What Can You Do With an Esthetician License?

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Aesthetician doing facial cleansing to a woman client at medical spa

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Estheticians are skincare specialists that provide beautification and skin treatments to help clients enhance their appearance and boost their self-confidence. There are plenty of job opportunities in the field of cosmetology and esthetics, but aspiring estheticians need to pass the state licensure exam first before they can perform different skin care services.

So what can an esthetician do with an esthetician license? A licensed esthetician enjoys a dynamic career path thanks to the flexibility and opportunity that their training offers. Some of the best esthetician jobs to pursue after attending a beauty school include medical esthetician, salon or spa esthetician, skin care specialist, makeup artist, brand representative, nail technician, cosmetics buyer, beauty instructor, and state board examiner.

Choosing the Best Career Path for Yourself

In a report by the Associated Skin Care Professionals, there are about 183,000 licensed estheticians in the country working in different places like salons, spas, hotels, medical spas, and more. The possibilities for estheticians are endless, so many individuals are enrolling in various cosmetology schools in hopes of building a career in the beauty industry.

To become a licensed esthetician, individuals need to enroll in an esthetician school approved by the state or the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences first. After completing the required training hours and other requirements in their state, only then are they allowed to earn their esthetics or cosmetology license.

But since different states have different licensing requirements, aspiring estheticians should contact their state’s licensing services first. Once they pass their application for licensure, participants are then contacted about when and where they need to take the written and practical exam.

Since estheticians are trained in different types of skin treatment like facial treatment, makeup application, hair removal, and more, it’s no surprise that they can also take different jobs in the beauty industry. They can also choose to attend continuing education courses to become a master esthetician and perform more complicated skin treatments.

9 Job Opportunities for Licensed Estheticians

As aspiring estheticians go through the esthetician training and licensing process, they gain a lot of knowledge and hands-on experience in providing different kinds of treatments. This also gives them the chance to explore different job opportunities and pursue the most ideal career path for them. Here are some of the most common professions that licensed estheticians can consider:

1) Salon or Spa Esthetician

This might seem like the most obvious career path, but it’s still something worth considering for individuals with an esthetician license. Part of the job description for working in a salon or spa is knowing how to perform different salon and spa treatments, including facials, hair removal techniques, massages, and more.

Spa estheticians also educate their clients about proper skincare routines, as well as consumer information on certain products designed for their skin type or skin condition.

Expected Salary: $38,324 per year or $18 per hour on average.

2) Medical Esthetician

In addition to the usual esthetician training courses, medical estheticians are also required to earn continuing education credits in medical esthetics before they can start working in medical spas alongside plastic surgeons, dermatologists, nurse practitioners, and other medical professionals.

Thanks to their advanced courses, medical estheticians are equipped with the knowledge needed to perform more complicated treatments like chemical peel, microdermabrasion, laser therapy, and more. They also teach their clients about the best ways to care for their skin and its condition. Medical esthetician salaries are also higher compared to licensed estheticians because of their experience.

Expected Salary: $43,582 per year on average

3) Skin Care Specialist

Skin care specialists are estheticians that focus on the scientific side of esthetics. They cleanse and beautify their client’s skin, resulting in better overall appearance and healthier skin. They also come up with different treatments and use different skincare products to help their client manage their skin condition.

Some of the treatments that skin care specialists provide their clients include facials, peels, masks, and scrubs. They’re also more knowledgeable about exfoliation, cleansing, and facial techniques than other types of estheticians.

Expected Salary: $37,682 per year on average

4) Makeup Artist

A makeup artist transforms a client’s appearance using different makeup products and accessories. Their services are usually needed for special events like weddings to enhance the client’s appearance and highlight their best facial features. Some makeup artists also work in the show business to offer their services to actors in TV, movies, and theaters.

Some makeup artists also take additional courses to focus on special makeup effects. The choice is entirely up to you, but being a makeup artist is a career for those who want to work in creative environments.

Expected Salary: $64,195 per year on average

5) Brand Representative

Brand representatives usually work for beauty companies by promoting their products to other professionals in the beauty industry. They visit salons and spas or talk to estheticians and makeup artists to convince them to purchase the promoted product.

Once the client has decided to purchase the product, brand representatives are also responsible for the dissemination of consumer information about it. They also have to teach the beauty sales team how to sell the products to their customers.

Expected Salary: $46,036 per year on average

6) Nail Technician

Part of the job description for nail technicians is to provide high-quality manicures, pedicures, and other nail services. They remove old nail polish from the client’s fingernails and toenails before cleaning them. They also need to shape the end of the nails and push back cuticles before applying a new layer of nail polish, if the client wants it.

Nail technicians also recommend colors and designs based on the client’s skin, upcoming events, or preferences. 

Expected Salary: $37,158 per year on average

7) Cosmetics Buyer

Being a cosmetics buyer is one of the more obscure jobs for licensed estheticians, but it’s still an important one nonetheless. Cosmetics buyers are responsible for sourcing the best beauty products for stores, salons, or spas. They may work with small and private salons or big department stores. 

Thanks to their knowledge of skincare treatments and products, licensed estheticians may work as cosmetics buyers to select the best cosmetic products for retailers. They can also create treatment plans and training programs to market the said products better.

Expected Salary: $57,380 per year on average

8) Beauty Instructor

Beauty instructors are responsible for teaching the next generation of estheticians everything they need to know about the beauty industry. They educate students about the basics of esthetics and cosmetology, including hair styling, makeup application, and other beauty services. Beauty instructors usually work at vocational schools, community colleges, or private institutions.

Expected Salary: $28,512 per year on average

9) State Board Examiner or Inspectors

Licensing examiners work for their state’s respective board to prepare and conduct the state board exam for aspiring estheticians. They also visit beauty salons and spa businesses to inspect and make sure they adhere to all safety and health regulations implemented by the state. Inspectors are also crucial in maintaining hygiene standards in different salons, skin clinics, and esthetician centers around the country.

Expected Salary: $46,375 per year on average

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