What  are Some Common Penis Pumping Injuries?

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A penis pump, or a vacuum erection device, is one of the treatment options you can get for erectile dysfunction or the inability to maintain an erection. You can use it for either recreational (“pump up” for sexual activity) or medical (achieve firm erections) purposes; however, unsafe use could lead to potential injuries.

So what are the most common injuries that you can get from penis pumping? Some examples are bruises, testicular pain, blisters, lymphatic fluid build up, and blood vessel damage. All these could be avoided if you follow the instruction manual and take your time pumping.

Penis Pump Injuries That Most Suffer From

1) Penis Bruising

Due to the delicate nature of your penis, it’s susceptible to injury, most especially to bruises and skin discoloration. Avoid becoming overzealous with your pumping as this causes blood to flow through your penis too fast. Less is better. This is your organ, not a tire or an air mattress – so take it easy by leaving 30-seconds to 2-minute gaps in between pumps.

Keep an eye out for purplish bruises and pin-sized red spots on your shaft. This means that your penis is not getting ample oxygen. While these injuries can feel uncomfortable, it should not seriously affect your vascular and sexual function. They should also subside in about a week or so if you rest.

2) Testicular Pain

Another penis pump injury you could get is testicular pain. To avoid your testicles from getting sucked into your pump, ensure these 2 things: One, double check if your testicles are completely outside the pump’s chamber; and, two, warm up before pumping (take a warm shower or try to turn yourself “on”). This allows your testicles to hang low and away from your lower body.

3) Water Blisters

Again, pumping too vigorously, whether too hard or too fast, could result in water blisters on your penis. Remember that this is not a race: Slow intervals of pumping is the right approach. But if you do wake up with blisters on your shaft, it should take 2 weeks to recover.

If the blisters pop, apply antibacterial ointment and then a band-aid to prevent it from rubbing against your clothes or underwear. But if it’s an open wound, it will probably take longer to heal.

4) Lymphatic Fluid Build Up

While it’s normal for your penis size to increase temporarily when using a vacuum erection device, over pumping may also cause abnormal lymphatic fluid build up, nicknamed “donut effect” because it looks like skin is swelling around the head and makes your penis feel sponge-like. Luckily, the build up is reversible. Abstain from your penis pump for a few weeks and the symptoms should go away.

5) Damage to Blood Vessels

Blood vessels are more likely to burst in the head of the penis as it is a very sensitive area. If it does happen, it will disrupt blood circulation and make it difficult to have erections. Worst case scenario, the rupture of blood vessels could lead to penile fracture and deep vein thrombosis and would need surgery to heal completely.

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How to Properly Use a Penis Pump

To use a penis pump properly, follow the succeeding steps:

  • Shave the pubic hair in your penis area to prevent the hair strands from getting caught while using the device.
  • Insert the penis into the plastic cylinder tube.
  • Gently pump the vacuum to create suction inside the tube. Blood flow is stimulated to the penis by the suction from the vacuum. Afterwards, an erection is produced.
  • Release pressure in the cylinder if you feel pain while pumping. Don’t go past the pain barrier as this can cause penise pump injuries.
  • Slide the constriction ring down to the base of your penis during erection. To allow time for successful intercourse, you can safely leave the constriction band on for up to 30 minutes.
  • Remove your penis from the plastic tube.

Use the vacuum limiter safety feature of your device so that the vacuum pressure would not become too strong to injure your penisAlso, double check if your constriction ring is the right size — if it’s too loose, it will not be effective and you will easily go back into your flaccid state. On the other hand, if it’s too tight, it will feel uncomfortable. 

Lastly, the device may come with a video or visual instruction guide. Follow the instructions to maximize results and to ensure a safe penis pumping process.

Tips on How to Avoid Penile Injury While Using a Penis Pump 

Using a penis pump does come with some risks, especially when used unsafely. The more you know how to properly use a penis pump, the less likely you’ll experience any pain or discomfort. With that in mind, here are some tips and tricks on how to make your pumping experience a breeze:

1) Measure Penis

Measure both your penis length and girth during its erect state. Afterwards, use your size as reference when buying a pump and get a model that gives you a snug fit.

2) Read Directions

We know you feel pumped to start using your vacuum erection device, but it’s best to play it safe and read the directions from cover to cover – or if it’s a video guide, watch it from start to finish. Always follow the recommended pressure range.

3) Clean the Pump

Always disinfect your device before every use. You don’t want any bacteria to enter your body.

4) Prep Your Peen

Just like how athletes warm up before doing sports, so should a man warm up his penis before pumping. One way to do so is by soaking a small towel in warm water and wrapping it around the shaft for about 3 minutes. Afterwards, massage the penis gently to get it at least partially erect.

5) Shave

Hairstrands can sometimes get in the way of the pumping device, causing you to feel some discomfort. You can either be clean-shaven or trim your pubic hair beforehand.

6) Take Things Slow

Pumping too long or too hard is the most common reason for feeling pain brought about by penis pumps. Don’t forget to breathe and practice 3 minute intervals in between pumps. 

7) Consult a Doctor

It’s good to let a doctor know all about your health conditions – may that be concerning sexual health, sexual dysfunction, or mental health – so that they could answer your questions and provide you with professional guidance.

Pro tip: If you are having difficulty achieving an erection due to spinal cord injury or Peyronie’s disease, a penis pump can help “get it to work” again.

Benefits of a Penile Pump

1) Lower Risk of Complications 

Since penile pumps facilitate pressure in the penis, it encourages better blood circulation, enhances erections, and improves performance during sexual intercourse. It is a relatively low-risk method for erectile dysfunction compared to other treatments such as erectile dysfunction medications, pills, and surgical treatments. It can also be used multiple times a day as long as you follow all the requirements and instructions.

2) Minimal Cost

Comparatively speaking, penis pumps are more cost-effective than its ED counterparts which require you to shell out hundreds of dollars for a single procedure. After your initial purchase of a vacuum pump, you can get your ROI after just a few uses.

3) Noninvasive

You don’t have to undergo an invasive ED procedure (e.g., penile implants, penile injections, prostate surgery, radical prostatectomy) to restore your erectile function. If you’ve been wondering how it feels to be well-endowed, you’ll notice almost the same visual benefits.

4) Longer Playtime

When you get hard and stay hard, you can better enjoy solo play and sexy time. After all, the benefits of penis pumps aren’t just for the penis-owner, but also for their sexual partner/s. When you can maintain an erection, it can lead to penetrative sex thats prolonged, pleasurable, and more intense.

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The electric penis pump of the FACE Med Store is scientifically proven to deliver on its promises and is safe to use on the male organ. With regular use, you’ll start seeing improvements in your penile health. Just don’t forget to read the instructions and contact our healthcare providers for any concerns and queries. 

The FACE Med Store penis pump has the following features:

  • Controlled pump settings and quick release button
  • Silicone cock ring
  • Ruler markings on tube to measure penile length
  • USB power cord for charging

Some other viable options for penis pumps include Hydromax Bathmate Penis Pump, Pumped Up Vibrating Penis Pump, and Tracey Cox EDGE Penis Pump.

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The main takeaway here is that there are no shortcuts to penis enlargement without risking yourself of bruises and blisters. You need to start things slow until you get the hang of a proper penis pumping routine. So if you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of a well-endowed and fully-functioning member, get an ED treatment at FACE Med Store. We offer high-quality medical supplies for your specific concerns. Get in touch with us today.

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