What Do Estheticians Wear to Work?

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Esthetician wears to work

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It takes a lot of effort to be a successfully licensed esthetician in the beauty industry. Although most estheticians don’t have a uniform like other professions, what they wear is actually one of the most important things to consider before going to work. After all, estheticians need to be prepared to perform cosmetic treatments while keeping a professional look.

So what does a professional esthetician wear when they work? As beauty service providers, estheticians need to wear something that allows them to comfortably move around their clients and workplace. Scrub suits, lab coats, and black clothes are the most popular choices, along with comfortable shoes for long working hours in a spa or salon.

How Does an Esthetician Dress?

Estheticians are skincare specialists that perform skin analysis on a client and treat them with the right cosmetic procedure. Depending on the patient’s skin condition and skin type, an esthetician is trained to perform services like hair removal, professional makeup application, light chemical peel, or another facial treatment as needed.

According to the ASCP, there are about 183,000 licensed estheticians in the country working in different places like a salon, day spa, or medical spa. Before becoming a skincare specialist, an individual needs to attend an esthetician school first and learn about the basics of esthetics and how to perform different skin and body treatments.

When aspiring estheticians enroll in a beauty school, they often wonder if uniforms are required since they have to perform different treatments during training. The dress codes vary per school, but some of them are more laid back – students may choose their own attire as long as it doesn’t prevent them from accomplishing their tasks as a cosmetologist.

But for those already working as a licensed esthetician or skin care specialist, the uniform they must wear depends on their spa or salon policy. If the dress code in their workplace doesn’t specify colors or medical scrub shirts and pants, it’s still recommended that they follow these dressing tips:

Proper-Fitting Clothes

Like a dermatologist or any other medical professional, estheticians and beauticians should wear clothes that fit them properly. When an esthetician wears clothes that are too tight, they might have a hard time moving around and performing treatments. On the other hand, wearing clothes that are too loose only looks sloppy and unprofessional.

Comfortable Shoes

An esthetician’s clothing ensemble also includes what shoes to wear. Depending on the type of treatment they specialize in, licensed or medical estheticians might need to sit or stand up for extended periods. They might also need to push and carry heavy equipment around, so stilettos and other heels are out of the question. Estheticians are recommended to wear comfortable shoes that are still professional-looking.

No Strong Perfumes

Wearing a strong-smelling perfume can be unpleasant or distracting for some clients. If you want to smell good when serving customers, it’s better to wear a mild perfume or use a neutral-scented body gel. This shows that estheticians observe good hygiene, which ensures clients that they’re in good hands.

Little to No Accessories

Some practices require their estheticians to take off all accessories and pieces of jewelry because they might affect the treatment. But if the management permits wearing accessories, it’s still best to keep them at a minimum. Accessories shouldn’t be too flashy or tacky to avoid distracting clients or making yourself look unprofessional.

Neat Hair

There aren’t many rules when it comes to hairstyles for estheticians, but those who have long hair are advised to keep it tied with a ponytail to avoid stray hairs during treatments. Having a bright hair color might be an issue in some workplaces, so make sure to ask about it first if you plan to dye your hair soon.

What Does an Esthetician Wear for Certain Treatments?

Most estheticians wear their usual attire when performing different procedures, but they might add or remove a few things for some treatments. For example, they need to remove their rings for a facial massage or acne treatment. They might also need to wear a mask or a white lab coat sometimes to prevent any dead skin cells or body fluids from getting stuck or splashed on their normal clothes.

Scrubs vs. Black Clothes: Which is Better?

Medical scrub suits are a popular choice for medical professionals, but some spa employees and estheticians also like wearing scrubs for work. On the other hand, there are also a lot of stylists who wear black clothes instead of scrubs which begs the question: if your practice doesn’t have a strict dress code, which between scrubs and black clothes is the better option?

There’s no easy answer to this question because there are lots of factors to consider. At the end of the day, what they wear to work is still up to the esthetician’s preference – that’s if they have no strict dressing rules to follow in their workplace.

Why Do Estheticians Wear Scrubs?

Scrubs were originally only worn by healthcare providers, but they’ve also been adopted by other professionals – like massage therapists, estheticians, and those working in the beauty industry. They weren’t considered fashionable before, but a lot of makers started introducing different kinds and colors to make scrubs look stylish yet professional.

Here are also other reasons why many estheticians prefer wearing scrubs to work:

  • They’re affordable – Being an esthetician is a messy job that involves chemicals, makeup, nail polish, and even body fluids. Scrubs are relatively inexpensive, so estheticians won’t have much problem in case they need to replace their scrubs or buy a new one.
  • They’re comfortable – Normal clothes might hinder a medical esthetician’s movements. Scrubs are designed to maximize flexibility so estheticians can easily stretch their arms, pick up equipment, or perform different beauty treatments while wearing one.
  • They look professional – Looking your best is also an important part of excellent customer service. Scrubs aren’t just worn by anyone, so it gives the impression that the esthetician is an expert who’s capable of doing their job right.
  • They prevent estheticians from ruining everyday clothes – Estheticians don’t need to worry about ruining their favorite tops or pants when they have to perform messy treatments like hair color.

Why Do Estheticians Wear Black?

Have you ever noticed that a lot of stylists and estheticians wear black? Dress codes are a common part of salons and beauty schools. If they don’t require a specific uniform, a lot of them at least ask their employees to wear black at work – whether it’s an apron, top, or entire outfit.

The main reason for this is that black looks stylish and professional. But there are also other benefits to wearing black like:

  • It’s always in style – Black never goes out of style because it’s a neutral color. It works well with other colors and accessories. It also looks flattering on any body shape, hair color, or skin type. Black also provides an air of professionalism, so they’re the preferred color for anyone who wants to look their best on their job.
  • It helps estheticians see colors better – Bright lights and salon decors often distort the colors that the esthetician is looking at, especially when it comes to hair styling and coloring. Cosmetologists often stand behind the client to accurately evaluate the hair’s look against a neutral background, like their black clothes.
  • It stays stain-free – Estheticians work with a lot of chemicals and other liquids that can potentially stain their clothes. Since stains aren’t easily visible on black clothes, estheticians can still look professional throughout the day even if there’s an explosion of colors in their black top.
  • It offers the most options – There are many black clothing options so it’s easier to shop for your esthetician uniform. Black clothes come in different sizes, shapes, and styles so estheticians may freely express themselves, as long as their clothes won’t hinder their interaction with clients.

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