of penis pumps and spare parts are available in the market, but not all of them are approved by the FDA or other health agencies. They can be purchased online, at novelty sex shops, or in drug stores. But note that the pressure inside some of these OTC devices might be too strong, so make sure to always proceed with caution.

Where to Buy Penis Pump Replacement Parts

If one of the parts of your vacuum pump requires replacement, it’s easy to find some online. There are also some pharmacies and sex toy shops that sell specific penis pump parts. But before purchasing anything, make sure that it’s compatible with your device first by finding the product description. You may also check the manufacturer’s customer service hotline or site to ask if they’re offering replacement parts.

High-Quality Penis Pumps for ED at FACE Med Store

Erectile dysfunction affects a lot of men, but a penis pump can help them maintain an erection in the bedroom. One of the best things about using penis pumps is that their parts are easy to replace if they break or if the patient needs a better fit.

At FACE Med Store, we offer high-quality penis pumps to help men restore their optimal penile function. We also offer other medical devices and products to help patients reach their peak health and assist healthcare professionals to serve their clients better. Give us a call today to learn more about our products.

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