Where Do Estheticians Buy Their Products?

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Whether you are a student in esthetician school, a skin care professional newly licensed after esthetician training looking to set up your own salon, or a well-established esthetician keeping your salon in optimal shape, it is essential for you to stock up on the most important supplies for you to maintain quality services or expand your base for your clients and advance your career.

So where do estheticians buy their products? In urban areas, it is easier for estheticians to buy their skin care products in physical stores near their stores. It is even more convenient as most shops offer discounts for bulk buying of esthetician products. You can also purchase esthetician products online. Ultimately, whether you are an esthetician or someone looking to do your skin care by yourself, you have to consider several factors before buying esthetician supplies.

Where Do Estheticians Buy Their Products?

There are not so many locations where you can buy esthetics supplies. For instance, some might be selling general makeup supplies or skin care products, but most of the time their supplies are limited to those categories. You may buy over-the-counter (OTC) products in pharmacies, but most of them don’t offer specialized brands either. Below are some tips when looking for shops where you can buy esthetician supplies and skincare products.

Where to Buy Products if You’re an Esthetician

If you’re just a starting licensed esthetician, it might be difficult for you to find a store that exclusively sells esthetics supplies. This is important because these sellers have more knowledge in giving you the best quality skincare and beauty products that you should have for your practice.

It might help to ally yourself with other estheticians. Whether you are a newly-licensed esthetician or a veteran esthetician, networking can be your best friend in looking for the best shops with medical grade skincare products within your state or near your location. You can also get referrals from a colleague, medical esthetician, dermatologist, cosmetologist, or business that you know to stores that offer more esthetician supplies at affordable rates.

Where Do Estheticians Purchase Products Online?

Experienced estheticians have more knowledge in choosing the best makeup, beauty products and skincare supplies for their salon. Of course, it is much easier when you buy online. Some sellers have a website you can access where you can choose from a wide variety of esthetics supplies. One of the fastest growing websites for professional products used by estheticians is ours, FACE Med Store.

Where Can I Get Esthetician Supplies for Myself?

When purchasing a skincare product for yourself, you can either buy them online or through a physical store near you. However, it is still important to consult your esthetician regarding the best professional product line for your skin concern, skin type, and recommended treatment.

Searching for physical stores can prove tedious, especially if you are looking for more shops for more options for quality products for healthy skin. Of course, you would not compromise the quality of your skincare product for your convenience. One good way to start is by searching online for an open esthetician supplies store near you. Another way is to get referrals from your esthetician or from businesses you know.

Do Estheticians Get Discounts When Buying In Bulk?

The short answer is yes. A professional esthetician can have access to discounted professional esthetician supplies, skincare products, and makeup. Many professional skin care line brands actually offer discounts of up to 40% on any wholesale retail product. Most of them will only require you to present your professional esthetician license and a valid copy of your US ID.

This is especially helpful since as skincare professionals, you might sometimes notice that building the best kit for your clients can be expensive.

Things to Consider When Looking Where to Buy Esthetician Supplies

As licensed professionals, estheticians are knowledgeable in choosing the quality of each specific skincare product to keep the trust of their clients in their services. For instance, in looking for a chemical peel or facial mask, the ingredients must be considered when buying from a certain store.

For esthetics equipment such as the facial steamer, an esthetician must also choose a model with many features for better efficiency in any esthetician service such as skin condition treatment, removal of dead skin cells, dry skin rejuvenation, sensitive skin treatment, and acne treatment.

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