How Much Do Estheticians Make In Utah?

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Skincare specialists like estheticians can make good money, but how much exactly will depend on a few factors. Aside from training (which determines the range of treatments you’ll be able to provide) the location of where you practice can drastically affect your income. Places where skin care procedures are in high demand usually equate to a higher esthetician salary.

So how much would an esthetician’s salary be if they practice esthetics in Utah? Most estheticians can expect to make around $40,000 annually in Utah. While the state does have its own concentration of metropolitan areas, the beauty industry for Utah doesn’t really lend itself well to the highest wages you can get for this line of work.

(Statistics are taken from Salary, Indeed, Comparably, and ZipRecruiter. Only applies to estheticians in Utah.)

How Much Do Estheticians Make In Utah?

An individual with a Utah esthetician license can reasonably make around $40,000 to $45,000 per year. With a variety of procedures (from spa treatments like hair removal and personal care like massage therapy), the only thing that may limit the ceiling on how much you can earn is the specific job type that you provide.

The types of treatments you can administer will drastically depend on your specific type of esthetician training. More complex, time-consuming, or long-term treatments mean you’ll likely be paid more, and partnering up with a salon or medspa can increase your benefits even further.

However, it’s the demand for your services that affects how much medical estheticians make in Utah. While the skincare industry isn’t stagnant in the state, comparing the demand for beauty services – especially to greater metropolitan areas like Colorado, California, or Texas – the opportunities to earn are definitely less frequent.

How Much Does A Master Esthetician Make In Utah?

But how about those who’ve put in the training hours to provide a higher level of medical esthetics to their patients? Getting a master esthetician license can definitely open some new opportunities for you to bump up your salary, but not by much. For Utah, master estheticians can expect to make around $35,000 or higher in a year.

The reason why this is lower compared to a licensed esthetician comes down to the question of demand once again; even if you’re offering better-quality services, there’s just not a lot of demand for them.

How Can Aestheticians Increase Their Annual Salaries?

Given the lower opportunities for earnings in Utah, how can you increase your annual earnings? Here are a few tips from other estheticians:

Upsell The Services You Can Provide

Upselling refers to the tactic of selling a premium or higher-quality version of a service to a client that’s already making a purchase. This tactic works well because:

  • Your client is already interested in your services
  • You can explain the benefits of the upsell better in person
  • The upsell isn’t different from the service they’re already looking for

While this tactic may admittedly require a lot more investment of your time and a fair bit of negotiation, it’s an excellent way to get your clients on treatments where you can charge them higher. Of course, this is also the best time to demonstrate how worthwhile these premium services are, so they can book them for the long-term.

Take Seasonality Into Account

While it may be common wisdom to keep your skin condition in good shape year-round, estheticians can actually rely on a few specific times of the year when demand for their services can spike.

  • Around the holidays like Christmas
  • Summer months when people need more help with their skincare
  • Other big holidays such as Black Friday or Labor Day

Estheticians can leverage the buying power of these holidays by either charging more for appointments that take place during these seasons – or offering discounts for long-term purchases. Either way, it’s one of the best ways to increase the visibility of your services at a relatively low cost.

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A medical esthetician in Utah may make slightly lower than the national average for esthetician salaries – but it’s still a good salary to make. You get a respectable salary range per hour, and continuing education at another esthetician school or getting a cosmetology license for a specific treatment can raise your salary range.

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